Calvary Chapel’s Chuck Smith Says Sharing Platform [with Rick Warren] "Would Be Divisive”
Pastors Perspective with Don Stewart (Chuck Smith "last night I, uh was on the would be divisive") - Aug 17, 2009

Calvary Chapel’s Chuck Smith Says Sharing Platform [with Rick Warren] "Would Be Divisive”

Pastors Perspective with Don Stewart (Chuck Smith "last night I, uh was on the would be divisive") - Aug 17, 2009

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Calvary Chapel’s Chuck Smith Says Sharing Platform [With Rick Warren] “Would Be Divisive” smith-stewart

K-WAVE Pastor’s Perspective Radio Program Transcript - August 18, 2009


Posted: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 12:00:00 -0700
Listen at 27:00 - 29:49 minute marks (Just before the exact center of player bar). [ORIGINAL AUDIO REMOVED FROM PASTORS PERSPECTIVE]



Don Stewart: Alright, let’s go now to Upland, California we have John on the line next.  John thanks for calling you’re on Pastor’s Perspective, Hi!

John: Hi Don I love both you guys, Chuck and uh Don.  [Don: Thank you!;  Chuck: Thank you!] ] I have a question, um, I’m a bit confused.  Should pastors share a platform, at an evangelical event, with someone who uh typifies the Emerging Church, a minister [implying Rick Warren] ?

Don Stewart:  OK. Chuck!

Chuck Smith: Ha, ha, ha, ha.  That, that, that’s difficult John uh, because um, ya know, um, you might say in a sense, that uh, last night I, uh was on the platform with a, uh, minister [with Rick Warren at Harvest Crusade Sunday, Aug 16, 2009 ] that uh, they say that he’s a part of the Emergent Church, uh, that he has, um, you know sort of a, uh different emphasis, uh in his ministry, uh more of a social emphasis on uh what the church should be doing socially for people, uh rather than uh the spiritual emphasis, uh uh and so I was on the platform with him, uh but uh you know I,  I think that it would be divisive, now the man I am convinced loves the Lord, uh has a large church, and is is you know feels that he is called of God, a to uh really uh, deal with the social problems of our world today.  Uh, now it could be that God is calling him to that but that isn’t what God has called me to do.  And so, uh but I still can look at him as a brother in Christ he believes that Jesus died for our sins and all he just has a a different uh emphasis as far as what he feels should be the priority of the Church today.  So um, I um, you know, uh, I uh I really didn’t share the platform so much because it wasn’t my platform, we were both invited uh to be there but uh, we were on, the you know the platform together sat next to each other, and um, and he is a brother in Christ, and and so, I  I  didn’t really have any real problem with uh you know sharing uh being on the same program together with him.

Don Stewart: Just tuned in this is Pastor’s Perspective the Monday edition Chuck Smith Don Stewart taking your calls 1-888-564-6173 is our toll free number and the music says yes indeed we are up to our break but as usual you’ll want to come back and listen to the questions after the break cause we've got some pretty profound ones so we’ll be back in a couple minutes stay with us.

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