Calvary Chapel Alert For Pastors and Church Leaders
Documenting the Progression of Compromise and Ecumenical Relations

Calvary Chapel Alert For Pastors and Church Leaders

Documenting the Progression of Compromise and Ecumenical Relations





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THE RISING STORM and A CLARION CALL for HUMILITY, TRUTH and REPENTANCE: Observations for Calvary Chapel Leaders to Consider from Chris Lawson on Vimeo and YouTube



Calvary Chapel Alert For Pastors and Church Leaders

Documenting the Progression of Compromise and Ecumenical Relations

Dear Reader,

The previous introductory statement that was posted here was rewritten for publication as an article. There are numerous sources online now that are reporting on the imbalanced Calvary Chapel leadership issues as well as the growing ecumenical compromises. Many Calvary Chapel pastors as well as the Calvary Chapel Association Leadership Council (formerly CCOF Ministry, Inc.) are aware of many of the growing problems, but sadly, little is being done to publicly expose and correct these things.

Please note that Spiritual Research Network (SRN) is not affiliated with Calvary Chapel or any other church or movement. SRN is an independent Christian ministry that seeks to proclaim the Gospel and warn and equip the body of Christ against the dangers of cults, mystical/occult practices, and ecumenical compromise. SRN also seeks to help people who have been abused in cults and by aberrant and abusive church leaders.

In the end of February 2012 our SRN Calvary Chapel Concerns e-mail account was discontinued. Our reason for this was to point people directly to the Calvary Chapel Association Leadership Council. The Leadership Council of Calvary Chapel Association is supposed to deal with abusive leaders and ecumenical compromises. Unfortunately, more than a few of the leaders have turned a blind eye to the vast documentation that has been provided here on this website and on numerous other research websites - not little blogs, but long-time established ministiry websites that have been concerned about Calvary Chapel compromises and abuses.

The second reason for discontinuing our Calvary Chapel Concerns e-mail account was that SRN simply cannot keep up with the volume of correspondence that we have received from people who are facing problems in their own respective places of worship - within the Calvary Chapel movement. We would love to help more people but we do not have the staff nor the funding to do so at this present time.

After personally spending many hours over the past twelve years helping hurting people who have been affected by growing problematic trends within many Calvary Chapel fellowships, it appears that the road ahead for the Calvary Chapel is a sad one. Very few Calvary Chapel leaders will speak out against problems within the movement, and especially as these problems pertain to fellow brethren who willingly allow ecumenical compromises within the movement.

When I and several other Christian ministires personally contacted CCOF Ministry numerous times in 2011, and also senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Komo Mai in Honolulu, Hawaii, it very quickly became obvious that CCOF Ministry and Calvary Chapel Komo Mai were above being corrected. I was not only vehemently yelled at through the telephone by the head staff member of CCOF (at that time), the  same "pastor" at Calvary Chapel told me that ministries such as Understand the Times International and Lighthouse Trails were not reliable. Well, if they were "not reliable" as the head of CCOF claimed, why then did Chuck Smith and many other Calvary Chapel leaders rely on them and their well researched documentation for many years?

Incredibly, the senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Komo Mai, Honolulu - Pastor Bill Stonebreaker - responded virtually the same way with the response that ministries like Let Us Reason Ministries (Mike Oppenheimer) and Apologetics Coordination Team (Sandy Simpson) - and by implication myself (Spiritual Research Network) and similar ministries (like Understand The Times, Lighthouse Trails, The Berean Call) were like cults.

Unfortunately, it appears now (from 2012 onward) that the Calvary Chapel Association is seriously struggling with what they are going to allow and not allow within the Calvary Chapel movement. The compromises continue and the confusion simply continues to grow. Sadly, if things do not change for the better, it is only a matter of time before the leaven of Emergent and Ecumenical apostasy infects the entire Calvary Chapel movement. It is only a matter of time before a gigantic spilt occurs within the movement.

In the mean time, many will continue to silently leave churches that are compromising. Many others who do have the courage to address issues head on within their fellowship will face resistance, and that most likely, at the highest levels.

The SRN ministry has gone the extra mile behind-the-scenes in attempts to kindly speak and correspond with numerous Calvary Chapel pastors. However, resistance, stonewalling, and at times very unChristlike behavior has been unleashed against SRN and a number of other well-respected Christian apologetics/discernment ministries. It is a very unfortunate thing but this is what is happening.

Because SRN does not have the staff and resources to answer the continued influx of Calvary Chapel related concerns and complaints, we encourage everyone that shares our concerns to obtain a copy of our booklet titled How to Know if You Are Being Spiritually Abused or Deceived—A Spiritual Abuse Questionnaire and circle and mark which concerns and/or abuses pertain to you and/or your fellowship. Then make two copies of it. Save one copy for your own records and send the other copy with your own personal cover letter directly to:

  • Calvary Chapel Association
  • admin@ [remove this] 

The Calvary Chapel Association contact information can be found on their own website at Calvary Chapel Association (Formerly 

The Leadership Council at Calvary Chapel Association needs to hear your concerns if your Calvary Chapel pastor consisetently refuses to listen to you and others who have tried to confront him.

If you attend Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, you should do the same thing. Send the directly letter to:

  • The board of directors at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa
  • Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa
  • 3800 S. Fairview St. Santa Ana, CA 92704
  • PH: (714) 979-4422

Note to members at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa: The Calvary Chapel Association Leadership Council, in Novemebr of 2016, separated completely from Brian Broderson and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. The growing list of concerns that persist under the leadership of Brian Broderson at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa now are apparently a concern to the entire Leadership Council, who represent the movement. These concerns can be read in the Calvary Chapel Association Leadedrship Council 11.28.2016: Letter To The Movement

11.28.2016: Letter To The Movement

See also the Calvary Chapel Associaiton Letter about brian Broderson's resignation (11.10.2016 : Letter to the Movement) and the published news article on 11/7/2016, where Brian Broderson's resignation from the Calvary Chapel Association is made clear. Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Splits From Association, Citing Old Testament Prophet, 11/7/2016

Lastly, be sure to send your letters "certified mail" and pay the extra few dollars to have a receipt sent to you. This will ensure that you receive the postal worker signature and the signature of the person(s) who receives your letters. The reason for doing this is so that you can trace the handling of your enquiry back to the person(s) on staff at the church.


It is the responsibility of Calvary Chapel pastors to not only defend the Christian faith and warn of false teachers in the church, but also to correct or completely remove abusive pastors, ecumenical compromisers, and Emerging Church sympathizers. If they cannot effectively do this they are not worthy of your trust.

The lengthy listing of articles and links posted below are proof that many in the Calvary Chapel movement are in dire need of loving correction from the body of Christ. May the Lord give wisdom, strength and boldness to all who are willing to lovingly stem the flood of compromise.

Chris Lawson, SRN Director

(Calvary Chapel congregant, pastor and missionary from 1989-2011)

If you have been abused in any type of church setting the following spiritual abuse questionnaire will help you find clarity on what you have been negatively experiencing. The "yes" and "no" questions are formatted to help you find clarity and come to your own conclusions.
  • Spiritual Abuse Questionnaire
  • Questions to consider regarding Spiritual Abuse and Group Dynamics!
  • Help identify specific areas of Abuse, Deception, and Fraud!

Hopefully the Calvary Chapel Association Leadership Council, the staff at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, the board members and support staff at the Calvary Chapel Education Association, the faculty and staff at Calvary Chapel Bible College Murrieta, and the leaders at various Calvary Chapel extension campuses and fellowships (church locator) will take note of the concerns posted below.



Dec 6, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Calvary Chapel Pastor Condemns Discernment Ministries - Letter to Lighthouse Trails


May 26, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Brian Brodersen’s Creation Fest Coming Out of the Contemplative Closet - Lighthouse Trails

  • Creation Fest in Corwall, England
  • TAIZE' Reflection  (Note: see new expose book here, and research pages here and here!)
  • Truro Cathedral on May 28th, called “Thy Kingdom Come.”
  • The Big news is that Brian Brodersen’s CFest is now an active participant & promoter of the COE’s “Thy Kingdom Come” [TKC] ecumenical prayer event, to be held at the Truro Cathedral, May 28th, 2017 – and “Hosted by Creation Fest UK“. Their Facebook post of May 10th states: “JOIN US in prayer with an afternoon of events at the majestic Truro Cathedral as part of the global Thy Kingdom Come prayer initiative.” (Read more in this article at Emergent Watch)
May 26, 2017
April 15, 2017
  • Original Post at:

Brian Broderson Rick Warren Ecumenical Breakfast

November 29, 2016
November 28, 2016
Calvary Chapel Association Leadership Council Officially Separates from Brian Broderson, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, and Calvary Global Network
Official CCA Public Statement:

November 10, 2016
Brian Broderson Resigns from the Calvary Chapel Association Leaderhip Council
November 7, 2016
October 31, 2016
Clarification Letter from the Calvary Chapel Association Leaderhip Council
October 28, 2016
Pastor JD Farag speaks on the issues addressed in the 10-24-16 post
by 4philemon (
.  The video was edited from the first 6.5 minutes JD’s video of 10/27/16/.

Calvary Chapel 2016 Northwest Pastor's Conference
Understand The Times is posting the following video clip that is edited from the 2016 Calvary Chapel Northwest Pastor’s Conference, September 26-27, 2016. In the audio Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa’s Brian Brodersen can be heard expounding on new methods of Bible teaching for the New Calvary Chapels.

Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference 2016 Leadership Departing Form God's Word
Published on Oct 24, 2016
October 6, 2016
VIDEO: Roger Oakland at St. Peters Square in Italy (2016)
- by Lighthouse Trails
The following is some video footage of Roger Oakland (and Rob Yardley from Calvary Chapel) when he was recently in Italy and visited St. Peters Square. We hope you can watch this. You can also read some of Roger’s articles on this issue at and

October 3, 2016
Identifying Wolves—Past and Present
By Roger Oakland, Understand The Times International & The Good Shepherd Calls Ministry
September 12, 2016
Calvary Chapel: Another Wave Of The Spirit Or A Wave Of Deception? - by Roger Oakland

There is talk about the great outpouring of unity and ecumenism that will be initiated by the present Pope. Will the hierarchical leaders of the Calvary Chapel movement stand up against this or not?—Roger Oakland By Roger Oakland Understand the Times, International There is a lot of talk these days in Christian circles about the […]
September 7, 2016
Strange Bedfellows Creeping Into Calvary Chapel - by Roger Oakland

According to the Catholic News Service in a August 17th article titled “Bishops designate Wisconsin site of Marian apparitions as national shrine,” U.S. Catholic bishops “formally designated the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion as a national shrine.” The article explains that “Bishop David L. Ricken of Green […]

July 27, 2016
Fed Up With False Teaching: Calvary Chapel Church Says “So Long” to the CC Association - by Lighthouse Trails Blog   LTRJ Note: “Co-incidentally,” Lighthouse Trails had just posted an announcement about the Great Lakes Prophecy Conference this fall, when 30 minutes later we received this news brief  reporting that Calvary Chapel Appleton is withdrawing from the Calvary Chapel Association. Lighthouse Trails was expecting this to happen in the near future based on information we had […]
Jul 27, 2016
by Amy Spreeman, July 27, 2016 in Discernment
July 27, 2016
2016 Great Lakes Prophecy Conference with Lighthouse Trails Speakers and Others . . . September 9-11 (Appleton, WI)
The 2016 Great Lakes Prophecy Conference at Calvary Chapel Appleton (Wisconsin) will take place on September 9th through the 11th. If you live within driving distance or can fly in, this will be a great time of fellowship with like-minded believers and a chance to hear some wonderful teachings and information. This year’s conference will […]

Jul 7, 2016
Concern's about Brian Broderson's 2016 endorsement of Nicky Gumbel's ALPHA film series.
"A 2016 endorsement of the Alpha Course by Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa’s senior pastor, Brian Brodersen, is going to have a significant impact on many Calvary Chapel and other non-denominational mega churches. Brodersen posted this statement on April 14, 2016 on his Facebook to Nicky Gumbel regarding Gumbel’s new ALPHA film series:


    What a FANTASTIC introduction to the new ALPHA film series! Good One @ Nicky Gumbel.



Something that Calvary Chapel leaders—and all Christian church leaders for that matter—should remember is that the reason the Protestant Reformers were burned at the stake during the Protestant Reformation was because they stood against the errors of Roman Catholicism."



Jul 2, 2016

Jun 27, 2016
 Filed 6/27/16 The Word for Today, Inc. v. Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa CA4/3 
The Word for Today, Inc. v. Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa: (a court opinion freely available to the public): “These opinions are known as "unpublished," they generally cannot be cited or relied upon in other cases . . . This does not mean, however, that the contents of these opinions are protected or private information. All opinions posted on this site are public records and may be indexed by internet search engines.”
Jul 24, 2016
Jun 10, 2016
See also Printer Friendly version available on Understand The Times
Ichabod Fulfilled in the Body of Christ - by Roger Oakland (Understand The Times)
May 23, 2016
Concern's about Brian Broderson's 2016 endorsement of Nicky Gumbel's ALPHA film series.
Apr 23, 2016
Apr 23, 2016

Apr 22, 2016
THE RISING STORM and A CLARION CALL for HUMILITY, TRUTH and REPENTANCE:Observations for Calvary Chapel Leaders to Consider - by Chris Lawson

Apr 22, 2016
Willow Creek, Calvary Chapel and the Bible - by Roger Oakland (Understand The Times)
April 19, 2016
Important Information About Calvary Chapel and Alpha - by Lighthouse Trails
From Understand The Times, International RE: Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and the Alpha Course (April 18, 2016) Recently, Brian Brodersen, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, sent out an endorsement of Nicky Gumbel’s Holy Trinity Brompton Alpha Course program. While Alpha is very well known in North America and around the world, it seems […]
April 19, 2016
Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and the Alpha Course - by Lighthouse Trails
By Roger Oakland Understand the Times, International
On April 14, 2016, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa’s senior pastor Brian Brodersen made the following astonishing remarks on his Facebook page,[1] “What a fantastic introduction to the new Alpha film series! Good one @nickygumbel” That link Brodersen provided leads to Alpha Course leader Vicar Nicky Gumbel of […]
Apr 18, 2016
Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and Alpha - by Roger Oakland (Understand The Times)

Apr 11, 2016
Text and screenshots at (Mark Jeffries)
1]  4/11/2016: CCCM goes off the deep end, with Ryan Ries of the Whosoevers not just attending the heretical NAR event, “Azusa Now”, but endorsing it on his Facebook page!! NOTE: The Whosoevers have a big youth following, this no doubt has stumbled many!
Whosoever-azusa-Ryan Ries



2]  4/14/2016: CCCM Senior Pastor Brian Brodersen openly endorses, not just the heretical Anglican false teacher, Nicky Gumbel – but he endorses the contemplative Alpha Course, praising it, saying, “What a FANTASTIC introduction to the new ALPHA film series! Good One @ Nicky Gumbel…” and an in-text link Brian posts takes one directly to Gumbel’s Twitter post on the Alpha film series!!

Brian Broderson promoting Alpha Course 4-15-16



3]  4/15/2016: CCCM’s Josh Turansky – who is not only an Asst. Pastor, but is Brodersen’s “Personal Assistant” – posts an endorsement of the book: “Kierkegaard: A Christian Missionary to Christians”!

 Josh Turansky - Soren Kierkegaard 


These recent departures are the most serious to date, and are far more serious than most would calculate – as CCCM owns many church properties, schools and sub-ministries – it’s influence is far greater than many would imagine.


The departure of Calvary Costa Mesa from it’s founder’s foundation – indeed, it’s outright apostasy – it accelerating exponentially! One has to wonder how much longer this can continue before a major split occurs in the Calvary fellowship of churches.




Apr 10, 2016
Greg Laurie, Lou Engle, and the Coming One-World Revival? - News Alert (Understand The Times)
Mar 26,  2016
Mar 10,  2016
According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the name “Calvary Chapel” is owned by Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa . . . This means that every church name that has the words “Calvary Chapel” in it belongs to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.”Roger Oakland, March 2016
Calvayr Chapel U.S. Trademark - Screenshot March 2016
Feb 12, 2016
Phil Metzger with Bill Hybels
"Phil Metzger at Golgota Budapest.
February 9 at 9:14am · Instagram ·
Hanging out with ‪#‎billhybels‬. He came and taught on leadership for pastors across Hungary.
Just another day at ‪#‎golgotabudapest‬"
(Photo used in accordance with the U.S. Fair Use Act, which allows the fair use
of material for the purpose of review, education, and critical analysis)

Jan 19, 2016
October 28, 2015
May 31, 2015
May 30, 2015
Articles posted on the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa church website homepage:
Can I attend my LGBT friend’s wedding? - by Brian Broderson
Working Through The Issues: More Thoughts On Attending An LGBT Friend's Wedding - by Brian Broderson
For a biblical Calvary Chapel response on the Gay Marriage issue Pastor Steve Carr of Calvary Chapel Arroyo Grande presents a balanced defense of traditional marriage. See Pastor Steve's soft-spoken and graciously presented YouTube Video (Published on Jun 15, 2012) and his article titled GAY MARRIAGE - BIGOTRY - EQUAL RIGHTS OR DESTRUCTION?
March 17, 2015
VIDEOCALVARY CHAPEL ALERT - Corruption of Leadership Oversight (Levi Lusko, Emerging Church leaders, Conferences, etc.) - Emergent Watch
These issues with leadership oversight and accountability, together with the ongoing emergent deviations of Calvary Costa Mesa, and other affiliates - Indicate A VERY SERIOUS BREACH OF TRUST, and is destroying the very foundations on which the Calcvary Chapel Movement was built!"
     - Emergent Watch, March 17, 2015
March 1, 2015
March 1, 2015
February 26, 2015
See also Josh Turansky's articles: 
"Therefore, it is vital that our church understand that being a pharisaical watchdog is a false form of spirituality."
February 7, 2015
VIDEO - Greg Laurie: Real Harvest or Bad Seeds? - Emergent Watch
December 1, 2014
November 30, 2014


  • What is the Roman Catholicism's, 'The New Evangelization'?
    • The New Evangelization: Building The Civilization of Love (Link)
    • Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger on the New Evangelization (First Link broken; Internet Archive Link)
    • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (Link)
    • Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization (Link)
  • See October 27, 2013 entry below - photos of Rick Warren on stage at Chuck Smith's Tribute service

  • Now read, "Why Were Our Reformers Burned" by J.C. Ryle (1816-1900) (Link)

November 5, 2014

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa's Chapel Store Compromised Again - Wanderlust Productions' HOLY GHOST film documentary pulled two days after it makes it onto the 'New Arrivals' shelf - By Chris Lawson


November 3, 2014

Calvary Chapel Affiliate Hosts Anglican Ecumenical Leader - Posted by 4philemon



October/November, 2014

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Bookstore "New Arrivals" - the heretical "Holy Ghost" movie.


"Sorry to say, just got more bad news about Calvary Costa Mesa. A friend just sent me a pic shot recently in the CCCM bookstore. On the "New Arrivals" rack, at the bottom, is the horrible "Holy Ghost" movie that features Bethel Redding's own Bill Johnson & friends, by Darren Wilson of Wanderlust Films. WHAT'S GOING ON!"

(M.J. Nov 1. 2014 - Source link)


October 30, 2014

Calvary Chapel Update – The Movement in Peril - Posted by 4philemon 

October 21, 2014
"Bob Coy was found to be a serial adulterer and sexual predator"
  • See quote in article from Moriel Ministires, The Ecclestiastical Domino Effect by James Jacob Prasch (10/22/14)  
  • "The fizzling of the counterfeit revivals of Toronto, Pensacola, and Lakeland with Lakeland ending in a moral scandal with Todd Bentley and Pensacola ending in an ugly split are almost ancient history. The demise of Jim Bakker's PTL club in a maze scandal and corruption is ancient history as is the fall of Jimmy Swaggart. In each case the Body of Christ and its message was discredited. The collapse of Robert Schuller's mega church The Chrystal Cathedral in $56 million in debt and the keys being handed over to the Roman Catholic church was hardly the beginning and we warned other mega churches would soon follow."  
  • Read entire article here:
October 17, 2014
My brother's succession plan for Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (Video)
by Paul Smith, Published on Oct 17, 2014
"As Pastor Chuck Smith's brother I wanted to share with you some of the events that occurred and I personally witnessed. Thank you for all the prayers and encouragement."
September 29, 2014

Chuck Smith's Daughter Sues Calvary Chapel over Founder's Last Days

(UPDATED) Children reportedly divided on allegations over who should control megachurch pastor's sermons.

Morgan Lee and Timothy C. Morgan [ posted 9/29/2014 12:22PM

August 20, 2014
July 9, 2014
LTRP Note: As many of you know, Roger Oakland, of Understand the Times, International, and Chris Lawson, of Spiritual Research Network, are former Calvary Chapel pastors/teachers, who both left the movement when their warnings about the infiltration of serious false teachings fell on deaf ears for several years and when they felt they could no longer, in good conscience, remain associated with the movement. Last week, Lighthouse Trails was informed of another Calvary Chapel pastor, Steve Shively of Refuge Church in Atascadero, California, who has made the decision (along with his church elders) to disaffiliate from the Calvary Chapel movement. The following letter was sent to the Calvary Chapel Association on June 29th, 2014. We are posting it with permission: Refuge Church, June 29, 2014.
June, 2014
May, 2014
Samy Tanagho  Evangelism using the wrong god  - By Sandy Simpson, 5/12/14
Chuck Smith and Brian Broderson Endorse Glad News.  This article also mentions Bill Stonebraker of Calvary Chapel  Komo Mai, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.
April 6, 2014
Bob Coy of Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale resigns after confessing to a moral failing in his life
Statement Regarding Bob Coy - Media Statement – April 6, 2014 (Posted on Sun, Apr 6, 2014).
Link broken July 2015:
Chaisma News:
by Leonardo Blair, Christian Post Reporter, April 7, 2014, 8:38 am.
Bob Coy, Pastor of Florida's Calvary Chapel Megachurch, Resigns Over ‘Moral Failure'
by Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Huffington Post, Religion News Service. Posted 04/07/2014 1:21 pm EDT. Updated: 04/07/2014 2:18 pm EDT.
by Jennifer LeClaire, Charisma News  4:58PM EDT 4/6/2014.
March 28, 2014
March 12, 2014
February 19, 2014


Februrary 11, 2014

Brian Broderson: "I wouldn't say that there's anything harmful about somebody going through something like this [Roman Catholic Confirmation]Pastor's Perspective with Don Stewart and Brian Broderson, on KWVE Radio (February 11, 2014)


BRODERSON: —…We need to do it [anything that's spiritual] of our own volition…Confirmation, um what happens in Confirmation is at the age you know twelve, thirteen, which is where your daughter's at, um, you know, in the Catholic Church of course people are baptized as infants…and then when you reach the age of twelve or thirteen you get Confirmed…this is now a, a time where you can sort of, um, on your own say, "Yes I want to be a Catholic!” and the idea too is that this is the, the Holy Spirit um according to their theology, the Holy Spirit is you know Confirming you in your faith, at this time…Um, I wouldn't say that there's anything harmful about somebody going through something like this….Well that's it Don, you know, the, the problem is of course this [Roman Catholicism] is just a religion you know, and it’s a ritual for most people….I mean there are a few people that take it more seriously and so forth, but it is a ritual and um most people are doing it because they are being forced to do it by their parents, quite frankly….I think um, you know if your daughter wanted to do it then I would say "let her do it, it's not going to hurt her," um you know God can use these things…”


STEWART: Well, Chris, you know, you'll need wisdom there, we'll ask the Lord to give you some wisdom on that, but uh, again like, like Brian said, if she does go through with it there's nothing wrong with doing something like that, as long as you are, ya know telling her that that's, her baptism didn't save her she needs that personal relationship with Christ, that is the important thing.


BRODERSON: Right, right.

February 4, 2014
February 1, 2014
Bridges To Where? - By Emergent Watch
January 24, 2014
January 21, 2014
By Lighthouse Trails Editors
January 17, 2014
January 15, 2014
New Era of Calvary Chapel Worship? - By Roger Oakland of Understand The Times
Januray 11, 2014
January 10, 2014
January 7, 2014




November, 2013
VIDEO by Chris Lawson


November 2013

What is Wrong With YWAM? (Youth With A Mission) - Evangelism or Ecumenism - You Decide - By Mike Oppenheimer

(This articles covers George Otis, Jr., John Dawson, Calvary Chapel's in the Hawaiian Islands, Danny Lehman, Loren Cunningham, and more.)



October 27, 2013 (Sunday)

Rick Warren Appears on Stage at Chuck Smith's Memorial Service

Rick Warren: Party Crasher

Chuck Smith Memorial Service Controversy


Calvary Chapel: What Now?


October 27, 2013 (Sunday) | 5:00 P.M. (Pacific)

A Tribute To Pastor Chuck   (Charles Ward "Chuck" Smith - June 25, 1927 – October 3, 2013)


October 18, 2013

Warning About New Age Influences in Rick Warren's Daniel Plan

AUDIO by Chris Lawson & Ray Yungen

October 3, 2013


A Tribute To Pastor Chuck   (Charles Ward "ChuckSmith - June 25, 1927 – October 3, 2013)
October 1, 2013
May 17, 2013
May 8, 2013
May 8, 2013
Calvary Chapel Breached - By Jim Fletcher
April 5, 2013
February 27th, 2013



Answering Bible questions with my friend Chuck Smith on KWVE radio today.

— Rick Warren (@RickWarren) February 27, 2013

Pastor’s Perspective (start at 21 minute mark):


November 17, 2012

Calvary Chapel Concerns & Greg Laurie  Endorses 'Have Heart' (listening to the dead?)

AUDIO by Chris Lawson (with Michael-Anthony Rene Chavez & Sergio Martinez of SAID Radio)

November 15, 2012
August 28, 2012
June 24, 2012
June 11, 2012
May 26, 2012
March 5, 2012
Calvary Chapel's Embrace of Ecumenism and Rejection of Biblical Accountability
March 1, 2012
  1. Sharing Speaking Platforms: Compromises and Consequences – When Leaders Wrongly Share Speaking Platforms with Ecumenists and Teachers of False Doctrine - By Chris Lawson (SRN)
  2. Faithful Ministers Versus False and Corrupt Ministers: A Brief Overview - Commentary and Compilation by Chris Lawson (SRN)
  3. Countering The Counter Reformation in the Midst of Evangelical Christianity - By Roger Oakland (Understand The Times)
  4. Responsibilities of a Good Shepherd - By Sandy Simpson (Deception in the Church)




March 1, 2012
February 2012



January 2012
Reviews of Steve Berger's 2010 book Have Heart, which endorses listening to the dead. 
  • Endorsements on book include Chuck Missler, Greg Laurie, William P. Young (The Shack), Sen. Bill Frisk and James Robison. Michael W. Smith's endorsement is on the Have Heart website.


Grace Chapel Pastor's book Have Heart: Bridging the Gulf Between Heaven and Earth
January 2012
Q & A Book Review of Have Heart - by T.A. McMahon, The Berean Call Newsletter
Herescope Articles and Reviews
Grace Chapel Pastor Steve Berger, author of Have Heart: Bridging the Gulf Between Heaven and Earth

Part 4
Interpretation by Imagination: Do The Dead Communicate With The Living?
by Larry DeBruyn (Herescope - Jan 9, 2012)

Part 3
Spontaneous Spiritualism: Do The Dead Communicate With The Living?
by Larry DeBruyn (Herescope - Jan 6, 2012)

Part 2
The "Canaanization" of the Church: Do the Dead Communicate with the Living?
By Pastor Larry DeBruyn (Jan 4, 2012)

Part 1
Do The Dead Communicate With the Living?: Normalizing Necromancy
by Larry DeBruyn (Herescope - Jan 3, 2012)

Have Heart: A Review and Commentary - Introduction
Normalizing Necromancy: Tempting the Church to Talk with the Dead
Herescope's Introductory Comments (Jan 2, 2012)


December 2011

Jerry Boykin issues - just do a search the Internet.

  • Lt. General (U.S. Army Ret.) William "Jerry" Boykin: Ecumenical Knights Hospitaller, close ministry associate with Rick Joyner, Oak Initiative Board member, speaker at Calvary Chapel venues and Calvary Chapel pastor/leadership conferences. 
November, 2011
Word for word radio transcripts and audio links of Don Stewart, Chuck Smith and Chuck Smith Jr.
Pastors Perspective Radio Transcripts From K-WAVE:
See also:
Pastors Perspective with Don Stewart
October 27, 2011
This video reveals more of Jerry Boykin's ministry partnership with the Ecumenical Knights of Malta Grand Master Nicolas Papanicolaou, and Papanicolaou's World Public Forum: Dialogue of Civilizations. Nicolas Papanicolaou is Co-Founder of the WPF with 'Cosmic Humanist' Jagdish Kapur, and 'Marian' promoting Founding President of World Public Forum, Vladimir Yukunin.
The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers DVD
October 21, 2011
A Tale of Two Kingdom's - By Sandy Simpson
  • Exposes Dominionist teachings, of which Rick Joyner (and Jerry Boykin) is a part of via The Oak Initiative, Joyner's Morning Star Ministires, Rome's Ecumenical Kinghts of Malta.
October 3, 201
Seprtember 28, 2011
September 9, 2011
A Cry of Exhortation - By Chris Lawson (family member)
September 7, 2011
Calvary Chapel Confusion - By Roger Oakland  (Printer friendly version click here)
August 26, 2011
August 24, 2011
August 15, 2011
Calvary Chapel Pastors and CCOF Ministry Reject Warnings About Ecumenical Jerry Boykin
Letter to Roger Wing (CCOF Ministry)
 - By Chris Lawson (SRN), Posted online March 1, 2012 (See above entry for all links.)
August 6, 2011
Chuck Smith - Calvary Chapel - Knights of Malta - Vatican connection by First Plumbline Apologetics, 8/6/11
Sorry to break this to you, but Chuck Smith is going to far, recently Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa is promoting and highly esteeming the The Grand Magisterial Chancery for the Knights of Malta - Jerry Boykin. Jerry Boykin is a returning visitor to Calvary Chapel.  YouTube video.
July 31, 2011
Leaving Calvary Chapel - By Chris Lawson
July 15, 2011
Since Greg Laurie shared the platform in Oskosh, Wisconsin at the Lifest Celebration with Roman Catholic Bishop Ricken, another news item now places Laurie and Ricken in the headlines. This time it is the fascination with Marian apparitions that Ricken supports and has been promoting. It is well known that Jesuits are behind the devotion to “Our Lady of Peace” also called the "Queen of Heaven." This will be an important part of developing a One World Religion for Peace that will usher in the Antichrist. The questions that need to be asked are these: Why would Greg Laurie endorse Roman Catholic Jesuit Bishop Ricker by sharing the platform with him at the Lifest gathering? Is Laurie aware of the damage he has done to Calvary Chapel by doing this or is this just part of the game plan? While this is only speculation, one could also ask, why does Laurie link hands with Rick Warren who has linked hands with the Pope of Rome through Tony Blair for the P.E.A.C.E. Plan? Would someone (for example) Chuck Smith or Brian Brodersen please stand up and explain what is happening to the Calvary Chapel movement? 
July 12, 2011
  • LTRP Note: Today, a pastor sent Lighthouse Trails the link to the following news article. In view of our article on 7/11/11,  “The Jesuit Agenda and the Evangelical/Protestant Church,” we post this news item. Bishop David Ricken who led Mass at Lifefest is on the Bishops Advisory Council at Creighton University, a Jesuit school. OSHKOSH — Bishop David Ricken always wanted to go to Lifest. But since taking over as head of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay in 2008, something else always came up. [Bishop] Ricken led 9 a.m. Mass from the Thrivent Café Stage on the final day of the 13th annual Lifest celebration at Sunnyview Expo Center. Hundreds worshipped as intermittent showers trickled down on the large tent. Protestant devotions, a children’s service and the Catholic Mass each were held separately before joint worship at 11 a.m. on the grandstand featuring Lenz; Greg Laurie, senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif., and head of the international Harvest Crusades.
June 29, 2011
June 24, 2011
June 21, 2011
Jerry Boykin and the Calvary Chapel Connection by Roger Oakland (Understanding The Times), 6/21/11
  • Understand The Times has  discovered that Calvary Chapel has been, and still does, promote a high officer in the Vatican’s Jesuitical, “Knights of Malta”. Jerry Boykin, former commander of the United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center Special Forces Psychological Operations, is that man. The Order of Malta is a religious order of the Vatican. Jerry Boykin holds the title of Grand Chancellor with the Vatican’s Jesuitical, “Knights of Malta”.
March 10, 2011


Eye-Witness Account: Global Peace Forum at Saddleback with Rick Warren and Tony Blair Raises Serious Questions About Global Peace Plan (Tony Blair and Rick Warren)     

Excerpt from this article regarding Rick Warren with Greg Laurie and Church Smith at Laurie's Harvest Crusade 2009.

What is becoming more obvious everyday to some seems amazingly hidden to mainstream Christian leaders. Not one well-known leader has called out Rick Warren and publicly challenged him. On the contrary, there is either silence from these leaders or worse yet a public display of embracing and resonance (e.g.: popular teacher John Piper invited Rick Warren to speak at his Desiring God conference. Calvary Chapel founder Chuck Smith stood in front of thousands at Greg Laurie’s Harvest crusade and introduced Rick Warren as his friend, allowing him to pray with the crowd). Has there been any outcry by Christian pastors or leaders to these occurrences? No, and the silence is deafening.

The Bible makes it clear there is coming a false peace plan that will be headed up by the antichrist sometime in the future. “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” I Thessalonians 5:3


February 11, 2011
Operation Rescue
Pastor Chuck Smith Stuns Radio Listeners By Encouraging Woman To Abort

Operation Rescue | February 11, 2011 at 2:22 pm | Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger


“It’s awfully hard to actually suggest abortion,” said Smith. “But, you know, I’m sure that, uh, in a case like this where the life expectancy is just, you know, is so bleak, and all, that I’m sure that the Lord would not condemn her if she went ahead and had an abortion at this early stage of the development of the fetus.”

  • Source:
  • Source: 
  • Listen to audio clip of Feb. 8, 2011, radio conversation
  • Audio Clip of Feb. 9, 2011, Radio "Clarification"


November 22, 2010
October 24, 2010
David Barton speaks at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills (Calvary Chapel Chino Hills - Pastor Jack's Hibbs)
  • Nationally Recognized Historian To Speak at Calvary Chapel: David Barton Will Speak at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills This Sunday, October 24th - By 'Articles From Everywhere About Chino Hills and Chino' (Chino, CA - October 20, 2010)
  • Source:
October 1, 2010
July 29, 2010
Roger Oakland Announces Plans to Return to Ministry After Year Long Absence and Illness
Link no longer active
June 15, 2010
The following is a note from Sandy Simpson, DITC e-Newsletter, Volume 28, Issue 7
Emerging or Submerging?
by Brian Brodersen, Calvary Chapel Magazine, Issue 44, Summer 2010
Finally a good response from a Calvary Chapel pastor to the influx of Emergent teachings into Calvary Chapels.  The only statement I disagree with in this article is that Brodersen says: "I believe time will tell that this new movement will turn out to be nothing more than a passing fancy of a few disenchanted men."  We know from long experience that heresy begets heresy and does not really ever go away till Christ comes back which is why we must reject it. However this article does call EC teachings what they are ... heresy.
Thanks for this article Brian. - Sandy Simpson  
May 25, 2010
Lighthouse Trails Cannot Remove Articles
Quote from Lighthouse Trails:
Recently, Lighthouse Trails was asked if we would remove our articles on Leonard Sweet's speaking engagement at Calvary Chapel Albuquerque for the National Worship Leader Conference now that he has been asked not to speak at the Calvary Chapel church. After thoughtful deliberation, we issue this reply.
To whom it may concern: In this particular request, to remove our report regarding Leonard Sweet and Calvary Chapel, we struggle. Please let us explain why: Those who have studied the teachings of Rick Warren carefully and weighed them against Scripture know that Rick Warren’s spirituality very much resonates with Leonard  Sweet’s. This can be shown to be so in a number of areas, including both men’s promotion of what we call contemplative spirituality (basically New Age mysticism). With that said, Skip Heitzig’s new film, Riptide, features Rick Warren as well as contemplative proponent Mark Driscoll. To feature Rick Warren but cancel Leonard Sweet will send out the message that one is ok and one isn’t, when in reality the spirituality of both men is dangerous.
For those who may question as to whether Rick Warren and Leonard Sweet support and embrace each other’s work, please consider the following articles: Rick Warren resonates strongly with Leonard Sweet, and this has been evident for at least 15 years (since their Tides of Change audio series).
A few years ago, Lighthouse Trails documented that Chuck Smith, founder of Calvary Chapel, made a public denouncement of the Purpose Driven movement as well as the emerging church and contemplative spirituality. For CC to now embrace Rick Warren but reject Leonard Sweet may actually cause more harm because now the message sent out will be that Leonard Sweet's spirituality is not good, but Rick Warren's is acceptable.
Incidentally, the line up of speakers at the Albuquerque location for Chuck Fromm’s Worship Conference is filled with Purpose Driven, Robert Schuller, and Willow Creek teachers. Thus, the conference should not be taking place at a Calvary Chapel church at all.
With this in mind, we cannot remove the articles we have written about this situation. Please bear in mind that Rick Warren and Willow Creek  DO resonate with Leonard Sweet and other emerging/new spirituality leaders thus putting them in the same ”theological” disposition as Sweet – therefore, removing Leonard Sweet has not removed a very serious situation, and we believe readers need to be kept abreast of this ongoing spiritual decline by many of today’s evangelical churches, includingsome of Calvary Chapel’s more prominent churches.
May 24, 2010
Leonard Sweet and Calvary Chapel, Albuquerque Cancellation
New link:
Original link no longer active:

Leonard Sweet and Calvary Chapel, Albuquerque Cancellation

A number of websites reacted unfavorably to an advertised conference scheduled to take place at the Calvary Chapel in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA where Skip Heitzig is pastor. Moriel also posted these reports after being contacted by various Calvary Chapel pastors and people, mainly in the USA. Mr. Sweet is by no scriptural standard a Christian, but by every reasonable standard a New Age mystic and a pure Gnostic. It was therefore with some delight we are informed from the USA that the event has been cancelled.
We believe pastor Heitzig made the correct decision. It may be that he and his staff were not fully informed about the nature of Mr. Sweet’s heretical beliefs at the time he agreed to host the conference. We are aware that multiple Calvary Chapel pastors contacted Pastor Heitzig expressing their own concerns, but in this regard we cannot comment further. Plainly however, it was not Skip Heitzig who was the villain. Mr. Sweet on the other hand propounds views nothing short of apostate which many would hold to be of demonic inspiration. Our own fear of course is that such an event featuring Mr. Sweet would have damaged the reputation of Calvary Chapel.
In light of these events we have removed our own report and we urge the various other ministries and websites to remove their own as well. None of us are immune from mistakes and in today’s world they can be very easy to make. We applaud Skip Heitzig’s actions and salute the godly integrity of his decision to cancel the event. We trust other websites and electronic newsletters will drop the matter quickly and consider it a closed affair.
Jacob Prasch
Moriel Ministries

May 24, 2010

To the Reader from SRN (from Chris Lawson)

This letter is not meant to be one of caustic harshness, but rather, one that is rooted in Christ's love, in obedience to Christ's commands, written from a pastoral perspective, and one that seeks to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

Although it pains me to post this information here, I have chosen to do so because many Christians, including many sincere believers that attend Calvary Chapel fellowships, have been confused as to what is going on regarding events (and possible speaking venues) that have included Rick Warren and possibly Leonard Sweet (and others) as guest speakers.  

As an ordained Calvary Chapel pastor and missionary, my heart breaks for many believers in Christ who have experienced confusion and heartache over what they are seeing regarding this issue. I am speaking primarily of pastors (of any movement or denomination) who have shared (or are possibly scheduled to share) speaking platforms/venues with preachers/teachers who have been known to teach and publish aberrant and/or false doctrine.  In light of the fact that Calvary Chapel has an international reputation as a solid bible teaching movement, confusion has arisen because of certain affiliations with those in the Emerging Church movement.

To note, we are not speaking on behalf of Calvary Chapel, nor are we trying to create unnecessary confusion or controversy within the Body of Christ. We cannot speak for Calvary Chapel and we are by no means attempting to speak evil of anyone. Scripture clearly warns against speaking evil of people. Scripture is very clear about exposing evil and separating from heresy and those who teach error. To warn Christians about problematic teachings that run contrary to Christ's teachings is not unloving. In fact, it is the duty of every faithful pastor to feed God's flock and also to warn God's flock.

We are simply concerned that too much freedom has been given to preachers/teachers who ought to be rebuked for their unsound teachings, like Rick Warren and Leonard Sweet, rather than hosting them at conferences. Rick Warren's appearance at Greg Laurie's Harvest Crusade surprised many Calvary Chapel attendees to no end. 

So too, Leonard Sweet being scheduled to speak at the 2010 National Worship Leaders Conference is doing just the same. This is confusing many Christians even outside of the Calvary movement. Dr. Leonard Sweet is no longer speaking at the Southwest Conference, which is being held at Calvary of Albuquerque.  However, Dr. Sweet is still scheduled to speak at the NWLC East Regional Conference, October 5-7, 2010, Lancaster, PA.  (This Eastern conference IS NOT at all a Calvary Chapel affiliated event.)

Rather than joining with Dr. Leonard Sweet and Rick Warren at events for the Body of Christ, these men ought to be formally called to account and biblically disciplined for their false teachings. They ought to remove their false teachings from bookstores and churches and issue public apologies for their erroneous doctrines. They should not be put into pulpits and given the opportunity to spread false teachings and further confuse the Church.   

Rick Warren and Leonard Sweet have both had ample time over the years to repent from their false teachings, yet neither one of them has! This ought to be extremely alarming to any pastor and church leader and to anyone who desires to remain faithful to Jesus Christ and His Word.

Many people have contacted SRN [and other ministries] directly about this confusion as have a number of fellow Calvary Chapel leaders.   It is our prayer and desire that Calvary Chapel leadership as a whole would make a Scriptural, balanced, and solid stand against sharing speaking platforms with anyone who has taught things contrary to sound doctrine.  This would help clarify where Calvary Chapel stands as a movement and of course where the individual Calvary Chapel pastor can stand as being a part of the movement. 

The article links below have been posted on this SRN website in order to help people, including those attending Calvary Chapel fellowships, filter through the frustration of seeing some of these compromises in the church.

Lastly, we have waited several years in hopes that Calvary Chapel as a movement would make a bolder stand regarding these types of situations.  We commend Calvary Chapel for making a firm stand regarding a number of issues in the past, and we support all pastors, including our fellow Calvary Chapel pastors, who will continue to make a stand for God's truth without compromise.

May we as men and as pastors emulate the words of Paul the Apostle as he shared his loving concern for fellow Christians in the first century:
Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple. For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf: but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil. (Romans 16:17-19)
May God in His abundant grace give wisdom and strength to those who are at the helm of the Calvary Chapel movement. May they stand firm on Christ's truth and communicate effectively in order to help others avoid the treachery of seen and unseen false teachers. May all Calvary Chapel leaders do their part in order to help people avoid shipwreck and may they do their best to clean up unnecessary confusion within the Body of Christ.  

On behalf of the SRN ministry and its Board of Directors,

- Chris Lawson

For thorough documentation on Dr. Leonard Sweet's problematic teachings, please see Ray Yungen's insightful book A Time of Departing, Warren Smith's book A “Wonderful” Deception, and Sandy Simpson’s extensive expose' entitled Leonard Sweet Quotes.

Dr. Leonard Sweet quotes:

Mysticism, once cast to the sidelines of the Christian tradition, is now situated in postmodernist culture near the center.… In the words of one of the greatest theologians of the twentieth century, Jesuit philosopher of religion/dogmatist Karl Rahner, “The Christian of tomorrow will be a mystic, one who has experienced something, or he will be nothing.” [Mysticism] is metaphysics arrived at through mindbody experiences. Mysticism begins in experience; it ends in theology.

(From p. 160, A Time of Departing, quoting Sweet from Quantum Spirituality, p. 76)

See also:  Leonard Sweet Quotes ; New Light Leaders ; Leonard Sweet:  Futurist, Author, Emerging Church leader & Saddleback Church speaker

Leonard Sweet: Quantum Spirituality and a Christ Consciousness! ; Small Groups and the Dialectic Process ; Biblical vs. Post-Modern Thinking

May 18, 2010
From Lighthouse Trails Research Project Online Newsletter
On March 26, 2010, Lighthouse Trails posted the article, "New Age Sympathizer Leonard Sweet To Speak at Pastor Skip Heitzig’s Calvary Chapel Church" on our website. As of May 13th, Leonard Sweet’s name has been removed from the speaker list on Calvary Chapel Albuquerque's website as well as the National Worship Leader Conference's website speaker list for the Albuquerque conference.  [Emphasis SRN's] 
May 7, 2010
May 1, 2010
Questions Arise: Is New Age Sympathizer Leonard Sweet Speaking at Calvary Chapel Albuquerque or Not?
  • Link no longer active:
April 26, 2010
April  25, 2010
A Leading New Age and Emergent Church Leader is to be Featured at a Calvary Chapel, Albuquerque Event - By Jacob Prasch, Moriel Ministries
The original link of this article is from a Moriel Ministires "Calvary Chapel Alert" announcement:
The original link now redirects to this link, but it will not work:
Yet again, the Moriel link has been changed on the Moriel website. The "calvary-chapel-alert" in the URL has been removed and the title of the article was modified
Here now (as of 8/31/2015) is the Constant Contact Moriel Archive link, because the rest of them have been either removed, or cannot be found: 
The quote below is from ORIGINAL "Calvary Chapel Alert" post from Moriel:
Calvary Chapel Alert

A Leading New Age and Emergent Church Leader is to be Featured at a Calvary Chapel, Albuquerque Event

Moriel has received a number of inquiries and comments regarding the invitation by Skip Heitzig extended to Leonard Sweet, the New Age Christian mystic usually identified with the “Emergent Church”, a movement against which senior Calvary pastor and founder Pastor Chuck Smith publicly opposed.

The event s to be held at Calvary Chapel, Albuquerque along with the so-called music ministry of a Roman Catholic worship leader in what has been described as the first official New Age/Ecumenical event to take place at a Calvary Chapel. This despite the majority of Calvary Chapel pastors not subscribing to the event’s Ecumenical agenda who support the expressed position of Pastor Chuck Smith opposing tenets and practices of the Post-Modern mysticism defining the Emergent Church, seeking to prevent it from entering into Calvary Chapels. The announcement follows a public financial scandal reaching the secular press at the same church in 2008.

Moriel cannot speak for Skip Heitzig and we urge those contacting us to rather direct their comments and questions to him. Moriel and Jacob Prasch do dismiss Leonard Sweet as a dangerous deceiver, and although not opposed to Catholic people we reject Ecumenical union of any kind with Roman Catholicism. We also firmly endorse the position expressed by Pastor Chuck Smith in opposition to this “emergence” which was undertaken by him in a personally painful yet noble and necessary reaction to its attempted influx into a Calvary Chapel in California. Moriel and Jacob Prasch also sanction the caveats issued to Calvary Chapel pastors by former New Ager Warren Smith who was invited by Chuck Smith to address a major Calvary Chapel pastors conference regarding these faulty trends.

Moriel additionally views this episode as but another symptom of a much larger still brewing problem plaguing many mega-churches and threatening scriptural orthodoxy in the Body of Christ at large and its future. These concerns are addressed in our much more detailed article “Who Wants To Be Next?”

Below is one of the articles we have been forwarded concerning scheduled events in Albuquerque.

Jacob Prasch
Moriel Ministries

National Worship Leader Conference & Calvary Chapel Host New Age-Emergent Mystic
By Way of Life – Posted on 03 April 2010

The upcoming National Worship Leader Conference at Calvary Chapel in Albuquerque will feature “New Age sympathizer and emerging church leader” Leonard Sweet (Lighthouse Trails, March 26, 2010). The conference is sponsored by Worship Leader magazine, the chief editor for which is Chuck Fromm, Calvary Chapel founder Chuck Smith, Sr.’s nephew. Leonard Sweet is a United Methodist clergyman, E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism at Drew University, and founder and president of Spirit Venture Ministries. He promotes a New Age universalist spirituality that he calls New Light and “the Christ consciousness.” He describes it in terms of “the union of the human with the divine” which is the “center feature of all the world’s religions” (Quantum Spirituality, p. 235). He says it was experienced by Mohammed, Moses, and Krishna. Some of the “New Light leaders” that have led him into this new thinking are Matthew Fox, M. Scott Peck, Willis Harman, and Ken Wilber, all of whom believe in the divinity of man, plus the Catholic-Buddhist monk Thomas Merton. Sweet says humanity needs to learn the truth of Merton’s words, “We are already one” (Quantum Spirituality, p. 13). Sweet defines the New Light as “a structure of human becoming, a channeling of Christ energies through mind body experience” (p. 70). Contemplative mysticism has been permeating evangelicalism for decades and it is one of the foundational elements of the emerging church (See the titles “The Emerging Church” and “Contemplative Mysticism,” which are available from Way of Life Literature in print and e-book editions.) Contemporary Worship Music (CWM) is mystical in itself. It focuses on an emotional experience, which is why rock & roll is the preferred form of music. CWM’s leaders and participants are “hooked on a feeling.” They are intoxicated with pop music and are led more by their emotions than by God’s holy Word. (Southern Baptist pastor Rick Warren has also promoted Leonard Sweet.)

(Friday Church News Notes, April 2, 2010, (, 866-295-4143) Way of Life’s blog 

April 4, 2010
April 4, 2010
April 2, 2010



(Friday Church News Notes, April 2, 2010,, 866-295-4143) -

The upcoming National Worship Leader Conference at Calvary Chapel in Albuquerque will feature “New Age sympathizer and emerging church leader” Leonard Sweet (Lighthouse Trails, March 26, 2010). The conference is sponsored by Worship Leader magazine, the chief editor for which is Chuck Fromm, Calvary Chapel founder Chuck Smith, Sr.’s nephew. Leonard Sweet is a United Methodist clergyman, E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism at Drew University, and founder and president of SpiritVenture Ministries. He promotes a New Age universalist spirituality that he calls New Light and “the Christ consciousness.” He describes it in terms of “the union of the human with the divine” which is the “center feature of all the world’s religions” (Quantum Spirituality, p. 235). He says it was experienced by Mohammed, Moses, and Krishna. Some of the “New Light leaders” that have led him into this new thinking are Matthew Fox, M. Scott Peck, Willis Harman, and Ken Wilber, all of whom believe in the divinity of man, plus the Catholic-Buddhist monk Thomas Merton. Sweet says humanity needs to learn the truth of Merton’s words, “We are already one” (Quantum Spirituality, p. 13). Sweet defines the New Light as “a structure of human becoming, a channeling of Christ energies through mindbody experience” (p. 70). Contemplative mysticism has been permeating evangelicalism for decades and it is one of the foundational elements of the emerging church (See the titles “The Emerging Church” and “Contemplative Mysticism,” which are available from Way of Life Literature in print and e-book editions.) Contemporary Worship Music (CWM) is mystical in itself. It focuses on an emotional experience, which is why rock & roll is the preferred form of music. CWM’s leaders and participants are “hooked on a feeling.” They are intoxicated with pop music and are led more by their emotions than by God’s holy Word. (Southern Baptist pastor Rick Warren has also promoted Leonard Sweet.)
March 30, 2010
March 26, 2010
March 7, 2010
Attempt to Discredit Contenders of the Faith by Lighthouse Trails Research
LTRP Note: As the organized Christian church and church leaders continue in their plunge toward apostasy, turning their heads and ignoring the truth, all the while attempting to discredit those who are trying to warn, more and more people are being pulled into this tidal wave of deception. When Lighthouse Trails wrote a press release in 2005 showing that Rick Warren was planning on using New Age sympathizer Ken Blanchard to help implement his Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan and train leaders, attempts were made to discredit Lighthouse Trails. 


August 18, 2009
August 17, 2009
  • Rick Warren's prayer on Sunday, August 17, the final night of the Harvest Crusade 2009:

"Father, I want to thank You that every person here tonight is here because You wanted them to be here, because You never made a person You didn’t love, You never made a person You didn’t have a purpose for, You never made a person that Jesus didn’t die for. And I ask You tonight every person here will see a clear picture of Jesus, what He can do in their lives. Father, there are people here tonight who are confused. Would You help them realize that Jesus is the Truth. And I’m sure there are many people here tonight that feel guilty and ashamed, maybe about their past. Help them to experience the freedom of forgiveness so they can start over with You, a new life.


Lord, we know that there are probably some people who have a tough week, or a tough month, or a tough life, or maybe they’ve been out of work for six months and they’re feeling discouraged and depressed. I ask You to help them to experience the joy of salvation. Lord, there are other people here who are worried and are anxious and are stressed out about the future and about their job. Help them to discover the peace that passes all understanding.

And Father, tonight all of us who know you and are Your children we pray that there will not be a single person exiting this stadium tonight that doesn’t know You. Thank You that You know everything about us and You still love us. And our prayer is that every one of them here tonight who don’t know You will accept You into their heart. Jesus, only You can make the changes that we want to see in our lives. Only You can restore our loneliness and relieve it and heal our past. Only You can give meaning and purpose and only You can give us a home in heaven.

So Father, I ask that You speak through Greg again tonight as You have every night for 20 years. Speak through him with clarity, with simplicity and with power. Anoint his words so that they’re like arrows piercing our hearts all the way into the furthest seats. We thank You in advance what You’re going to do in lives tonight. In Jesus’ Name, amen."

August 9, 2009
June 1, 2009
A Letter from Ray Yungen: Is Lighthouse Trails “Haters?”
by Ray Yungen [Lighthouse Trails author]
May 19, 2009
Paul Smith fired from his position in the Calvary Chapel (CCOF) organization
Lighthouse Trails regrets to report that on May 5th, Paul Smith, brother of Chuck Smith (the founder of the Calvary Chapel movement), was fired from his position in the Calvary Chapel (CCOF) organization during an unscheduled meeting that day. The motion to fire Paul Smith was made by board member Roger Wing and seconded by Chuck Smith’s son-in-law, Brian Broderson. Other board members affirmed the motion, and Paul Smith was dismissed.
April 2009


September 5, 2008

New Age Similarities, Popularity Continues, and Calvary Chapel Gives Official Statement (On Calvary Chapel’s Rejection of The Shack)




December 6, 2007
October 13, 2007
October 5, 2006

September 27, 2006

Liz Babbs – Teaches Meditation/Her Books Promoted and Sold by Christian Bookstores and Ministries

By Lighthouse Trails Editors

[Book sold at Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale, etc.]


June 16, 2006

Calvary Chapel Rejects Purpose Driven and Emerging Spirituality


  • "The following news alert is a follow-up to our recent Special Report on Calvary Chapel."
June 16, 2006 (week of)
Broken links for book recall, for When Storms Come, from Calvary Chapel Distribution:

June 3, 2006

Calvary Chapel May Set Precedent at This Week’s Pastors Conference


July 2006 

Calvary Chapel and Purpose Driven by Roger Oakland


June 2006

Calvary Chapel Issues Notice to pull all Purpose Driven materials from their Calvary Chapel Distribution. At the same time, a statement is made stating that Chuck Smith’s book, When Storms Come, has been recalled because of an editor of the book adding in emerging/contemplative statements.


May 25, 2006
May 20, 2006 (12:11:35PM)
Calvary Chapel 'Parson to Parson' Position Paper [Formally Rejecting the Emerging Church and Contemplative Mysticism] - by Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowships, Inc. (CCOF Ministry), May 2006

This important document was eventually removed by Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowships, Inc.
Because the article disappeared, is has been catalogued online at these links:
May 2, 2006


June 12, 2005

Letter written by Roger Oakland to Chuck Smith



Dave Hunt warned Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, repeatedly, about apostasy within the Church, as did Pastor Chuck Smith! Nowadays, few remember such things.
  • AUDIO - A Third Millennium of Christianity? - By Dave Hunt
  •  (CD072 Compact Disc, The Berean Call (69:55 Minutes).   "Dave addresses this somewhat rhetorical question in an impassioned yet occasionally humorous session recorded live at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa.." (TBC)
  • Speaking from the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa pulpit, Dave warned about the great apostasy, Roman Catholicism, Word Faith heresies, false prophecies, deception in the church, and more. Ironically, Brian Broderson introduced Dave Hunt and said he had read at least half of Dave Hunt's books. (2000 audio CD).
  • VIDEO - Watch Paul Smith's October 13, 2014 video, "My brother's succession plan for Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa", where he explains Chuck Smith's final requests, regarding Brian Broderson and the leadership of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.
  • (UPDATED) Children reportedly divided on allegations over who should control megachurch pastor's sermons.  Morgan Lee and Timothy C. Morgan [ posted 9/29/2014 12:22PM ]



Spiritual Warfare by Brian Broderson (General Editor, Chuck Smith)




Calvary Basics Series - Spiritual Warfare

Chapter II - The God of This Age

Section four - False Religion 


“Another manifestation of the devil’s activity is False Religion. This is Satan's masterpiece and perhaps his greatest means of influence. It is also his most deadly weapon because it is aimed directly at men's souls. The ultimate goal of the devil is to keep the human soul from the salvation that is in Christ, and he will do anything in his power, even encourage religious devotion, to obtain the desired results. What do I mean by “False Religion”?  Everything from Hinduism, with its myriad of gods, to Islam, and it's one unknowable God, Allah. Also included would be the pseudo-Christian cults (i.e., Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Christian Science, etc.). These are all part of the devil’s activity in the world. The apostle Paul said: “For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light” 2 Corinthians 11:14). Through these false religious systems Satan has kept multitudes of people blinded to the truth, as Paul also said:. “If our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them” (Second Corinthians 4:4).


As we come to a greater awareness of Satan's activity in the world, may it lead us to greater use of the mighty weapons of prayer and proclamation of the gospel. It's through prayer the catastrophe can be turned into an opportunity for God to work. It's through prayer and proclamation of the gospel that God intervenes in the affairs of men by pouring out His Spirit and bringing about radical change. The Reformation and the great awakening's are good examples of God using adverse conditions to bring about his work. It's through the proclamation of the gospel that men are freed from the blinding effects of false religion and brought to a saving knowledge of Christ. 


Any good military strategist makes it a point to know the workings of his enemy, the more familiar we are with the devil’s activity, the more effective we will be in overcoming him and helping others to do so. We proceed now to still another aspect of the devils activity, “The wiles of the devil.”


Source: Spiritual Warfare by Brian Broderson (Chuck Smith, General Editor), Costa Mesa, CA: The Word For Today Publishers, 1995. p. 20-22.  ISBN 0-936728-54-4



What have Brian Broderson and Chuck Smith endorsed?

Click here to read article: Sammy Tanagho, Evangelism using the wrong god (By Sandy Simpson, 5/12/14)

  • See Glad News: God Loves You My Muslim Friend cover for Brian Broderson, Chuck Smith and Dr. Randy McWhoter's endorsements.
  • See signed letter by pastor Chuck (8/26/09)

See also, "To see what Samy is promoting you need to read the other articles in the WCGIP and YWAM sections of the ACT site.  Also get our book “Idolatry In Their Hearts” by Mike Oppenheimer & Sandy Simpson.  Samy has worked with YWAM, as has Daniel Kikawa so their ideologies are built on the false mythologies of Don Richardson.  Read a review of “Eternity In Their Hearts” starting here."



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