Exposing Cults and Cultic Influences: A Brief Statement
By Chris Lawson (May 15, 2008)


Exposing Cults and Cultic Influences:

A Brief Statement

By Chris Lawson (May 15, 2008)


The Cults (non-Christian) of Christianity, also known as the pseudo-Christian Cults, claim to be Christian - yet at one point or another, they deny at least one or more of the fundamental beliefs of the historic Christian faith.  

The well known preacher J.C. Ryle (1816-1900) wrote in his famous booklet Thoughts For Young Men:


"By the shoot that springs up we can judge the type of tree that is growing, by the blossoms we judge the kind of fruit, by the spring we judge the type of harvest coming, by the morning we judge the coming day, and by the character of the young man, we may generally judge what he will be when he grows up." 

So too, by the doctrine of a cult we will know what kind of fruit it will bring forth.

For a group to claim to be Christian, and yet be something totally not Christian is downright wrong.  [Click here or on photo to read quotes from people claiming to be God, divine, etc.]

Every cult will at some point reject (in varying degrees) the historic Biblical position on who Jesus Christ really is, what He has really accomplished on the cross, and the validity of His bodily resurrection.

View a sampling at these links: How Cults Deceive, Pseudo-Christian Cults, Cultic and Occult Groups.

The actual historic position is that Jesus Christ is the Eternal Son of God who was incarnated as a human being. He was, is and always has been the Second Person of the Triune Godhead. He is 100% fully God and He was and is 100% fully man. Jesus never sinned, yet He suffered for sin in our place - He was the sinless Substitute for mankind. Biblical salvation is and can only be by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ (God) alone. Anything less than this, is a cultic perversion.

Because cults and cultic groups distort and twist Biblical terminology, they inevitably end up perverting or attacking the Person of Jesus Christ and atoning work. Hence, they end up with another Jesus, another spirit, and another Gospel (2 Corinthians 11:4). Sadly, this always leads to a works based, human effort oriented salvation - which is not salvation at all but a counterfeit that cannot save from sin and its consequences.

This means that an individual's salvation (being saved from sin and its consequences) is dependent in varying degrees upon the adherent, and not 100% dependent on the Living God. It is God alone who is able to save, not man plus God. All pseudo-Christian cults are based upon unbiblical teachings that have been distorted and ripped out of context.  

Pseudo-Christian cults are not Christian by any stretch of the imagination - they are non-Christian cults.

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