Calvary Chapel Pastors and CCOF Ministry Reject Warnings About Ecumenical Jerry Boykin
Letter to Roger Wing (CCOF Ministry) From Chris Lawson (SRN), August 15, 2011


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Please note that immediately after Jerry Boykin spoke at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills (March 2-4, 2012), and Pastor Jack Hibbs was given documentation by SRN prior to the SoCal Prophecy Conference (March 1, 2012), the Knights Hospitallers website changed its links. Coincidence? All of the Knights Hospitallers links that do not currently work in the following letters can be found working at the new Knights Hospitallers website herehere and here.  The Knights Hospitallers have removed much of their photo gallery which previously included numerous photos of Jerry Boykin and Rick Joyner. They have also removed their Knights Hospitallers DVD which upholds the Roman Catholic Order that the Knights Hospitallers really is. However, they still sell Jerry Boykin's books [Link no longer active on previous site,   Updated Jan 12, 2015] and they are promoting their agenda to at least "400 million people worldwide" - with Rick Joyner [Link no longer active on previous site, . Updated Jan 12, 2015.]


Calvary Chapel Pastors and CCOF Ministry
Reject Warnings About Ecumenical Jerry Boykin

Letter to Roger Wing (CCOF Ministry) From Chris Lawson (SRN)



 (See original letter dated August 15, 2011 below introductory statements.) 







Introductory author/pastors note about document presented to CCOF Ministry and numerous pastors.

This material is being presented here because I have spent hundreds of hours researching, writing, and in correspondence with many people from Calvary Chapel fellowships who are tired of the numerous big-name Calvary Chapel pastors who are compromising Scripture for the sake of ecumenical relations. I have no personal issues with Jerry Boykin, nor am I on a diatribe against fellow pastors. I am however extremely concerned about the continued Calvary Chapel slide into popular Christianity and the ecumenism that many have been grievously observing for years now. It is clear to many that next to nothing is being done about it and as a pastor I refuse to be a bystander while the flock of God is being ravaged from within. 

While being mocked by pastors for saying something, do I not have the right, and the responsibility, to do so? For one I am a Christian, and two, I have spent nearly 25 years in the Calvary Chapel movement. Fourteen of those years were spent pouring my life out serving as an ordained Calvary Chapel pastor. I believe I have paid my dues. For the record, I personally contacted CCOF Ministry as a Calvary Chapel pastor to express my concerns about Calvary Chapel pastors sharing speaking platforms with Jerry Boykin who is an ecumenist with the Knights Hospitallers, a board member of the Dominionist Oak Initiative, and a ministry companion of (and with) false prophet/false teacher Rick Joyner (Oak Initiative and Knights of Malta).

Click here to view  []

2011 How To Walk Resources 

Roger Wing (CCOF Ministry) refused to heed my extensive research and warnings (posted below), as did Pastor Bill Stonebreaker of Calvary Chapel Honolulu Hawaii. Also of note, I gave all this information to them before the August 2011 How To Walk Conference,. I also provided this information to Pastor Raul Ries of Calvary Chapel Golden Springs - his personal assistant forwarded him the material through Ries's personal email account. This also occurred before the conference, the same day that Raul Ries was on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) with hyper-charismatic, Word-faith advocate Paul Crouch's son, Paul Crouch Jr.  Raul Ries appeared live on TBN just before hyper-charismatic, Word-faith advocate Kenneth Copeland's show was aired. Raul Ries never called or even emailed me in response to my "fellow Calvary Chapel pastor admonition." It has now been seven months. 


I also sent the information to seven more Calvary Chapel pastors who spoke at the conference - and not a single one of them has, to this day six months later, emailed me or called me.

Please read the information, below and if you share my and many others' concerns about Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin speaking at Calvary Chapel churches and conferences, I urge you to not only call and email CCOF Ministry, but send certified mail to the board of directors at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California (3800 S Fairview St., Santa Ana, Ca 92704).

One last note, Roger Wing is the one that made the motion to have Paul Smith fired from the Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowships, Inc. board of directors. Paul Smith is Chuck Smith's brother who also tried to warn CCOF Ministry about Calvary Chapel compromises with the Emerging Church movement and contemplative spirituality:

Lighthouse Trails regrets to report that on May 5th, Paul Smith, brother of Chuck Smith (the founder of the Calvary Chapel movement), was fired from his position in the Calvary Chapel (CCOF) organization during an unscheduled meeting that day. The motion to fire Paul Smith was made by board member Roger Wing and seconded by Chuck Smith's son-in-law, Brian Broderson. Other board members affirmed the motion, and Paul Smith was dismissed. [2]

It should also be known that Roger Oakland tried numerous times to warn Roger Wing about Calvary Chapel compromises and Roger Oakland in return suffered dearly for it in numerous ways.

Not only did I present Roger Wing and nine other pastors with irrefutable documentation about Jerry Boykin's extreme ecumenism with The Knights Hospitallers of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta The Ecumenical Order and his unbiblical ties to false teacher (Rick Joyner), I also showed Wing and the others how Boykin is partnering with and serving with the unbiblical Dominionist-endorsing Oak Initiative - and how Rick Joyner and Jerry Boykin are ministry partners together. The information presented further below should cause any Bible-believing Christian to think twice about what is really going on behind the scenes at Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowships, Inc. Why the allowance of ecumenism in Calvary Chapel? Will Rick Joyner be speaking at Calvary Chapel's next? Or Nicolas Papanicolaou, the Grand Master of the Knights Hospitallers? 

What did I receive in return for calling, emailing and caring for other pastors with whom I spent nearly 25 years serving the Lord in the same Christian movement? Opposition, resistance, rejection, silence! I was even yelled at by two pastors for simply asking questions about why Calvary Chapel is not willing to implement biblical separatism and separate from hardcore ecumenical Christians.

Yes, I was yelled at, by two big-name Calvary Chapel pastors. I thought these men were supposed to be leading, feeding, nurturing and protecting the flock of God from wolves in sheep's clothing, not allowing counterfeit watchman to ride the Calvary Chapel speaking circuit. What kind of "watchman" speaks out against Islam and the Marxist/Socialist agenda, but at the same time works toward hardcore Roman Catholic ecumenism and partners with Dominionists and heretics?[3]  A "half-watchman." It is very clear where the Calvary Chapel standard is going. Rather, where it has gone. The Bible on the other hand speaks clearly to what Christians should to avoid ecumenical double-talk and platform sharing confusion.

"Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple" (Romans 16:17-18).






PHOTO: 2012 SoCal Prophecy Conference, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, March 2-4, 2012 - Jerry Boykin, Charlie Campbell, Dr. Ed Hinson, Jack Hibbs, Mark Hitchcock, Miles MacPherson

The number of people who have contacted our ministry with similar Calvary Chapel concerns is staggering. I pleaded with CCOF Ministry to be heard, and as an advocate for many confused and hurting people in the Calvary movement, I was shut down and yelled at. I sent the facts that were "demanded" of me, and they simply would not listen. Jerry Boykin continues to speak at Calvary Chapel conferences, Roger Wing remains the "gatekeeper" at CCOF Ministry, and Calvary Chapel ecumenism is moving full speed ahead. One day from the time of this writing, on March 2-4, 2012, Mark Hitchcock, Miles McPherson, Ed Hindson, Jack Hibbs and Charlie Campbell will all be sharing the platform with extreme ecumenist General Jerry Boykin.[4]  The example they are setting before the body of Christ is simply inexcusable. They should be calling Jerry Boykin to account as he claims to be a brother in the Lord. But chances are they won't, for the show must go on.

Some will naturally say, "But did you try to contact Jerry Boykin?" And I will answer, "Yes, I tried to contact him too, but he never returned my correspondence after I sent him Rick Joyner's Sunday morning church service You Tube video clips of the mayhem at Rick Joyner's Morning Star Ministries.   [Original video link now broken: href="    Click here instead: Rick Joyner - church of altered states , Updated Mar 26, 2014]

Chris Lawson, Director of SRN
(A former Calvary Chapel pastor of 14 years)



1. Calvary Chapel Honolulu Hawaii 2011 How To Walk Pastors and Leaders Conference speaker photos,, accessed on March 1, 2012.

2. Calvary Chapel Termination Has Profound Implications, Originally published May 19, 2009,, accessed on March 1, 2012. Source can also be found at,, acessed on March 1, 2012.

3. The Oak Initiative board of directors, Rick Joyner, Cindy Jacobs, Jerry Boykin, Lance Wallnau, etc,, accessed on March 1, 2012.

4. 2012 SoCal Prophecy Conference,, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills homepage,, accessed on March 1, 2012.



To date not a single thing has been done to stop Calvary Chapel ecumenism with Jerry Boykin.

(Updated - March 1, 2012)

The original document below has a few small punctuation errors. Due to the limited time frame in which the document was put together, it was more needful to present the information immediately to CCOF Ministry and Calvary Chapel Honolulu Hawaii (before the How To Walk conference) than have a "flawless" document as far as punctuation is concerned. The author acknowledges the small typos and in doing so seeks to reiterate the urgency with which the document was created.

To: CCOF (Roger Wing) - From: Chris Lawson (SRN) (8-15-2011)

From: Chris Lawson
Sent: Monday, August 15, 2011 9:44 PM
To: Roger Wing [E-mail withheld]
Cc: Christopher Lawson
Subject: To: CCOF (Roger Wing) - From: Chris Lawson (SRN) (8-15-2011)

8-15-2011 (8:39PM)

To: Pastor Roger Wing (Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowship)
From: Chris Lawson (Spiritual Research Network, Inc.)

Pastor Roger,

I am writing not as an enemy, but as a concerned brother in Christ. I do not write with a sharpness, but with deep sadness and pastoral concern. I have spent almost 25 years in the Calvary Chapel movement, 14 of which I have been actively involved in some form or another of pastoral ministry and/or missions work.

I sincerely ask that you would please consider the following in light of 1 Thess. 5:12, Romans 16:17-19, Jude 3-4, 1 Timothy 1, Acts 20:28-31 and numerous other biblical passages that exhort us to preach sound doctrine, guard the flock of God, and not be deceived through spiritual deception - in any form. This includes sharing speaking platforms with people who teach and/or endorse any type of aberrant or false doctrine, or are actively in ministry with those who do.

It is no secret that Mr. Rick Joyner is a known false teacher. This has been clear for years.

Unfortunately, General Jerry Boykin is working together with Rick Joyner. He is also working together with extreme ecumenist Nicholas F. S. Papanicolaou (Knights Hospitallers) and others, through Rick Joyner's (President) Oak Initiative.

I have tried to limit my commentary notes below but it is very difficult to do so in light of how much research has gone into this. I have now spent at least 50 hours researching and reading mountains of material from original webpages, not just rehashing other peoples research. This has not been fun to be sure, and I would have rather spent my time elsewhere, however, I believe the Lord has led me to deal in-depth with this.

I give brief titles below and some highlights in red. I have concluded at the end with some brief comments. The links below encapsulate a portion of what I have looked at and this list of links is by no means complete.

I write from a heart of deep sadness over what I am seeing happen with numerous Calvary Chapel pastors and public speakers - the compromising of Scriptural principles to separate from aberrant/false teachers, for the sake of sharing speaking platforms.

Please note clearly that I do not write out of a desire to judge men's hearts and needlessly divide the Body of Christ. God's Word is a divider between heresy and truth, and as pastors we are called to preach and teach the truth, and warn against spiritual deception, false teachers, aberrant doctrines, etc.

Also, I am writing at your request because you would not discuss this matter on the phone with me any longer.

Lastly, I write out of a deep and abiding concern and love for the many confused people who have contacted our ministry (and others) in relation to wondering why Calvary Chapel leadership at the highest levels does not sound the warning clearer and louder about standing for the truth, and rejecting aberrant and false teachers.

Many, many people within the Calvary movement are indeed very, very confused over this, and many are simply leaving the movement. I have waited five years to address this issue, in hopes that Calvary Chapel leaders would be more vocal, yet things appear to be getting worse as time slides on.

Please consider the following prayerfully, and carefully.

- - -



Oak Initiative website (Rick Joyner is the President)

Oak Initiative - Board Members (President: Rick Joyner; Lt.Gen. (U.S. Army Ret.) W.G. "Jerry" Boykin; Cindy Jacobs (Dominionist) ; Nicholas F. Papanicolaou (Knights of Malta Grand Master [Ecumenical Order]; Lance Wallnau [Original link broken:   Updated Mar 26, 2014] (Dominionist)

Here are some links to the ministry activity Rick Joyner - on You Tube. Rick Joyner is with Morning Star Ministries - .

Rick Joyner's Circus (This is Rick Joyner's Church - Morning Star Ministries) [Original link broken:  Click here instead: Rick Joyner - church of altered states:  Updated Mar 26, 2014]

Stacy Campbell's False Prophecy on Todd Bentley (Rick Joyner on right side of stage in white suit with white beard)

Rick Joyner - church of altered states

Here are numerous articles from various ministries exposing Rick Joyner as a false teacher:

Rick Joyner False teacher

There are also about 37,000 pages on Google [About 37,300 results (0.18 seconds)] that come up as search results for 'Rick Joyner False Teacher.'

If this is not enough evidence about Rick Joyner's false teachings, here are over 261 articles dealing with the New Apostolic Reformation false teachings that Rick Joyner is helping to lead, and of which YWAM has joined up with.

New Apostolic Reformation

The New Apostolic Reformation - What Is It and Where Is It Going? (DVD)

The New Apostolic Reformation - What Is It and Where Is It Going? (Book)


Jerry Boykin's affiliation with the KNIGHTS HOSPITALLERS and Rick Joyner, who also is a KNIGHTS HOSPITALLER [Ecumenical Order]


Grand Chancellor HE Chev. Lt.Gen William G. Boykin (U.S. Army, Ret.) GCSJ (This link updated Jan 12, 2015)

John Paul II's Blessing on this ecumenical KNIGHTS HOSPITALLER order (This link updated Jan 12, 2015) 

Pope Benedict XVI's Blessing on this ecumenical KNIGHTS HOSPITALLER order (This link updated Jan 12, 2015) 

See photos of JOYNER, BOYKIN and the Grand Master of Knights of Malta - Nicholas F. S. Papanicolaou (ALSO ON THE BOARD OF THE OAK INITIATIVE):

2010 North Carolina Investiture (This link is no longer active, updated Jan 12, 2015)
2011 North Carolina Investiture (This link is no longer active, updated Jan 12, 2015)
(See picture 13 - of Jerry Boykin and Rick Joyner)

New Links can be found here as of Jan 12, 2015:

See Jerry Boykin and Rick Joyne in various photo galleries:

Florida - 12/14-16/12

Rhodes - 10/2/11

Carolinas - 1/21-22/11

Canada - 4/2009

KNIGHTS HOSPITALLERS ARE PROTECTED BY - HRH Prince Enrique de Borbon y Garcia Lobez

The Royal Protector of the Order  (Link broken, updated Jan 12, 2015) (New link, updated Mar 26, 2014)

This Protectorship, under Prince Enrique de Borbon of Spain, is Catholic, and this man HRH Prince Enrique de Borbon y Garcia Lobez, "also serves as Grand Master of the Imperial Spanish Order of Charles V. Charles V. was Holy Roman Emperor from 1516 to 1558 AD, reigning over Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the Kingdom of Naples and the Two Sicily’s, Austria, and parts of Germany." [ ]  (Link broken, updated Jan 12, 2015)

The following letter can be viewed here (  Link broken updated Mar 26, 2014), at the Knights Hospitallers website. I have transcribed the first half of the letter, word for word, below. Bold emphasis is mine.

NICHOLAS F. S. PAPANICOLAOU - Letter to the Knights and Dames of the Ecumenical Knights of Malta

“Dear Knights and Dames of Saint John,

Much has transpired since my last open message to you.

Firstly, with the retirement of King Michael of Romania from our Order,
we have come under the Royal Protection of Prince Enrique de Borbon of Spain.

True to the Christian Ecumenical character of our Order our Royal Protector now is Catholic, while our departing Royal Protector was Orthodox.

Don Enrique de Boron has been a Knight Grand Cross of our Order, and is therefore familiar with the excellent charity work and historical provenance of our Order.

It is truly an honor for us to be under Royal Protection, especially since he also serves as Grand Master of the Imperial Spanish Order of Charles V. Charles V. was Holy Roman Emperor from 1516 to 1558 AD, reigning over Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the Kingdom of Naples and the Two Sicily’s, Austria, and parts of Germany.

Charles V was the Christians Emperor who in 1530 AD gave the island of Malta to the Knights of Saint John, to hold as an outpost of Christianity’s southern border on the Mediterranean Sea. Our Lieutenant Grand Master and I were recently inducted the Imperial Spanish Order of Charles V as Knights Grand Cross. This connection between our two Orders is historically significant, and we appreciate it very much.

Secondly, we are honored to have Lieutenant General (US Army, ret)

William G. Boykin as our new Grand Chancellor. General Boykin was one of the original members of the US Delta Force, and subsequently commanded all United States Special Forces. His last post with the US government in 2007 was Deputy Under-Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. General Boykin brings courage, his strong Christian faith, and tremendous experience to his duties within our Order. We are honored to have him help us...”  (Link broken, updated Jan 12, 2015)

You may also see photos of Nicholas Papanicolaou being invested into the Imperial Spanish Order of Charles V in The Throne Room of the Royal Palace at Segovia, Spain Gallery of photos can be found here. See especially 3,7,8,and 9.

An Investiture of the Imperial Spanish Order of Charles V in The Throne Room of the Royal Palace at Segovia, Spain, November 13, 2010, Investiture in Throne Room of the Royal Palace at Segovia, Spain (Link broken, updated Jan 12, 2015)

I also remind us here that Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (1500-1558) - slaughtered Protestant believers who stood against Roman Catholicism. Is this the kind of "Protectorate" that we want to be working with as Bible believers?


General Persecutions in Germany

The general persecutions in Germany were principally occasioned by the doctrines and ministry of Martin Luther. Indeed, the pope was so terrified at the success of that courageous reformer, that he determined to engage the emperor, Charles V, at any rate, in the scheme to attempt their extirpation.

To this end

1. He gave the emperor two hundred thousand crowns in ready money.
2. He promised to maintain twelve thousand foot, and five thousand horse, for the space of six months, or during a campaign.
3. He allowed the emperor to receive one half the revenues of the clergy of the empire during the war.
4. He permitted the emperor to pledge the abbey lands for five hundred thousand crowns, to assist in carrying on hostilities against the Protestants. 

Thus prompted and supported, the emperor [Charles V] undertook the extirpation of the Protestants, against whom, indeed, he was particularly enraged himself; and, for this purpose, a formidable army was raised in Germany, Spain, and Italy. 

See also:

Charles V is in the eyes of many the very picture of a Catholic zealot.

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia,_Holy_Roman_Emperor



Jerry Boykin, Rick Joyner and Nicholas F. S. Papanicolaou all have their literature sold through the Oak Initiative website ("You will gain insight from various speakers including Lt.Gen (Ret) William 'Jerry' Boykin, Bishop Larry Jackson, Cindy Jacobs, Rick Joyner, Marc Nuttle, Samuel Rodriguez, Lance Wallnau, Bob Weiner, Nicholas Papanicolaou, and many others." Source for quote here is immediately below.):

Oak Initiative Catalog
Jerry Boykin and Rick Joyner Video Sets on the Oak Initiative website (America Needs true Leadership; The Yale King Story):

The Oak Initiative - Videos

Jerry Boykin, Rick Joyner and Nicholas Papanicolaou (EACH OF THEIR BOOKS are being sold through the Oak Initiative website):

The Oak Initiative - Catalog

Here are more of Jerry Boykin's affiliations:

General Jerry Boykin and his ties to The Knights of Malta and Rick Joyner - Compiled by Sandy Simpson, 7/21/11


March 5, 2011 Prophecy Conference - Calvary Chapel Chino Hills
August 20-24, 2011 End Times Outreach Event and Pastors' Conference - Calvary Chapel Honolulu, Hawaii
October 14-16, 2011 Horizon Christian Fellowship


(Much of what Jerry Boykin says is happening and people need to be aware of it . HOWEVER, the confusion in all this is Mr. Boykin's AFFILIATION, endorsement, and joint ministry activities with known and internationally exposed false teacher, Rick Joyner.)

Morning Star TV - Updates

Marxism in America - Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. "Jerry" Boykin

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Uprising in Cairo Egypt - Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin

America Needs True Leadership - Rick Joyner, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. "Jerry" Boykin

The Yale King Story - Rick Joyner, Yale King

Shariah Law and the Constitution - Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. "Jerry" Boykin

The Basics of Shariah Law - Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. "Jerry" Boykin

The Yale King Story - Full Length Version - Rick Joyner, Yale King

"The Oak Initiative Summit" - The Role of the Church - Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. "Jerry" Boykin

- - -


Calvary Chapel Honolulu Pastors/Leaders Conference Hot To Walk 2011 (Gen. Boykin speaking with Calvary Chapel Pastors)

- - -

I have presented here far more than ample evidence exposing the affiliations of General Jerry Boykin that are causing division in the Body of Christ. Will he run with false prophet Rick Joyner and the Ecumenical men, or will he abide by Scripture, and separate from these men. These men clearly have "another Jesus."

For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him. (2 Cor. 11:4)

It appears that even the very elect are being deceived.

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. (Matthew 24:24)


It seems this last video link above ("The Oak Initiative Summit" - The Role of the Church) brings it all together - Mr. Boykin speaking through Rick Joyner's Morning Star Ministries website - calling a holy army of Christians to arms (not physical, but spiritual battle). Is not the sound of the trumpet that Mr. Boykin sounding deeply Ecumenical? [   Link broken, updated Mar 26, 2014]

General Boykin, via Rick Joyner (and the millions of people Joyner influences), the Ecumenical movement and orders (Knights Hospitallers), and now Calvary Chapel pastors, all appear to be working together as General Jerry Boykin is speaking at numerous Calvary Chapel Conferences.

With all the foregoing information - which is available for all to see on the internet, why is this allowed by Calvary pastors? The allowance of this gives credence to General Jerry Boykin's ministry, which is biblically compromised to the core because of his affiliation with Rick Joyner and the hardcore ecumenical KNIGHTS HOSPITALLERS OF THE SOVEREIGN ORDER OF SAINT JOHN OF JERUSALEM KNIGHTS OF MALTA THE ECUMENICAL ORDER.

It is clear in Scripture that the biblical/pastoral call is to fulfill Romans 16:17-19:

17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. 18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple. 19 For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf: but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil.

If Mr. Boykin is ignorant of what he is doing (which it appears he is clearly NOT) he needs loving correction. If he is not ignorant of the compromises, he and Rick Joyner need to be publicly exposed by Christian pastors who know better; hence my writing.

After all the foregoing, I still have not addressed two other Honolulu Conference speakers (Danny Lehmann's (YWAM) and Samy Tanagho's) unbiblical teachings, which others beside myself have done an immense amount of research into - and exposed as well! I will not present that information here. Pastor Bill Stonebreaker has already been made very well aware of it. Sadly, he refuses to deal with it and rejects those who bring the true facts. This in itself is a whole different issue which I am not going to address here.

- - -

Pastor Roger, thank you again for responding to my phone call to your secretary today. I do very much appreciate your prompt reply.

I do not expect any lengthy reply, just a simple yes or no answer reply to this correspondence as to whether or not Jerry Boykin, Danny Lehmann and Samy Tanagho will remain as speakers with you at the Calvary Chapel Honolulu 2011 - How To Walk Pastors/Leaders Conference.

I have already tried to contact Pastor Bill Stonebreaker of Calvary Chapel Honolulu directly, but have heard nothing back.

Again, I am trying to address this issue as a fellow (but now former) Calvary Chapel pastor.

With concern for the Body of Christ,
and on behalf of all who are afraid to speak out on this issue and publicly address an immense and growing compromise.

Chris Lawson, Director
Spiritual Research Network, Inc.
[Telephone/address no longer active. See new SRN number on contact page. 7/16/2012]

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