Deception Prevention and Intervention: How to Avoid Deception
By Chris Lawson (February 16, 2012)


Deception Prevention and Intervention

How to Avoid Deception: 

Suggestions to help you think clearly, carefully, and biblically

By Chris Lawson (February 16, 2012)


Prayerfully submit yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ

Repent from any known sin and ask the God of truth to reveal His truth to you.

Read the Bible regularly for your own personal edification.

Seek out and attend a balanced Bible teaching church that honors God's Word, teaches through the Scriptures on a regular basis, and avoids excesses and extremes. If you cannot find one, do your best to fellowship with other believers and encourage one another in the Lord and with God's Word.

Define words, always, by definition and in context.

Use a well recognized International Standard Bible Dictionary when defining Biblical terminolgy.

Use a basic standard dictionary regularly in order to define words, terms and phrases properly.  (A full sized unabridged dictionary is preferrable in order to get a complete overview of all recognized definitions.)

Know personally The Five Basic Doctrines of the historic Christian faith.

Know the Basics of Bible Discernment and stand firm in your faith.

Understand clearly Who and What Jesus Christ  claimed to be and really is.

Understand Eight Basic Rules of Interpretation (used for 2500 years).

Understand the definition of words such as "Religion", "Cult", "Aberrant", "Heresy", etc.

Understand what a "counterfeit" is:

Educate yourself about the fact that false teachers and cults are real and dangerous.

Familiarize yourself with A Directory of Authors (Three NOT Recommended Lists).

Personally educate your spouse, fiance', children, etc. about these things.

Learn what Biblical Hermeneutics is and how to properly interpret the Bible.

Examine closely what is being said to you when people approach you and want to discuss with you their brand of religion, miracles, experiences, revelations, etc.

Test all things by the Word of God (1 Thessalonians 5:21-22).

Read the Bible regularly, slowly, and carefully.

Read some balanced discernment articles.

Powersearch the internet with a reliable Discernment Powersearch Engine.

Read the 20 Scripture Twisting Methods of Cults.

Read the SRN Harmful and Dangerous Spiritual Practices list.

Be careful not to buy unbiblical and heretical literature found in compromised Christian bookstores.

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