Benny Hinn - False Teacher, False Prophet

Benny Hinn - False Teacher, False Prophet

Research Articles, News Stories, DVD,s Books, Dateline NBC and more,

all exposing Benny Hinn's false teachings and strange behavior

Compiled by

Bud Press, Chris Lawson & Sandy Simpson




”I am a little messiah”. “I am a little god.” “I Am”. Are these the statements of a true believer? “Jesus Christ will appear bodily in upcoming crusades”. Is this how Jesus said He would appear? This video explores the world of Benny Hinn to a depth that few others have gone. Are his miracle and healing claims accurate? Is his teaching biblical? Is his transferable “anointing” from God? Do his teachings and prophesies prove that he is the type of teacher Christ told us to avoid?  This video features an informal, impromptu discussion of the teachings and practices of Benny Hinn and others by threeer Christ told us to avoid?  This video features an informal, impromptu discussion of the teachings and practices of Benny Hinn and others by three apologists who have been studying Hinn for years. These researchers/authors share their concerns about the current level of discernment among Christians with regard to teachers like Benny Hinn. This production contains a wealth of old and new video quotes with biblically based commentary. The facts presented on this video are documented and undeniable. We believe you will find this to be a valuable resource in learning to discern whether these teachers are teaching in the SPIRIT OF TRUTH OR SPIRIT OF ERROR!

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“All over the world, record-breaking crowds of up to a million eager seekers after the miraculous gather expectantly to witness the open display of supernatural power which Benny Hinn pretends to have at his command. ... His devastating effect upon gullible believers who are easily led astray, is more than sufficient reason for the authors of this book to present us with the terrible truth about Benny Hinn,” writes Dave Hunt in the forward of Personal Freedom Outreach’s revised, expanded and updated volume on faith healer Benny Hinn.




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"For more than a decade, faith healer Benny Hinn has been dogged by investigations by Inside Edition, 60 Minutes (Australia), Dateline, HBO, and others. Now you can see what Hinn doesn’t want his flock to know."




Research Articles, News Stories, DVD,s Books, Dateline NBC and more,

all exposing Benny Hinn's false teachings and strange behavior

Permission granted from Bud Press
as this was his compilation of articles.

To the Reader: Since the early 1990's, Benny Hinn has established an incredible and unimaginable track-record of false prophecies, false teachings, false healings, and controversies, which is reason enough for him to be considered as the most prolific heretic of our day. It is our prayer that you will read the following information carefully and prayerfully, then rely on God's holy word, the Bible, as your final authority.
This page contains an in-depth, comprehensive list of national and international articles, letters to government officials, news releases, and more that are dated from 1989 to present. For your convenience, the  page will be updated often, and will be of great use to researchers, as well as Christians worldwide.

But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse,

deceiving and being deceived.

(2 Timothy 3:13)

You Decide: Benny or the Bible? Can Men Become Gods? 1990 [BHinn22]

Benny Hinn's False Prophecies for the 1990's (transcript) 12/31/89 [BHinn1]


Benny Hinn Quotes 1990-1999

The Teachings of Benny Hinn: A Foundation of Sand 1991

A History Lesson for Benny Hinn 1992

Beware of Charismatic Leader Benny Hinn 2/92

The Theology of Benny Hinn 1992

Prophecy or Presumption? 1996

Ministry Accused of Wielding More Than Holy Spirit Power 1996

Hinn Controversies Continue After Resignation from AoG 2/97

Benny Hinn's Move Into Necromancy 1997

Loyalty to Hinn Cost Deputies Their Jobs 1997

The Battle of the Hinnites 3/98

Is Benny Hinn Lying Again? 1998

Lourdes and Fatima Endorsed by Hinn 1998

Benny Hinn/Australia Controversy 1998-2006 [BHinn18]

The Wandering River of Brownsville 1999

Scandals Plague Hinn's Ministry 1999

God Tells Hinn To Relocate Ministry 1999

Hinn Announces Move West 1999

Christian Fortune-Tellers never get It Right, Either 1999

You Decide: Benny or the Bible? Did Jesus Christ Appear to the Muslims? 4/2/2000 [BHinn21]

Hinn Says TBN Will Raise Dead Viewers 2000

Hinn's Church Announces Merger 2000

Four Die At Hinn's Kenya Crusade 2000

The Disturbing Legacy of Charisma Magazine 2000

Whom Do They Think They Are Kidding? 2000

Benny Hinn's Fiasco in New Guinea 2000

Jesus Christ Slated to Star With Benny Hinn-IN PERSON! 4/2/00

Hinn, Bonnke Focus of HBO Special 2001

Who Has Really "Touched" Benny Hinn? 2001

Crowd chaos at faith healer show 11/4/02

Benny Hinn/TBN/Response to Dateline NBC 12/02  

Healing, Harvest, Glory, Jezebel and Elijah 2002

The Perfect Healing Crusade?  2002

Benny Hinn: Healer or Hypnotist? 5/2002

Benny Hinn's Response To Dateline NBC 1/11/03

Prophet or Profit? 7/13/03

Gregory Earl Setser and Family Members Charged with Defrauding Investors (U.S. Department of Justice press release) 11/18/03

Benny Hinn Promotes The Rebuilding Of The Temple In Jerusalem 11/2003 [BHinn2]

Big Spending Led to Suspicion of Scheme Targeting Ministries 12/9/03

A Mystic's Way-Benny Hinn and Gene Edwards 2004

OUT OF CONTROL, AGAIN: Benny Hinn screams, hisses and pushes followers during Canada Crusade 9/12/04 [BennyHinn4]

Discernment the Size of A Flea-Letter to Charisma Magazine 10/10/04 [CharismaOpenLetter1]


DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? (Documentary/Video) 12/2004

Benny Hinn/2005 India Controversy   [BHinn17]  

Building a Home for the Antichrist 2005

The Most Popular Man In The World? 2005

When the Truth becomes a Lie 2005

A Healer of Nations? 2005

Heading Towards An Imaginary Middle East Peace Pt. 1 2005

An Imaginary Middle East Peace Process Pt. 2 2005

Benny Hinn's Bangalore congregation kicks up a fuss 1/17/05   

Benny Hinn show begins under tight security 1/21/05

Hindus protest at evangelist show 1/21/05

Controversies dog Benny Hinn's Evangelistic Show 1/24/05

Hinn healing: The plot thickens 1/24/05

It Just Doesn't Add Up-Benny Hinn in Bangalore, India 2/3/05

Televangelist brings ministry to Houston but not without controversy 2/24/05

Vinod K. Isaac Hosts A Pro "Benny Hinn" Web Site 3/05

'Hinn Claims Dateline Story Distorted Facts to Attack His Ministry' 3/10/05

Benny Hinn: Huckster Heretic 3/12/05

Benny Hinn Leaves Nigeria In Annoyance, saying $4 million went down the drain in 3-day crusade 5/9/05 [Link broken]

PFN raises probe panel on Benny Hinn crusade 5/13/05

Ministry Watch Recommends that Donors Withhold Giving to Benny Hinn Ministries 5/05

Pastor Hinn in Nigerian money row 6/27/05

IRS Investigating Televangelist's Operation, Report says 7/6/05

IRS Looking at Benny Hinn Organization 7/6/05

Benny Hinn: PFN Suspends Obembe 7/9/05 - 

Benny Hinn: Tax Exemption Under Review 8/13/05

Benny Hinn/2006 Fiji Controversy   [BHinn7]  

Benny Hinn/2006 Trinidad & Tobago Controversy   [BHinn9]  

It Just Doesn't Add Up-Benny Hinn in Fiji 3/6/06

Benny Hinn testifies at fraud trial (4/24/06) - This news release contains video footage of Greg Setser and Benny Hinn together at a Partners Conference.

Televangelist Benny Hinn testifies in Setser fraud trial (4/25/06)

Benny Hinn's 2006 Fiji Crusade: The Figures versus The Facts 5/11/06 [BHinn12]

Attorneys wrapping up trial for alleged religious scam 5/23/06 -

Case expected to go to jury Wednesday 5/24/06

A Perspective on Benny Hinn's Crusade in Trinidad & Tobago 5/28/06 [BHinn15]


The Fleecing of the Flock 6/2006

CEO of import-export company convicted in religious scam 6/12/06

FEDERAL JURY CONVICTS GREGORY EARL SETSER AND HIS SISTER: Defendants Targeted Churches, Ministries, Religious Organizations and Defrauded Investors of Millions of Dollars (U.S. Department of Justice press release)  06/12/06

CBS 11 Investigation Leads To Fraud Conviction 6/12/06

'Hallelujah! None of you will leave this place sick' 6/20/06 []

Benny Hinn winds up India trip 6/20/06

I'm collecting money on behalf of Jesus 6/20/06

When the 'miracle' failed to save a life 6/20/06 [ ]

Thousands wait for a miracle from visiting televangelist 6/26/06

The kingdom of heaven: yours for £25 7/23/06

BENNY HINN EXAMINED, The Fifth Estate, 10/31/06 [Link broken: ]

Benny Hinn Examined 3/9/2011


Con case only gets weirder 1/20/07

Benny Hinn: A Simple Over-Sight, Perhaps? 1/31/07 [BHinn28]

Gregory Earl Setser Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison, Without Parole (U.S. Department of Justice press release) 01/31/07

More Heresy in the Hinn House  2/17/07 [WHinn1]

Benny Hinn in Africa, Again  3/7/07 [BHinn31]

Rucci Scoops Benny Hinn Deal  3/9/07

Controversial healer visits Auckland  4/14/07


Prime Minister Manning Forgives Benny Hinn 5/22/07

Prime Minister Forgives Benny Hinn For Lying


Hindu Leader: 'We Warned PM of Hinn' - Sat Maharaj, The Trinidad Guardian -

A Perspective on Benny Hinn's May 2006'International Crusade' in Trinidad and Tobago

Benny Hinn in the News - Michelle Bearden and Baird Helgeson, [BHinn34]

Of Faith, Fame & Fortune, May 20, 2007

No HIV cures at crusades - Kevin O'Connor, Sunday Monitor []

Benny Hinn: True Colors Shining Through [BHinn33]

Benny Hinn tells millions of viewers 'Manning is a foolish man' - Anna Ramdass, Trinidad & Tobago Express

Benny Hinn and Tourette's - Jonathan Marshall, The New Zealand Herald, 6/10/07


Benny Hinn in Kampala, Uganda - 6/12/07 [BHinn35]

Letter to the People of The Netherlands Concerning Benny Hinn [BHinn37] - Click here for the Dutch translation [BHinn38] - 8/26/07

Benny Hinn sues a former colleague - Mike Grabell, Dallas Morning News, Courts Reporter - 9/6/07 

Benny Hinn joins Creflo Dollar in refusing to answer questions in Senate investigation - Eric Gorski & Rachel Zoll, Tulsa World/Associated Press, 12/7/07


Benny Hinn refuses to answer questions in Senate Investigation - KDBC 4 News/Associated Press, 12/7/07

Benny Hinn, I.V. Hillard Resign ORU Regents Posts - Justin Juozapavicius, Associated Press, 01/14/08

Preaching the miracle of money - Lou Robson,, 2/17/08,23739,23224684-3102,00.html

Pastor leaves $800K richer - Lou Robson,, 2/24/08,23739,23263651-3102,00.html

Belief in cure attracts crowds - Matt Ehlers, The News & Observer

Benny Hinn: Faith healer runs lucrative operation 8/31/08 (Benny Hinn is a false prophet, false teacher, and false healer--many times over. Yet, he asked for $1,000 from his dedicated followers, and received it.)

Benny Hinn Speaks Out Against the Florida Revival 11/28/08 [BHinn39]

Benny Hinn: "Methinks thou protest too loudly" 12/5/08

The Prophet, the 'God' and the Heretic 5/19/10 [Manasseh_Jordan3]

Benny Hinn and Neanderthal Man 6/16/10 [BHinn40]

Benny Hinn Strikes Again on TBN! 6/20/10 [BHinn41]

Paula White, Benny Hinn deny report of affair The Tampa Tribune, 7/26/2010

Televangelist denies report The Tampa Tribune, 7/26/2010

Televangelist denies affair The Tampa Tribune, 7/27/2010

Benny Hinn, Paula White, and the National Enquirer 07/28/10 [BHinn42]

Paula White, Benny Hinn deny National Enquirer report 7/29/10

Official Vatican Spokesman Denies Benny Hinn's Claims 8/1/10

Benny Hinn and the Return of Jesus Christ 8/4/10 [/BHinn43]

Is Benny Hinn A Patron of the Arts? 8/13/10 [BHinn44]

One Simple Question for Benny Hinn and Paula White 8/19/10 [BHinn45]

Benny Hinn's 'Special Message' on the National Enquirer 8/20/10 [BHinn47]

Benny Hinn's Buckets 'O' Cash 2/12/11 [BHinn48]

Book Publisher says televangelist Benny Hinn violated morality clause 2/18/11

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Till Divorce Do Us Part 1/30/12

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