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Spiritual Research Network (SRN) seeks to 'Proclaim the Gospel and Encourage Biblical Discernment' where cultic movements and philosophies are damaging the church and where families and communities are most vulnerable. Your sincere prayers and support can help us as we equip church leaders and missionaries to be biblically discerning, so they in turn can help edify the Church and lead people to Christ.

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Welcome to our Spiritual Research Network Resource Archive!

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Holy-Bible-ScripturesTHE HOLY BIBLE: Its All Importance!

Originally published 1824    A NATION must be truly blessed, if it were governed by no other laws than those of this blessed book; it is so complete a system, that nothing can be added to it, or taken from it; it contains every thing needful to be known or done; it affords a copy for a king (Deut. xvii. 18), and a rule for a subject... Read more...  See also - The Importance of Understanding Scripture

SRN Update July 7 2017

JULY 2017


Dangers of Inner Healing, Visualization, Guided Imagery and Occultism - From a teaching given the 2016 Sanctuary Conference titled, The Christianising of Occult Techniques

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AUGUST, 2017

PRESSING ON THROUGH IT ALL - New Book by Warren Smith

Dangers of Inner Healing, Visualization, Guided Imagery and Occultism - From a teaching given the 2016 Sanctuary Conference titled, The Christianising of Occult Techniques

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Chris in India with friend Sam and fellow Christians who left Hinduism (dangerous yogic/occult powers) to come to the Savior Jesus Christ!


New Audio Archive Website!

 Audio Home PageChristian Living | Interview & Discussions

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Bible Study

Comfort Through Jesus Christ Our Magnificent Creator!

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Conference Teaching

Success, Sorcery and Prosperity Gospel Dangers!

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Radio Interview

YOGA and CHRISTIANITY - Are They Compatible? - Statistics, Definitions and Dangers of Yoga!

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NEW BOOKLET – SHACK THEOLOGY: Universalism, TBN, Oprah, and the New Age


by Warren B. Smith

"I have written a number of short articles pertaining to The Shack and its author William P. Young. My intention has been to shed some light on the leaven of universalism that is at the heart of the book’s often errant theology." This booklet presents seven of these articles. Read and/or purchase, SHACK THEOLOGY: Universalism, TBN, Oprah, and the New Age.

Taizé—A COMMUNITY AND WORSHIP: Ecumenical Reconciliation or an Interfaith Delusion?


by Chris Lawson

"Over 100,000 young people visit Taizé Community in France every year. Many of them are from Christian homes.  What's more, an increasing number of churches are introducing Taizé worship practices in their church services. Just what exactly is Taizé? Chris Lawson uncovers the truth about this interfaith community."  See also:

How to Know if You Are Being Spiritually Abused or Deceived—A Spiritual Abuse Questionnaire

Do you know a loved one, a neighbor, or a co-worker who is in a cult or an abusive church or group? Or perhaps you yourself are in such a situation. The Spiritual-Abuse Questionnaire in this booklet will help shed light on this issue...

dangers-of-yogaYOGA and CHRISTIANITY- Are They Compatible?

Western Culture Embraces Yoga
It is no secret that Yoga is taking Western civilization by storm. In just a little over a hundred years, a mystical revolution has occurred that millions of Westerners have wholeheartedly embraced. Amazingly, the Western Judeo-Christian view is in the process of a paradigm shift toward the same perspective as yogic India...Read or purchase!

dangers-alpha-courseTHE ALPHA COURSE: an evangelical contradiction

An examination of Nicky Gumbel's Alpha Course with warnings for Christians - by Mary Danielsen and Chris Lawson   Read or purchase!



A DIRECTORY OF AUTHORS: (Three NOT Recommended Lists)

It is no secret these days that Christian bookstore and ministry resource databases are often jam-packed with so-called Christian resources that are actually promoting anything but biblical Christianity. Special care may be taken by bookstore owners and ministry leaders alike to ensure that ministry and business are “in order,” but, when a close look is taken, the sale of spiritually unsafe material abounds. This is the primary reason for these three lists—to help warn and protect you, the reader, and to provide a quick reference guide...Read or purchase!

Contemplative Spirituality Concerns

Contemplative Concerns Pt.3 - The Literature: Samples That Church Leaders Need to See

View list of books mentioned in video!

PART ONE (Minute 00:01) - Introduction: A biblical warning and brief statement about various genres of mystical and occult oriented Contemplative Spirituality "centering-prayer" literature that are infiltrating churches and Christian communities.

PART TWO (Minute 09:35) - Considering biblical "separation" from false teachers and false teachings (Romans 16, v.17-19), as opposed to gleaning from "Christian mystics" and experiential practices that are virtually identical to the occult training of the Hindus.

Full Length Video by Chris Lawson (1hr 18min)


PART 3 (Minute 30:33) - Fr Thomas Keating is the Modern Day Pioneer of the international Contemplative Outreach Ltd. "centering-prayer" movement. As such, he seeks to "integrate" Christian spirituality with the occult "Serpent Power" of Hinduism, otherwise known as Kundalini energy. According to Hindu and Buddhist occultists, "Kundalini-shakti" lies coiled at the base of the spine, awaiting arousal via centering prayer/occult meditation.

PART 4 (Minute 48:46) - Contemplative Spirituality's dangerous Christian Mysticism/occult hybrid form of "Centering Prayer" is inextricably tied to Interfaith (Interreligious) Dialogue, Ecumenism, and the ever-increasing "Global Oneness" New Spirituality/New Gospel of the New Age movement. View more from Chris Lawson.

Is it "unloving" and "judgmental" to warn about well-meaning ecumenically minded people who are leading youth into grave theological error?

God's Method of Consistently 'Warning' and 'Teaching' (11:33) by Chris Lawson


From cover to cover the Bible reveals God's love to and for humanity!

One of the ways God expresses this is through his consistent warnings against satanic spiritual deception, false teachers, false prophets, deceivers, the enemies of Israel, liars, deceivers, spiritism, sorcerers, the tools of the occult, the enemies of the Church, false gospels, counterfeit "Jesus's," false apostles, false brethren, doctrines of demons, the antichrist spirit that dominates each age and the world's system, occult Mystery Babylon, end-times deception, the coming personal Antichrist and his false prophet (Rev. 13), and more...

Potentially Harmful and Dangerous Spiritual Practices!

Video - Potentially Harmful and Dangerous Spiritual Practices by Chris Lawson


View A-to-Z Listing of Potentially Harmful and Dangerous Spiritual Practices

We consider all of the "Potentially Harmful and Dangerous Spiritual Practices" practices that we mention in our A-to-Z Listing (and many more) to have the potential to be spiritually harmful, if not downright exceedingly dangerous.  We are issuing these warnings because many New Age, holistic and spiritual practices we warn about include either one, two, three - or all four of the following components of the occult/psychic worldview:

1) Mystical and supernaturalistic health related methods.  2) Founded on occult principles.  3) Dangerous forms of occult and mystical practices.  4) Based on the writings and beliefs associated with either paganism, spiritism, occultism or mysticism.



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