A Closer Look at Have Heart - bridging the gulf between heaven and earth (Steve and Sarah Berger, 2010)
By Chris Lawson (Updated April 22, 2016)


A Closer Look at Have Heart - bridging the gulf between heaven and earth

Exposing The Deception of 'Christian' Clairaudience and Clairsentience

By Chris Lawson

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Along with my brief article immediately below, this page includes a listing of related materials and commentary from several other researchers and authors. Like our SRN The Shack - Exposing New Age Pagan Teachings in THE SHACK archive page, and our SRN Todd Bentley Heresies and Violent Spirituality page, this page will also be updated and expanded as time permits. We recommend linking to this page, instead of cutting and pasting it - as it will grow in the future. Links on this page were updated by SRN on 4-22-2016 as Steve Berger's Have Heart website was revamped, thereby breaking the links that SRN had previously linked to.


Calvary Chapel Pastor's Perspective
Refutes Praying to the Dead...
Yet Calvary Chapel Affiliate Pastor Steve Berger
Encourages Praying (talking) to the Dead
(Have Heart book and website FAQ page)
Brian Broderson, Don Stewart and Josh Turansky rightly agree here on Pastor's Perspective that communicating with the dead and speaking to deceased loves ones is dangerous, yet their fellow Calvary Chapel affiliate pastor Steve Berger (Grace Chapel Leipers Fork, TN) - says that Christians can pray to their deceased loved ones. See the comments below in highlighted text from Steve Berger's Have Heart website FAQ page (Question and Answers). 
One wonders why Brian Broderson, Don Stewart, Josh Turansky and the Calvary Chapel Association Leadership Council allow Steve Berger (Calvary Chapel affiliate pastor and church leader) to continue selling his books in a Calvary Chapel context - as a Calvary Chapel affiliate church. This is very confusing...is it not?
"Grace Chapel Leipers Fork" is listed here as a Calvayr Chapel affiliate church - https://calvarychapel.com/church-locator/. Search for "Grace Chapel", "Steve Berger" or "Leipers Fork."
Also of note is the fact that the Calvary Chapel Associaion claims, "The men on the leadership council represent over 700 years of pastoring churches." (http://calvarychapelassociation.com/helps/) Well, how does this glowing statement match up with the allowance of a Calvary Chapel affiliate pastor (Steve Berger and all the pastors at Grace Chapel Leipers Fork) selling and promoting a book that encourages praying/talking to the dead?
One more thing, Greg Laurie endorsed this book by Steve and Sarah Berger. Steve and Sarah Berger's original book endorsement link is now inactive as of 4-22-2016. See, http://www.haveheart.net/media-kit/pdf/endorsements.pdf .
However, that same exact document can be viewed at the following link that goes to the online Internet archive - The Way Back Machine - Endorsements for Have Heart: Bridging the Gulf between heaven and Earth bt Steve and Sarah Berger.
Here is the September 29, 2015 Pastor's Perspective radio program with Brian Broderson, Don Stewart and Josh Turansky. If this radio program gets stripped form the Internet, the TRANSCRIPT TEXT will appear here.
Pastors Perspective 9/29/2015

Ann Marie is the caller, and the audio/video for this section begins at approximately minute 23:50. Don Stewart comes in at minute 25:35. This Have Heart section (question about Necromancy) is over at about minute 29:02, when they say goodbye to Ann Marie. 

Streamed live on Sep 29, 2015
Today Josh Turansky is joined by Don Stewart and Brian Brodersen. 

  Pastors Perspective - Have Heart - Broders, Stewart, Turansky  
Calvary Chapel Association Leadership Council
As for the Calvary Chapel Association Leadership Council, they should revoke Steve Berger and Greg Laurie's affiliation and publicly warn the Body fo Christ about them, and the other men that endorsed this book.
The following Calvary Chapel Associaion Leadership Council names will remain here as long as Steve Berger is getting away with promoting a book that encourages talking to the dead. The following red text is from the Calvary Chapel Association Leadership Council webpage:
For almost forty years Chuck Smith served the Lord and served the Body of Christ around the world. Chuck has passed on the leadership of the Calvary Chapel ministries over to a team of men that had been working with him for many years.

We covet your prayers that the Lord’s hand will truly be upon us and that we too will serve the Lord and the Body of Christ. This is a process that Chuck and these men believe to be of the Lord. We are dearly seeking the Lord for His love, wisdom, grace and blessing as we seek to follow Him.

Here are the men on the council:
  • Pastor Skip Heitzig - Calvary Chapel Albuquerque
  • Pastor Rick Ryan - Kumulani Chapel
  • Pastor Raul Ries - Calvary Chapel Golden Springs
  • Pastor Mike Macintosh - Horizon Christian Fellowship
  • Pastor Don McClure - Calvary Way
  • Pastor Joe Focht - Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia
  • Pastor Sandy Adams - Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain
  • Pastor Bob Caldwell - Calvary Chapel Boise
  • Pastor Jack Hibbs - Calvary Chapel Chino Hills
  • Pastor Brian Brodersen - Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa
  • Pastor David Rosales - Calvary Chapel Chino Valley
  • Pastor Malcolm Wild - Calvary Chapel Merritt Island
  • Pastor Jeff Johnson - Calvary Chapel Downey
  • Pastor Bill Stonebraker - Calvary Chapel Honolulu
  • Pastor Wayne Taylor - Calvary Fellowship
  • Pastor Tom Stipe - Crossroads Church of Denver
  • Pastor David Guzik - Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara
  • Pastor Ray Bentley - Maranatha Chapel
  • Pastor Llyod Pulley - Calvary Chapel Old Bridge

Source: http://calvarychapelassociation.com/leadership-council/



A Closer Look at
Have Heart - bridging the gulf between heaven and earth
Exposing The Deception of
'Christian' Clairaudience and Clairsentience 
(January 2012.  Updated August 26, 2013)

Can Christians, like those who are involved in occult practices, hear communications from, and sense the "presence" of deceased loved ones? Or are these communications and feelings of "presence" received through occult (hidden) practices such as clairaudience (hearing/listening) and clairsentience (feeling/touching)?

The material in this article seeks to address experiences (from any and all) and Christian nomenclature (words) that have been put forth in order to endorse the alleged initiating contact of the spirits of deceased loved ones with those who are living on our side of deaths door. Just who really is visiting Christians and what is the means by which these visitations are occurring?

Have Heart by Steve Berger

The following material is by no means meant to poke fun at or belittle the Steve Berger family and the loss of their dearly beloved son Josiah. SRN has posted this article out of our own concern about much of the material found in Have Heart: bridging the gulf between heaven and earth, material that upon in-depth study, very closely parallels the world of Spiritistic affluence and influence, primarily regarding clairaudience and clairsentience - hearing and sensing the presence of spirit beings and allegedly engaging in passive and active communication with them.

As a research ministry, SRN shares a mutual concern with other ministries that also have examined the unscriptural practices found in Have Heart. While it is obvious that the author (and endorsers) of the book do not openly advocate Spiritism, necromancy, etc., great confusion stems from the published double-talk one can find in Have Heart, hence our concern and that of numerous others.

It is to be noted that only once in all of Scripture is communication with the dead observed. This one time instance in Scripture is a clear condemnation from God's prophet Samuel (1 Samuel 28:7-20) against living human beings attempting to communicate with the dead. God condemns this practice outright! God brought judgment upon Saul and the witch (spirit medium, Spiritist) of Endor for attempting to traffic (communicate) with the deceased, with the dead. In this one instance God allowed the real Samuel to be "brought up" from the dead in order to condemn forever this evil practice of contacting and/ or dialoguing with the dead, discarnate (deceased) human beings
According to God's Word, attempting to contact the dead was banned in Israel (Deuteronomy 18:11). All who seek to communicate with the dead become spiritually defiled (Leviticus 19:31). This includes attempting to pray to or contact departed loved ones and trying to listen to, hear, sense, smell and touch them, even if something appears and claims the loved one's identity. Demons seek to impersonate the dead in order to deceive well meanin, and grieving humans. Even if spirit beings, ghosts, poltergeists, etc. seek to initiate communication with humans, all forms of this practice have been condemned in one fell swoop by God Himself!  It does not matter who these spirits claim to be, God says that humans are to have nothing to do with it!
"When you come into the land which the LORD your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. 12 For all who do these things are an abomination to the LORD, and because of these abominations the LORD your God drives them out from before you. You shall be blameless before the LORD your God. For these nations which you will dispossess listened to soothsayers and diviners; but as for you, the LORD your God has not appointed such for you." (Deuteronomhy 18:9-14)
"Give no regard to mediums and familiar spirits; do not seek after them, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God." (Leviticus 19:31)
It is not deceased people who are ultimately being contacted through the seance', the Ouija Board, or prayers offered to the dead. It is demonic spirits that masquerade as deceased family members, personalities, the alleged "Higher-Self," the "Ascended Masters," the "Collective Conscious," "Evolutionary Consciousness," etc. (2 Corinthians 11:14-15).The Bible is clear that Satan himself and other fallen angels (demons) deceptively transform themeslves into angels of light, in order to mislead humanity.
"And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works." (2 Corinthians 11:14-15)
Furthermore, there are at least 150 biblical passages that address to some degree or another involvement with the eight different categories of occult practices - and the condemnation thereof. This fact alone should concern any Christian who reads Have Heart and sees the closeness to familial spirit contact (Spiritism, spiritualism, mediumship) that these authors are describing. According to Have Heart, people have personally experienced "Josiah" coming to them in various ways, dreams, visitations, touches on the cheek, etc. Like the Bible, the authors of Have Heart condemn necromancy (Have Heart, p. 94-96), but then they also outright endorse listening to and sensing spirit beings around us, claiming that they still communicate with their deceased son.
"Jimmy's dream [Jimmy's dream?] is a great example of how we are surrounded and how our loved ones are connected to us. They know, they care about what we're going through, and there's a nearness that's not easy to explain but wondrous in reality...We are one body, connected here on earth, connected in Heaven, and connected between Heaven and earth. Our loved ones may show up in dreams or visits or other ways (who can limit God's imagination?), but the fact is that we're connected. Our loved ones are not "up there" and we are "down here." There is a thin veil, and we're connected to them, forever, in Christ." (Have Heart, p. 110).
"You don't father or mother a child for nineteen years and then hear God say, 'Oh, now you can't talk to him. You no longer have a relationship with him until you see him face to face in Heaven....' We still talk to Josiah, and it's going to be so great when we're together again." (Have Heart, p. 125).
This not only creates a mass of confusion for the reader, but can very easily lead undiscerning individuals into spirit contact, which God forbids. Whether one is a Christian or not is beside the point, God condems communicating with the dead.
Previous to writing this article, numerous people expressed their own concerns to the ministry of SRN about Chuck Missler (K-House) and Greg Laurie's (Harvest Christian Fellowship) endorsements within the first pages of Steve Berger's book. Growing numbers of people who have been influenced by the ministries of Chuck Missler and Greg Laurie are in dismay over the lack of discernment that has been displayed by their endorsements of this book. Dr. Missler's and Pastor Laurie's endorsements, along with William P. Young (Author of New York Times Best Seller, The Shack), James Robison (Founder and President, LIFE Outreach International), and Senator Bill Frist's (M.D. and Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader) are on the first two pages of Have Heart (Have Heart, p. ii-iii). The fact that heresy promoting William Paul Young is in this list is a huge cause for alarm, and Chuck Missler's name is right above Young's name. Young believes in Universalism and outright rejects the full penal substitutionary atonement of Christ on the cross. Certainly this will be a cause of great concern for many who believe in Christ and seek to faithfully obey the Word of God.
For those who are upset upon reading the foregoing, you may do the research too, and arrive at the same conclusions. The Bible is clear that we must all "test all things," regardless of the popularity of the pastors, teachers and book endorsers.
"Despise not prophesyings. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil." (1 Thess. 5:20-22)
One more important thing needs to be mentioned here. Former spirit mediums, witches, New Ager's, occultists, yoga gurus, etc., who are now Christian preachers and researchers/authors are seeing clearly the subtleties and craftiness of the New Spirituality (New Age) deception invading the church. Why do so many other Christian leaders refuse to see this, and/or refuse to listen to God's warnings through those who were once steeped in the darkness, and are now as committed Christians warning against these things? New Age spirituality teachings and occult practices are being couched in Christian nomenclature (names, designations). However, many fail to see this for what it really is and countless churchgoers are being deceived. Christian leaders are supposed to warn about such things, not see how close they can get to it in the name of intimacy with God and closeness to our deceased loves ones.
The shepherds and the watchman are supposed to work together, yet in many cases the shepherds are rejecting the watchman (doorkeepers). As a result the undiscerning sheep are being led astray into great danger.
"Most assuredly, I say to you, he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door, but climbs up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. But he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. To him the doorkeeper [watchman] opens, and the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out." (John 10:1-3)
- SRN 



"Our minds need to be stretched to the other side."
(Steve & Sarah Berger, Have Heart: bridging the gulf between heaven and earth, p. xxii)
"And then one night, Josiah showed up in a dream"
(Have Heart, p. 68).
"He [God] used a dream in my life to further unfold the greatness of Heaven, to reinforce the supernatural preservation of my son..."
(Have Heart, p. 71).
"Only two weeks after Josiah went to Heaven, I (Sarah) made it a habit to talk to Josiah... I would then be in instant conversation with Jesus and Siah [Josiah]"
(Have Heart, p. 82).
"It wasn’t like he just appeared there. It was a sense of him coming into the aisle, and he got down on one knee and bent into my ear. He said, “Way worth it, Mr. Jim.” Then, as quickly as he came, he left. It wasn’t that he disappeared; rather, it was a sense of him leaving the sanctuary....He had a sense of speed about him, not that he was hurried, but as if life on earth was much slower than in Heaven—it’s a different place, a different plane. I stood up and went over to my wife and told her, “Josiah was just here.”
(Have Heart, p. 99-100.) 
"Now, let's say right up front we're not talking about channeling, seances, or mediums trying to contact the dead. That's not what we're advocating and not what we're saying. Deuteronomy 18:10 forbids seeking those types of encounters.
What we are saying is that the Bible makes it clear that our loved ones in Heaven are alive, active, and aware - and we need to have heart and understand their vitality and nearness. We need to understand that God has the power to temporarily lift the veil between Heaven and earth at any time according to His good pleasure.  
Samuel and Saul
Let's look at 1 Samuel 28:15-19:
Now Samuel said to Saul, “Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?” And Saul answered, “I am deeply distressed; for the Philistines make war against me, and God has departed from me and does not answer me anymore, neither by prophets nor by dreams. Therefore I have called you, that you may reveal to me what I should do.” Then Samuel said: “So why do you ask me, seeing the LORD has departed from you and has become your enemy? And the LORD has done for Himself[a] as He spoke by me. For the LORD has torn the kingdom out of your hand and given it to your neighbor, David. Because you did not obey the voice of the LORD nor execute His fierce wrath upon Amalek, therefore the LORD has done this thing to you this day. Moreover the LORD will also deliver Israel with you into the hand of the Philistines. And tomorrow you and your sons will be with me. The LORD will also deliver the army of Israel into the hand of the Philistines.”
Though Samuel had departed from the earth, he was still keenly aware of Saul's past and present disobedience. More than that, he knew about God's future judgment of Saul, his sons, and the national of Israel. Let's be clear, 1 Samuel 28:12 says the medium saw Samuel. This wasn't some kind of demonic spirit. It was Samuel coming from Heaven. Why did God allow this? We don't know, and that's not our purpose. What we do know is, Samuel showed up. It's just clear from Scripture that sometimes they know what's happening here on earth.
(Have Heart, p. 94-96) 


SRN Note:
We do know why Samuel appeared! God allowed Samuel to appear in order to pronounce a scathing one-time pronouncement of God's judgment upon Saul, first King of Israel, for his wicked and abominable attempt to traffick in the realm of the devil, seeking through a sorcerer (one who has a familiar spirit; spirit medium) to contact and consult the dead.  In this case, the only seance recorded in Scripture, God declares judgment on Saul, through the real Samuel.  Furthermore, God killed Saul for his disobedience as is clearly seen in 1 Chronicles 10:13-1.
"So Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the LORD, even against the word of the LORD, which he kept not, and also for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit, to enquire of it; And enquired not of the LORD: therefore he slew him, and turned the kingdom unto David the son of Jesse." (1 Chornicles 10:13-14)
Therefore, we do know why God allowed the real Samuel to be brought up from the dead, to condemn once and forever the practice of seeking to communicate with the deceased, this side of eternity. God instituted the death penalty for those seeking to communicate with the dead, and for good reason.

"Our loved ones may show up in dreams or visits or other ways (who can limit God's imagination?),
but the fact is that we're connected....There is a thin veil, and we're connected to them, forever, in Christ"
(Have Heart, p. 110).
"You don't father or mother a child for nineteen years and then hear God say,
'Oh, now you can't talk to him. You no longer have a relationship with him until you see him face to face in Heaven....'
We still talk to Josiah, and it's going to be so great when we're together again"
(Have Heart, p. 125).
"Wrapped in creative brilliance, The Shack is spiritually profound, theologically enlightening and life impacting.
It has my highest recommendation. We are joyfully giving copies away by the case."
(Steve & Sarah Berger, Have Heart: bridging the gulf between heaven and earth, Front Matters.)
SRN Note:
To read about the heretical teachings found throughout William P. Young's The Shack, click here.

Have Heart: A Review and Commentary (Pt.2)
The “Canaanization” of the Church, Do the Dead Communicate with the Living?
"The Berger's dutifully remind their readers: 'Remember, anything we think God is saying or revealing [through personal experiences] must line up with the Word and the nature, character, and will of God.' (HH, 44)  But the book contains material which does not agree with this assertion."  (Larry DeBruyn, Have Heart: A Review and Commentary - Part 2. The “Canaanization” of the Church, Do the Dead Communicate with the Living?)


 God's Warning Against All Eight Forms of Trafficking in the World of the Occult
"There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up [i.e. prays to, or consults a medium on behalf of] the dead."  (Deuteronomy 18:10-11)
Warning Against Giving Heed to Deceiving Spirits and Doctrines of Demons
"Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons..." (1 Timothy 4:1)
Definition of Clairaudience (hearing/listening)

"In the field of parapsychology, clairaudience [from late 17th century French clair (clear) and audience (hearing)] is a form of extra-sensory perception wherein a person acquires information by paranormal auditory means. It is often considered to be a form of clairvoyance.[25] Clairaudience is essentially the ability to hear in a paranormal manner, as opposed to paranormal seeing (clairvoyance) and feeling (clairsentience). Clairaudient people have psi-mediated hearing. Clairaudience may refer not to actual perception of sound, but may instead indicate impressions of the "inner mental ear" similar to the way many people think words without having auditory impressions. But it may also refer to actual perception of sounds such as voices, tones, or noises which are not apparent to other humans or to recording equipment. For instance, a clairaudient person might claim to hear the voices or thoughts of the spirits of persons who are deceased. In Buddhism, it is believed that those who have extensively practiced Buddhist meditation and have reached a higher level of consciousness can activate their "third ear" and hear the music of the spheres; i.e. the music of the celestial gandharvas. Clairaudience may be positively distinguished from the voices heard by the mentally ill when it reveals information unavailable to the clairaudient person by normal means (including cold reading or other magic tricks), and thus may be termed "psychic" or paranormal."
Definition of Clairaudience or "Clear Hearing"
Clairaudience or "Clear Hearing", is usually defined as the ability to hear the voices or thoughts of spirits. Some Mediums hear as though they are listening to a person talking to them on the outside of their head, as though the Spirit is next to or near to the medium, and other mediums hear the voices in their minds as a verbal thought.
God's Judgment on Saul for Enquiring of the Spirit Realm
So Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the LORD, even against the word of the LORD, which he kept not, and also for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit, to enquire of it; And enquired not of the LORD: therefore he slew him, and turned the kingdom unto David the son of Jesse. (1 Chornicles 10:13-14) 



Grace Chapel Pastor's book Have Heart: Bridging the Gulf Between Heaven and Earth
Q & A Book Review by T.A. McMahon, The Berean Call Newsletter (Jan 1, 2012)
  • "Question: I was recently sent a book that rather shocked me. Its title is Have Heart: Bridging the Gulf Between Heaven and Earth. It seems to do what you objected to in Heaven Is For Real [in a previous TBC article]. What do you think?"


Divination Is Forbidden by God - A Closer Look At God's Forbidding of Living Human Contact With the Spirit World And Alleged "Deceased Loved Ones"

Divination Is Forbidden By God by Chris Lawson. 
Full Scripture listing here SRN webpage and PDF version
Have Heart: A Review and Commentary
 A Six Part Herescope series expressing concern over Grace Chapel Pastor Steve and Sarah Berger's book.
Part 4

Part 3
Spontaneous Spiritualism: Do The Dead Communicate With The Living?
by Larry DeBruyn (Herescope - Jan 6, 2012)

Part 2
The "Canaanization" of the Church: Do the Dead Communicate with the Living?
By Pastor Larry DeBruyn (Jan 4, 2012)

Part 1
Do The Dead Communicate With the Living?: Normalizing Necromancy
by Larry DeBruyn (Herescope - Jan 3, 2012)

Normalizing Necromancy: Tempting the Church to Talk with the Dead
Herescope's Introductory Comments (Jan 2, 2012)




The following is presented here after personally calling the ministry of Koinonia House (K-House) in order to clarify how Chuck Missler's endorsement landed in the front pages of Have Heart:

Our endorsement of Steve Berger’s book, "Have Heart: Bridging the Gap between Heaven and Earth", which chronicles some the ordeals that Steve and Sarah Berger endured subsequent to the loss of their son Josiah appears to be at the center of considerable confusion. Nan and I were very sympathetic to Steve and Sarah’s grievances, since we, too, had lost our own firstborn son in recent years.
We did not read the entire book before writing our endorsement, which is a breach of our normal protocol. But anyone familiar with our own materials would know that we do not endorse nor condone any form of necromancy, divination, or sorcery.  Some of the allusions in Steve’s book seem to border on these topics and understandably are the source of some doctrinal confusion in these areas.  Anyone who is still concerned about our own posture on these issues might first check to see if Matthew 18:15-16 is still in their Bible and then feel free to contact us directly at anytime. Steve has also addressed many questions and clarified some misconceptions at the book's website: www.haveheart.net. Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions there.
In the meantime, realize that Steve and Sarah Berger remain our dear friends, and comprehensive congruency on doctrine is not a prerequisite to our friendship.
In His Grip,
Chuck Missler
Source: Koinonia House, Facebook page, Monday, January 9, 2:57pm
For the record, it is clear that Chuck and Nancy Missler "do not endorse nor condone any form of necromancy, divination, or sorcery."
On a different note, the fact that Chuck Missler did not read Have Heart in its entirety before endorsing the book has caused great confusion among believers. Why would a man do such a thing. This no doubt is a learning lesson for all.

It should be noted that even though a public statement has been made from Chuck Missler, for which many are grateful for, it does not change the fact that some of the content of what the Berger's have written in Have Heart is far to close too, if not outright condoning, clairaudience and clairsentience - hearing/listening to and sensing/touching the presence of discarnate human beings.

Steve and Sarah Berger's Have Heart book (pp. 94-96) and their Have Heart FAQ website page (www.haveheart.net/answers/faq - link broken as of 4-22-2016) both state that they do not endorse necromancy, divination, or sorcery through séances or spirit mediums (channelers). However, there are other terms that are not used in the book, that clearly define what the Berger's appear to be advocating by saying we can communicate with, and sense, our deceased loved ones.  Those terms are known as clairaudience and clairsentience.

Clairaudience is a practice in which oneself clearly receives communications (auditory, sensory, or mental messages) from the realm of the spirit world (alleged deceased loved ones, etc.). Clairaudience is similar to clairsentience and clairvoyance, but clairaudience specifically deals with receiving messages, impressions from the spirit world.

But what about Christians? Christians that have previously been psychic, or have family members that are involved in Spiritism, cults,  or any form of energy channeling, energy work, and the like, are much more prone to be clairaudient than those with no family history of such. Christians should reject any and all attempts from spirits if they are hunted and contacted by them. The Christian should communicate with God only, never the spirits, "For [even] Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14)." To not reject these spirit realm initiated communications, one simply opens themselves up to spirit mediumship as well as a world of deception and confusion.

Please continue to read the following to confirm that this is not just our opinion.


Have Heart FAQ Page - old link
Have Heart FAQ Page - On WayBackMachine

The words presented on Have Heart FAQ website pages (Question/Answers 2, 3, 4, and 5) like the book, display hardcore double-speak in no uncertain terms. The message is loud and clear - don't utilize seances, mediums and channelers...but you can communicate with your deceased loved ones yourself!

As shown below, from the Berger's www.haveheart.net Frequently Asked Questions page, Q & A answer number four states clearly, "Just remember, God forbids us to try to contact our departed loved ones through mediums or séances (Deuteronomy 18:10–12)." 

However, in the same breath they say that you can talk to your loved ones all you want.

4. Can I talk to my loved one who has passed?

You can talk to your loved one all you want. It won't satisfy the depth of communication you long for, but it will bring some comfort. Just remember, God forbids us to try to contact our departed loved ones through mediums or séances (Deuteronomy 18:10–12).

In Matthew 17 we see Jesus walking up a high mountain with Peter, James, and John. Jesus is transfigured (changed) right before their eyes, and then Moses and Elijah (who had been in Heaven for fifteen hundred and six hundred years, respectively) show up. Scripture says, “Moses and Elijah appeared to them [Jesus, Peter, James, and  John], talking with Him” (v. 3). While we can’t see our loved ones face-to-face, we believe it’s perfectly fine to talk to them.


They also answer that departed love ones "can see us, hear us, and even be involved, not only in our lives but also in the lives of his friends. We have too many accounts and stories of Josiah’s involvement from many different people to doubt this reality."

3. Can my loved one hear me when I talk to him or her?

Saints in Heaven have the ability to hear and see you whenever God allows them to be involved. We know that our son Josiah cannot read our minds; only the Lord can do that. However, we know he can see us, hear us, and even be involved, not only in our lives but also in the lives of his friends. We have too many accounts and stories of Josiah’s involvement from many different people to doubt this reality.

The Berger's also clearly state on their FAQ page regarding departed loved ones that "We may get “signs” of their presence. They are alive, they are well, and they are with God, doing what He wills for them to do both in Heaven and on earth."

5. Is it possible for my loved one to visit, or do you believe in the possibility of getting signs?

We do believe in signs. In our book, Have Heart, we refer to them as “God Nods.”  God, in His mercy, allows them to help comfort us and give us hope. They are spontaneous, unexpected, and used by God to say, “Hey, pay attention to this.”

Ultimately, however, we need to find our comfort in God's truth about eternal life in Heaven and in God's love for us and our loved ones who are with Him in Heaven right now.

In an earlier question we discussed Jesus’ Transfiguration in Matthew 17 and the conversations with Moses and Elijah. The event is repeated in Luke’s Gospel (9:28–36). Here we see more details of their visit and conversation. Luke records that they talked about Jesus’ departure (the Greek work is our word for “exodus”). So these saints, who were on a mission from Heaven, understood not only current events but the future as well. We may get “signs” of their presence. They are alive, they are well, and they are with God, doing what He wills for them to do both in Heaven and on earth.


The conclusion in all this to the reader should be quite clear.  While Steve and Sarah Berger state outright "Just remember, God forbids us to try to contact our departed loved ones through mediums or séances (Deuteronomy 18:10–12)," they at the same time say that our loves ones are around us, can hear us, are involved in our lives and our friends' lives, and that we can talk to departed loved ones all we want.

If you at this point are confused on this issue as to what the Steve and Sarah Berger are saying, read through their own statements again, or buy the book and compare what the Berger's are saying with over 150 biblical warnings about the occult, spiritism, necromancy, sorcery, etc.
Any form of contact with deceased humans, with the exception of what is found in Scripture (Jesus, Moses, Elijah, and Samuel pronouncing judgment on mediumship) is an abomination. Why? Because doing so involves another mediator other than Jesus Christ, the only mediator between God and man, "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus" (1 Tim. 2:5).
According to the Word of God, any and all communication with deceased loved ones and the spirit world is condemned outright. Samuel was allowed to be brought back from the dead, only to pronounce God's everlasting judgment on such a practice as necromancy - initiating another mediator in an effort to contact the deceased (1 Samuel 28). Furthermore, God killed King Saul for his disobedience of trying to contact the dead.
So Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the LORD, even against the word of the LORD, which he kept not, and also for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit, to enquire of it; And enquired not of the LORD: therefore he slew him, and turned the kingdom unto David the son of Jesse. (1 Chron. 10:13-14)
The only difference between going to a spirit medium (spiritist, spiritualist, necromancer, channeler, psychic) or praying to and contacting the dead oneself, is that when one utilizes a spirit medium the spirit medium contacts the dead (demons impersonating deceased loves ones) for someone else, hence them being called a medium (a mediator, a go between). If you attempt to pray to and/or contact the deceased on your own, you yourself become the medium, the go between between, the necromancer, the conjurer, between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead.  As previously mentioned, this arena of spirituality and communication is trafficking in the dimension of the devil and is one-hundered percent forbidden and condemned by God.
Be it known unto you that if you delve into this arena you are playing with fire and you shall surely get burned. Trafficking in the arena of spirit contact and communication is walking right into the dimension of the devil.  Doing so can very quickly lead to spirit contact, possession states, Christian demonization (influence, affluence) and all forms of evil and mayhem. There is a dimension that God has warned that we should not enter, and that dimension is the world of the occult and contacting the dead.

Steve and Sarah Berger Interview at Crystal Cathedral
Hour of Power, Crystal Cathedral Ministries
https://vimeo.com/24233522 (Link broken)
Jun 4, 2010 - 5 min - Uploaded by HaveHeartDotNet
Jun 5, 2010 - Uploaded by HaveHeartDotNet

SRN and other ministries are simply asking, why on earth would any Bible teaching pastor and church leadership allow an extremely ecumenical bookstore like this to be utilized through their churches homepage?
The Grace Chapel Leipers Fork Statement of Belief [ Broken link as of August 2014: http://www.gracechapel.net/pages/?id=we_believe ] is conservative and evangelical in nature, which clearly cuts across much that is sold through the churches online bookstore itself. The fact that the church leadership at Grace Chapel Leipers Fork allows this is very confusing in the least.
The following was found on the Grace Chapel Leipers Fork Church website homepage (photo below at right).
Grace Chapel Church Online Store
Books From Pastor Steve
Small Group Studies
Over 125,000 Christian Products
SRN is NOT insinuating that Pastor Steve Berger teaches or agrees with the materials posted below, however, all this aberrant and/or heretical material (and much more) can be found in his churches online bookstore, which boasts of having "125,000 Christian products." Clearly as the Grace Chapel Leipers Fork pastor, he has given the go-ahead to have this material available through his church website homepage. Something is not right. The Bible clearly states (emphasis added):
Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple. For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf: but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil. And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen. (Romans 16:17-20)
Please note that the ministry of SRN does not, and cannot, endorse the ministry of Grace Chapel Leipers Fork. Due to the church's online bookstore having an enormous amount of scriptually aberrant and heretical material, with no warnings at all given about the dangerous content of the materials, one that remains true to the Bible and faithful to the Lord can only warn about this extreme compromise.
There are no warnings posted anywhere about the following materials (below) found in the bookstore, and much, much more that is clearly not Christian.
The active links on this SRN page are for research only, not for the promotion or endorsement of the Grace Chapel ministry.
Grace Chapel Resources - Books, Small Group Studies, Over 125,000 Christian Products!

The following materials, and many more, are found within the Grace Chapel Leipers Fork online bookstore. To confirm this, cut and paste the links below into your web browser.
Teaching and Training Materials for Roman Catholic Jesuit Priests
False Teacher Kenneth Hagin
False Teacher Benny Hinn - Literature, CD's, etc.
False Teacher Kenneth and Gloria Copeland
Roman Catholic Literature and Books by Numerous Popes. 
For "Pope" alone, there are WELL OVER 100 PRODUCTS.
African Divination Systems
African Divination Systems: Ways of Knowing
False Teacher Rick Joyner
This book list goes on and one and on...

Do you attend Grace Chapel Leipers Fork
and are you a concerned reader?


Click here to read or print a growing List of books that should not be in Christian bookstores. You can also read more about the false teachings put forth by many of the authors found in the Grace Chapel Leipers Fork Online Bookstore. 

Is anybody going to confront the pastors and elders at Grace Chapel?

Click here to contact them!  Here is a list of pastors, ministry leaders and church elders (Accessed 4/22/2016):

Grace Chapel Leipers Fork -Pastors

  • Steve Berger - Senior Pastor
  • Mark Bright - Executive Pastor
  • Patti Tremblay - Executive Assistant to Steve Berger and Mark Bright
  • Jake Spencer - Senior Pastor - Grace Chapel Knoxville
  • Jonathan Allen - Worship Pastor
  • Jay Tremblay - Stewardship Pastor

Grace Chapel Leipers Fork - Ministry Leaders

  • Rick Cua - Pastoral Care/Visitation
  • Ron Gonser - Pastoral Care/Visitation
  • Myron Goodwin - Missions/Adult Equipping Pastor
  • Dave Buehring - Men's Pastor
  • Bill Cannon - Children's Pastor
  • Jimmy Harris - Life Group Pastor
  • Brian Ray - College and Career Pastor/Facilities Manager
  • Ian Gilchrist - Middle School Pastor
  • Sarah Berger - Women's Ministry Director
  • Donna Boone - Women's Ministry Assistant/Grace Extended Director
  • Amy Lowry - Worship Administrator
  • Logan Pringle - Worship Ministry
  • Thomas Long - Pastoral Care Assistant
  • Diana Cua - Pastoral Care Counselor

Grace Chapel Leipers Fork - Elders

  • Steve Berger - Elder/Financial Board
  • Elder - Mark Bright
  • Elder - James Brown
  • Elder - Kurt Beasley
  • Elder - Bill Cannon
  • Elder - Ron Clonts
  • Elder - Scott Farrar
  • Elder - Ron Gonser
  • Elder - David Lowry
  • Elder - Craig Mahy
  • Elder - Tyler Ring
  • Elder - Rick Wood
  • Elder - Financial Board

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