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Hindu philosophy and NewAge/occult mystical practices have entered many Christian churches in the West! So too, Contemplative/New Age mystical practices and teachings have been made palatable for undiscerning Christians. There are even Christian pastors in India who grieve that Christians in the West are doing Yoga - for exercise.

In order to help stem the flood of apostasy and equip believers to be discerning Christians, Spiritual Research Network has been operating since 2004 as an independent Christian outreach. See our other SRN website too!

From its inception as a tiny missions outreach in Edinburgh, Scotland, Spiritual Research Network was started as a platform for outreach so that others may come to a deeper understanding of the love, grace and truth as it is in the biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ.
In light of the current downgrade in the Church and amongst many believers, we will not forget the blood and testimony of Christian martyrs through the centuries...nor will we cease to preach biblical Gospel.

 Chris Lawson in India    Yoga Dangers Audio

Proclaiming the Gospel and Encouraging Biblical Discernment 
Chris Lawson, Director

The Bible: Its All Importance!


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