Chuck Smith and His Cousin - Mother Superior (Roman Catholic Nun) - The Same Lord and Same Faith
Pastors Perspective with Don Stewart (Chuck Smith and Mother Superior "the same Lord, and the same uh faith") - Nov 10, 2011
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smith-stewartChuck Smith Says He Has "The Same Lord and the Same Faith” as His Cousin, Who is a Mother Superior  (Nun) in the Roman Catholic Church


K-WAVE Pastor’s Perspective Radio Program Transcript - November 10, 2011


Begin at minute 48:10


Don Stewart: Alright back we go to the phones to Orange, California with Ben on the line. Ben welcome to Pastors Perspective, Hi!


Ben: Hi how are you?


Don Stewart: Fine thank you!


Ben: I uh, I am a loyal listener, I um love going to uh your men’s conferences [Don Stewart: Good!] and I fellowship with a bunch of people at Calvary Chapel’s, um I visit Greg Laurie’s Harvest, and I have a question because I sometimes I have a hard time understanding um how I um, communicate with people um of the Protestant faith because I am Catholic, and sometimes we um have communication issues and, they want to get into apologetics and um,  you know I love the worship and the fellowship with those - with the different people but um I’m going to hang onto my faith as well, and I am just curios what you think about it.


Don Stewart: OK, good question there Ben in fact were glad your going to these events we’re glad you listen to this program. OK Chuck what about that?


Chuck Smith: Ben I have a cousin who was a Mother Superior in the Catholic Church, and uh, she was just a wonderful Christian, loved her and we had great conversations together, and I didn’t try to convert her from Catholicism nor did she try to convert me uh into becoming a Catholic, its just we both recognize that uh you know we have, we had the same Lord, and the same uh faith ya know and so uh we just uh you know on those things we agreed upon we just agreed upon and we didn’t really bring up the things where there were disagreements.


Don Stewart [Minute 49:42]: Ya um again the question is Ben if you love the Lord Jesus, if you’re trusting Him and Him alone for your salvation that’s the key, what are you trusting in, what’s going to get you to heaven is it Jesus and something else or Jesus and Jesus alone and that’s the question that needs to be answered, and of course the Bible said its Jesus alone by grace through faith we’re saved, it’s not of ourselves, not of works lest anyone should boast, cause Chuck it wouldn’t be heaven would it if people were walking around bragging what they’ve done...and uh no peacocks strutin’ around, na na it’d be real miserable we’re not going to see that in heaven.  Alright let’s go now to Aurora, Colorado and talk to Jay on Pastors Perspective, Jay welcome to the program [Minute 50:20]...



Please see commentary note here at the bottom of this page, Pastors Perspective with Don Stewart (Chuck Smith "you know Catholics are basically Christians too") - Nov 23, 2011.



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