Jesus Calling - Training Manual For Mediums?
Quotations from the God Calling Books and the Jesus Calling Series



Training Manual For Mediums?

Quotations from the God Calling Books and the Jesus Calling Series

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“Welcome the training”  (GC Jan 06)

“You are in rigorous training” (JT p. 22)

“Your training must be severe” (GC Aug 18)

“Collaborate with Me in this training” (JC Feb 11)

“Close your eyes now" (JCDJ Mar 27)

“begin with prayer for protection" (DJ p. 220)

“Physically position your heart, your mind, and your hands to receive My Peace” (JCME Dec 03)

“Let My thoughts burst freely upon your consciousness” (JC Jun 30)


Readers of A. J. Russell’s God Calling books and Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling series may reject the idea of becoming a medium, channel, or psychic if it is put plainly before them. However, if it is introduced indirectly through Christian-sounding devotions, and if the spirit being channeled is called “Jesus,” they might be more receptive.

The God Calling books and the Jesus Calling series teach the principles of mediumship with gentle, repetitive commands that are woven into the text and scattered throughout the books. Readers are progressively presented with meditation techniques that sound vaguely scriptural but are not actually found in the Bible. Devoted readers, consciously or not, may find themselves gradually embracing an Eastern model of religious devotion, characterized by a consistent list of imperatives:

  1. Spend Time Alone
  2. Sit in Silence
  3. Sit Still
  4. Relax
  5. Open Your Hands
  6. Breathe in Spirit
  7. Repeat “Jesus”
  8. Quiet Your Mind
  9. Focus
  10. Open Yourself
  11. Invite
  12. Feel the Presence
  13. Absorb
  14. Visualize “Jesus”
  15. Listen
  16. Converse
  17. Think God Thoughts
  18. Write If You Receive a Message
  19. Transition
  20. Channel Throughout the Day

The first few steps are innocuous in and of themselves. For example, sitting alone in a quiet place is a helpful way to pray or study the Bible. Taking a break and relaxing is sometimes good for the human body. Yet these practices, as well as the others on the list, are not taught in Scripture. They are taught instead by psychics as techniques for achieving a trance state for contacting spirit guides.


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