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YOGA and Christianity - Are They Compatible?         

A DIRECTORY OF AUTHORS (Three NOT Recommended LIsts)

HOW TO PROTECT YOUR CHILD From the New Age and Spiritual Deception

A TIME OF DEPARTING: How ancient mystical practices are uniting Christians with the world's religions

THE HARBINGER: Fact or Fiction?

 The Harbinger Fact or FictionYOGA and Christianity - Are They CompatibleA Directory of Authors - Thre NOT Recommended ListsHo To Protect Your ChildDeceoved On Purpose 






Sananda (New Age), a name used by some New Age groups for the resurrected Master Jesus
(ANSWER: "Master Jesus is the theosophical concept of Jesus in Theosophy and the Ascended Master Teachings.")
Sananda samadhi, the third of four samadhis described in the Yoga Sutra 1:17 by Patanjali
(ANSWER: ("Sānanda samādhi, also known as "supreme bliss", or "with ecstasy", is the third level of the four samādhi described in the Yoga Sutras 1:17 by PatanjaliSānanda: sa- means “with”, ananda means joy, bliss."

~~~~~~SON OF GOD - Movie Reviews~~~~~~


Son Of God (Movie) by Roma Downey - Reviewed by Abandoned To Christ
Son Of God (Movie) by Roma Downey - Reviewed by John Hayworth
Son Of God (Movie) by Roma Downey - Reviewed by Mike Oppenheimer - Read Part 1 & Part 2
Son Of God (Movie) by Roma Downey - Reviewed by Marsha West
Son Of God (Movie) by Roma Downey - Reviewed by Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, Answers In Genesis 


~~~~~~Excerpt From Sandsy Simpson's DITC Newsletter, announcing Son of God discernment reviews:


 "Notice the uncanny similarity between the "Jesus" portrayed by the Diogo Morgado, the actor who plays him in "Son Of God" on the left and the two pictures of "Sananda"on the right that Roma has "talked to" by the use of New Age channeling."

- Sandy Simpson, Apologetics Coordination Team (See Deception In The Church Book Reviews page!)

~~~~~~Excerpt From Mike Oppenheimer's review (Part 2) of the Son of God movie (Read Part 1 & Part 2)

“And here is the most concerning and enlightening piece of information.


Roma Downey, President of LightWorkers Media states, LightWorkers Media [] is committed to creating programs that are positive, uplifting and inspirational” - Roma Downey, President.


So what, what’s wrong with this? When we learn what Light workers (the name is certainly representative) is about then it all comes together. As we see others who use the same term and what they believe; coincidence? As you read further it should become clear if hasn’t already.


On a new age website called Lightworkers “As Lightworkers, we are creating a vision more suited to humanities evolving divine nature.”


This is the new age message of transformation process into who we really are as we become aware of self.


“As conscious beings we are born perfect, we have within us the seed of divine awareness. Enlightenment is our true nature”


While Downey has no direct connection to this website she does have the same spirituality.


When I saw the person playing Jesus in the movie I immediately identified an uncanny similarity to the Jesus of the new age - Sananda. This is  someone I’m familiar with when I was a new ager before I became a Christian, a strange coincidence.


The picture on the left is the “Son of God” in the movie by Lightworkers Media. The other two beside him are pictures of Sananda.


Sananda is not Jesus. Sananda is a spirit being channeled by New Agers.


Some may take the attitude of being happy that Hollywood actually produce a film about Jesus. These are usually the same people who cannot discern truth from error that is increasing all around us. We should not settle for the lowest common denominator.”


Contemplative Concerns Pt.3 (Full Length - Pt.1,2,3,4) - The Literature: Samples That Church Leaders Need to See from Chris Lawson on Vimeo.

PART ONE (Minute 00:01)
Introduction: A biblical warning and brief statement about various genres of mystical and occult oriented Contemplative Spirituality "centering-prayer" literature that are infiltrating churches and Christian communities.
PART TWO (Minute 09:35)
Considering biblical "separation" from false teachers and false teachings (Romans 16, v.17-19), as opposed to gleaning from "Christian mystics" and experiential practices that are virtually identical to the occult training of the Hindus.
PART 3 (Minute 30:33)
Fr Thomas Keating is the Modern Day Pioneer of the international Contemplative Outreach Ltd. "centering-prayer" movement. As such, he seeks to "integrate" Christian spirituality with the occult "Serpent Power" of Hinduism, otherwise known as Kundalini energy. According to Hindu and Buddhist occultists, "Kundalini-shakti" lies coiled at the base of the spine, awaiting arousal via centering prayer/occult meditation.
PART 4 (Minute 48:46)
Contemplative Spirituality's dangerous Christian Mysticism/occult hybrid form of "Centering Prayer" is inextricably tied to Interfaith (InterReligious) Dialogue, Ecumenism, and the ever-increasing "Global Oneness" New Spirituality/New Gospel of the New Age movement.

God's Method of Consistently 'Warning' and 'Teaching' (11:33)

God's Method of Consistently 'Warning' and 'Teaching' (11:33) from Chris Lawson on Vimeo.







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"So, what's it all about? Is the world as we know it about to end? Who are 'the wise' who will understand the warnings and live? "The Daniel Project" is a gripping documentary for our time.


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