A Course in Miracles and Oprah’s New Age Christ - Part 1
By Warren B. Smith


A Course in Miracles and Oprah’s New Age Christ - Part 1

By Warren B. Smith (8-15-11)

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Note:In the Fall of 2007, it was announced that Marianne Williamson would teach the New Age Course in Miracles on "Oprah & Friends" radio daily starting January 1, 2008 and continuing throughout the year. This in fact happened. Because A Course in Miracles is really a New Age bible, the following two articles are posted to help people understand how the false Christ of the New Age is invading the world and the Church.


And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. – Matthew 24:4-5

In 1965, Columbia University Professor of Medical Psychology, Helen Schucman, heard an “inner voice” saying, “This is a course in miracles. Please take notes.” 1 Schucman’s initial resistance was overcome when the “inner voice,” identifying itself as “Jesus,” told her the purpose of the course:

The world situation is worsening to an alarming degree. People all over the world are being called on to help, and are making their individual contributions as part of an overall prearranged plan. Part of the plan is taking downA Course in Miracles, and I am fulfilling my part in the agreement, as you will fulfill yours. You will be using abilities you developed long ago, and which you are not really ready to use again. Because of the acute emergency, however, the usual slow, evolutionary process is being by-passed in what might best be described as a “celestial speed-up.”2

Baffled by her assignment, but nevertheless obliging, the skeptical Schucman diligently took dictation from this “inner voice.”  In the seven and a half years of cumulative dictation that became A Course in Miracles, Schucman’s “Jesus” present a whole new way of looking at the world. Using Christian terminology, sophisticated psychology, and convincing authority, Schucman’s “Jesus” teaches a completely different gospel than the one found in the Bible. His New Age/New Gospel wholly contradicts the Bible’s Gospel of Jesus Christ. Schucman’s “inner voice,” while claiming to be Jesus, actually opposes everything for which the Bible’s Jesus stands.

Course Teachings

In brief, A Course in Miracles teaches that all is love. And while the Course teaches that the opposite of love is fear, it explains that fear is just an illusion based on wrong thinking. It states that the world we see is merely the projected manifestation of our own illusive, fearful thoughts. As each one of us learns to correct our fearful, wrong thinking, it will change not only how we see the world, but also change the world we see. The purpose of the Course is to facilitate this change in perception.

According to theCourse, love is all there is. And because God is love, God is therefore in everyone and everything. It states God is sinless, perfect, and “at one” with all creation and that we, as a part of God, are also sinless and perfect in our “oneness” with Him. It teaches that man’s only “sin” is in not remembering his own perfect, sinless, divine nature. The only “devil” is our illusion that we are separate from, and not a part of, God. The Course tells its readers that a “sense of separation from God is the only lack you really need correct.”3

The Course also teaches that while “Christ” is in Jesus, so “Christ” is in everyone---and that the “Christ” in everyone is their divine connection with God and with each other. The Course further teaches that a “slain Christ has no meaning.”4 It states that wrong thinking has produced the misperception that man is a “sinner” and that he needs an external Christ to save him from his “sins.” The Course teaches that salvation has nothing to do with Jesus’ death on the cross. Salvation comes from what the Course calls the “Atonement” (“at-one-ment”) process.

This “Atonement,” or “atoning,” is when each person remembers and affirms and experiences their “oneness” (at-one-ment) with God and creation. The “Atonement” is the Course’s key to undoing “fear” and dispelling the illusion that man is “separate” from God. The Course stresses that the healing of the world is dependent upon each person’s fulfilling their Atonement “function” to teach this “oneness” to the world. When everyone comes to understand that “all is love and all is God,” then “inner peace” and “world peace” will finally happen. Only “fear” and the illusion of “separation” stand in the way of man’s attaining this peace for himself and his world.

Popularizing the Course

A Course in Miracleswas published in 1975. In 1979, psychiatrist Gerald Jampolsky’s book, Love Is Letting Go of Fear, became a powerful testimonial and catalyst for Course sales as it helped introduce Course principles to the popular self-help market. During the 1980’s, the Course gained a grassroots following of dedicated believers who were often mysteriously led to the Course through unusual, seemingly “meant to be” coincidences and circumstances. It was always assumed that these “meant to be” experiences were divinely inspired. Over time, curiosity and interest in the Course grew and it became a cult classic for those in the spiritual “know.” Believed to be modern day revelation from the real Jesus, this apparent “gift from God” presented new and seemingly plausible reinterpretations to the teachings of the Bible. Because of the Course, spirituality suddenly appeared to make much more sense to many people. Yet, even as word spread, the Course still remained relatively unknown to the general public.

Mainstreaming “Christ”

That all changed in 1992 when a little known author named Marianne Williamson and her new book, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles, were featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. In praising Williamson’s book about the Course, Oprah told her viewer that she had already purchased a thousand copies of Williamson’s book. 5

After Oprah’s enthusiastic endorsement, A Return to Love shot to the top of The New York Times best-seller list and stayed there for months. The false “Christ” of A Course in Miracles was suddenly out of the closet. He and his New Age/New Gospel teachings had just been mainstreamed into millions of American homes. Thanks to Oprah, the false “Christ” of A Course in Miracles now had celebrity status. But during the interview that day, Williamson and Oprah failed to mention that the “Jesus” of the Course is not the same Jesus Christ described in the Bible—and that the teachings of A Course in Miracles actually contradict and oppose the teachings of the Bible.

Over the years, Williamson has continued to champion A Course in Miracles in the media, through her books, and in her public appearances around the country.


Direct Quotes from the False "Jesus" ofA Course in Miracles

There is no separation of God and His creation. (Text, p. 147)

 God is All in all in a very literal sense. All being is in Him Who is all Being. You are therefore in Him since your being is His. (Text, p. 119)

The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself. (Text, p. 147)

When God created you He made you part of Him. (Text, p. 100)

Is he [Jesus] the Christ? O yes, along with you. (Manual, p. 87)

Name of Jesus
The Name of Jesus Christ as such is but a symbol. . . . It is a symbol that is safely used as a replacement for the many names of all the gods to which you pray. (Manual, p. 58)

For Christ takes many forms with different names until their oneness can be recognized. (Manual, p. 88)

A slain Christ has no meaning.
(Text, p. 425)

Do not make the pathetic error of “clinging to the old rugged cross.” (Text, p. 52)

The journey to the cross should be the last “useless journey.”
(Text, p. 52)

The oneness of the Creator and the creation is your wholeness, your sanity and your limitless power. (Text, p. 125)

The mind can make the belief in separation very real and very fearful, and this belief is the "devil."
(Text, p. 50)

Atonement (At-one-ment)
This is not a course in philosophical speculation, nor is it concerned with precise terminology. It is concerned only with Atonement, or the correction of perception. (Manual, p. 77)

By accepting the Atonement of yourself, you are deciding against the belief that you can be alone, thus dispelling the idea of separations and affirming your true identification with the whole Kingdom as literally part of you. (Text, p. 131)

The full awareness of the Atonement, then, is the recognition that the separation never occurred. (Text, p. 98)

The Atonement is the final lesson he [man] need learn, for it teaches him that, never having sinned, he has no need of salvation. (Text, p. 237)

When revelation of your oneness comes, it will be known and fully understood. (Workbook, p. 324)

You are not persecuted, nor was I. (Text, p. 94)

There is no sin; it has no consequence. (Workbook, p. 183)

Innocence is wisdom because it is unaware of evil, and evil does not exist. (Text, p. 38)

All forms of anti-Christ oppose the Christ. (Text, p. 620)

The “devil” is a frightening concept because he seems to be extremely powerful and extremely active. He is perceived as a force in combat with God, battling Him for possession of His creations. The devil deceives by lies, and builds kingdoms in which everything is in direct opposition to God. Yet he attracts men rather than repels them, and they are willing to “well” him their souls in return for gifts of no real worth. This makes absolutely no sense. (Text, pp. 49-50)

Excerpted from False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care?,  Warren B. Smith, pp. 17-22, pp. 141-142

Continued in A Course in Miracles and Oprah's New Age Christ - Part 2

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