The Manhattan Declaration: Biblical Expose's of the Manhattan Declaration
Compiled by Chris Lawson


The Manhattan Declaration:

Biblical Expose's of the Manhattan Declaration

Compiled by Chris Lawson

We are seeking to build a movement hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of Catholic, Evangelical, and Eastern Orthodox Christians who will stand together. 


Source: Manhattan Declaration

Help us build a movement    The goal of those who released the Manhattan Declaration is to build a movement of Catholic, Evangelical, and Eastern Orthodox Christians who will stand together alongside other men and women of goodwill to advance the sanctity of life, rebuild and revitalize the marriage culture, and protect religious liberty. We ask you to send an email to your family and friends and ask them to read the declaration and, if they agree, to sign it and share it with others.  

Source: The Manhattan Declaration, 

The Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience is a manifesto issued by evangelical, Catholic and Orthodox Christian leaders to affirm support for the pro-life movement, traditional marriage (in contrast to same-sex marriage, for example), and one's right of freedom of religion (in particular, condoning civil disobedience against laws contradicting those understandings of life and marriage). It was drafted on October 20, 2009 and released November 20, 2009, having been signed by more than 150 American religious leaders. 

Source: Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience, Wikipedia, 


Spiritual Research Network was recently contacted by a deeply saddened Christian who expressed their concern regarding a local Christian pastor who has signed the Manhattan Declaration.

Evangelicals and Catholics do not share the same gospel as they are diametrically opposed to each other.  The Manhattan Declaration craftily joins individuals and ministries from two opposing views of the gospel, into one movement that is seeking to oppose the evils of society.

It is one thing to stand against moral and ethical evils in society, which all Christians should do.  It is quite another to jump on the bandwagon, in the name of Christ, and march arm-in-arm with those who profess and stand for a false gospel such as Roman Catholicism. Evangelicals and Catholics Together did this same type of thing.

Spiritual Research Network recommends the articles below in order to help Christians understand the compromises that are being made when one becomes, or is tempted to become, a signatory of the Manhattan Declaration

The statements below are from various authors who have written well balanced articles exposing the problems with the Manhattan Declaration. The articles are written from the perspective of upholding the Old and New Testaments as inspired by God, inerrant in the original writings, and that they are the supreme and final authority in faith and life.

It is our hope that this small compilation of articles will help clarifty for pastors, church leaders and Christian laypeople alike, that signing the Manhattan Declaration is a compromise with the unbiblical, ecumenical, Roman Catholic gospel.  In signing this document, Christian leaders have set an un-Christian example of walking together with Roman Catholicsm.

  • The Manhattan Declaration and signers can be found at 
  • The following quotes express each author's concerns about the Manhattan Declaration.


Our Regretful Inability To Become A Signatory: The Manhattan Declaration

(On behalf of Moriel Ministries)

...We again emphasize that we are not opposed to Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, or Mormon people personally and we share in the convictions contained in this declaration. While sanctioning the contents, however, we can never become signatory to anything published under the demonic auspices of ecumenical deception or allow ourselves to be hoodwinked by the political antics of Mr. Colson and the religious right of the Republican Party, which has duped Christians and betrayed us so consistently. 

Read entire article here:

Manhattan Declaration

By Mike Gendron (Proclaiming the Gospel)

Whereas it is good to unite as co-belligerents with a united voice to fight moral and political issues, any accord that attempts to overlook, dismiss, nullify or compromise the Gospel is antithetical to the command for all Christians to earnestly contend for the faith. We can never deny the profound importance of protecting the life of every baby and the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. We must earnestly contend against those who seek to destroy both. However, we must remember that this is a spiritual battle which can only be won through fervent prayer and the proclamation of the true Gospel, a Gospel that is denied by every Catholic priest when he offers the Eucharistic Christ upon his altar for the forgiveness of sins. If Evangelicals must put their names on accords, why not draft our own accord that, first and foremost starts with a God-honoring, Christ-exalting unity in the one and only Gospel of grace?

Charles Spurgeon said "To pursue union at the expense of truth is treason to the Lord Jesus". Since we have been sanctified by the truth, we must remain separate for God's glory and purpose. Let us pray to our sovereign Lord, proclaim His glorious Gospel and contend earnestly for the faith.


Alistair Begg’s Response to the “Manhattan Declaration”

Alistair Begg (Parkside Church, Cleveland, Ohio) 

I do not believe it is possible to embrace the premises of ecumenical strategy and still draw the conclusions of evangelical orthodoxy.

In accord with others who have chosen not to sign, my reservation is not with the issues themselves, or in standing with others who share the same concerns, but it is in signing a declaration along with a group of leading churchmen, when I happen to believe that the teaching of some of their churches is in effect a denial of the biblical gospel. I wonder whether it might not have been more advantageous for evangelicals to unite on this matter, rather than seeking cooperation with segments from Rome, Eastern Orthodoxy and the Latter Day Saints.  The necessary co-belligerence, as far as I’m concerned, can never be rooted in a Gospel other than that which has been given to us. 

Read entire article here:

The Manhattan Declaration

(February/March 2010 - Volume 16, Issue 1)

By Gary Gilley (Southview Chapel, Springfield, Illinois)

Instead of drawing moral/political lines in the sand, courageously and even defiantly declaring that we will retreat no further, maybe this would be an excellent opportunity to evaluate whether we have already retreated concerning the gospel.  That ground may have been given because of ecumenical expediency, pluralistic pressures, biblical illiteracy or faith in statements such as The Manhattan Declaration which minimize the uniqueness and narrowness of the gospel message in an attempt to change society.  Rather than giving ground maybe this would be a good time to take a fresh look at the gospel.  Maybe we should define it more carefully, guard it more tenaciously, proclaim it more boldly, and believe in its power more profoundly.  For, after all, Paul tells us it is the power of God unto salvation.  And, after all, it is what Christ has commissioned us to do. 

Read entire article here:

Unity, Diversity and Division that Glorifies God

Claude Stauffe (Calvary Chapel, North Amityville, NY)

The New Testament is full of exhortations to maintain purity and unity in the teachings of God’s holy word (for example Jude 3-4). When we divide from those who disregard or rebel against God, it glorifies God. It glorifies God because it demonstrates we put Him and His word above the comfort that comes from tolerance of sin and compromising the truth He has revealed (for example Matthew 5:10-16; 10:32-39). But even if we disagree with someone and have to remain separate from them, it should still always be in love (John 13:34-35). Making the distinction and separating from the groups I just mentioned is clear cut to anyone who respects and holds dear God and His word. We speak the truth in love and share the gospel with such groups, but we do not unite with them. Division sometimes glorifies God.

There is a unity, diversity and a division that glorifies God. I pray we obey God and submit to Him in these things and that He is glorified greatly as a result. 

Read entire article here:

The Manhattan Declaration 

Source: Pulpit Magazine, November 24, 2009

John MacArthur (Grace to You)

In short, support for The Manhattan Declaration would not only contradict the stance I have taken since long before the original “Evangelicals and Catholics Together” document was issued; it would also tacitly relegate the very essence of gospel truth to the level of a secondary issue.  That is the wrong way—perhaps the very worst way—for evangelicals to address the moral and political crises of our time. Anything that silences, sidelines, or relegates the gospel to secondary status is antithetical to the principles we affirm when we call ourselves evangelicals. 


Should Christians Sign The Manhattan Declaration?

by Pastor Adam Gislason

So in light of the Scriptures, how is signing the Manhattan Declaration as a Christian marking and avoiding false teachers? How is signing the Manhattan Declaration as a Christian having nothing to do with false teachers? And how is signing the Manhattan Declaration as a Christian not fellowshipping with false teachers?

Signing the Manhattan Declaration as a Christian is in direct disobedience to the Lord. At the end of the day, we as Christians need to obey what the Scriptures say and not what we think is best. The Israelites had the same problem, let’s not repeat history.

The last days will be marked by great apostasy within the church which we are seeing before our very eyes and documents like the Manhattan Declaration in the larger scheme of things will only serve to bring a rise to an ecumenical one-world religion, a one-world religious leader, who will serve the one-world leader-the Antichrist.

These are perilous times. Christians and Christian leaders alike need to wake up. 


The Manhattan Declaration:  Another Dominionist Covenant

by Pastor Larry DeBruyn

There is much more that we could say and write.[6] Those who have a passion for discernment research can follow the fascinating rabbit trails to learn more about the interesting list of "who's who" of document signers,[7] what they believe, their connections and interests.[8] There is plenty of evidence that this whole thing is about Dominionism.[9]

Suffice it to summarize our cynicism about The Manhattan Declaration by suggesting that readers sit up and pay notice to what might surface in the coming months as a Christian Right-morphing-into-Emergent ecumenical political agenda. 

Read entire article here:

Manhattan Declaration: “Perhaps Millions” Being Led Toward the New Age/New Spirituality

by Deborah Dombrowski, Lighthouse Trails Research Project

For those who have any doubts as to the deceptive all-out efforts by Satan to destroy God’s truth by introducing “another gospel” (II Corinthians 11:4), especially in today’s world where the last days birth pangs are increasing (Matthew 24), we recommend you view a new film documentary titled A Lamp in the Dark (see link below). If you think there hasn’t been an ongoing move to destroy God’s Word and the true Gospel message, then this is a must-see film.  Before signing the ecumenical Manhattan Declaration, thinking that this kind of joint declaration is going to “save” America, get all the facts and ask the Lord for His wisdom (James 1:5-6),  not the dubious “wisdom” of Christian leaders today.

Lighthouse Trails is certainly not against standing up for morality. On the contrary. But one must look at the spiritual undertones that have found their way into Christianity today, including the endeavor addressed in this article. We must always keep in mind what Roman Catholic theologian Karl Rahner said, that the Christian of the future will be a mystic or he will be nothing at all. His vision is becoming more and more a reality.

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. James 1:5-6

Read entire article here:

Audio Clip: A Rebuke to the Manhattan Declaration Signatories

by Pastor Ralph Ovadal

The Manhattan Declaration is an ungodly manifesto, contemptuous of the blood and righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is an ecumenical treatise, complete with a Romish gospel and shot through and through with popish error. Those evangelicals who have authored this document and who have led the way in signing it show themselves to be in rebellion to God. It is, in their case, a brazen manifesto of treason against the Lord Jesus Christ. And they are not friends but rather are enemies of Christian liberty in that they disobey and provoke the Author of liberty with their spiritual fornication, even wresting His word and corrupting His blood-bought church. It is the biblical duty of all faithful Christian pastors to stand against the evangelical authors of the Manhattan Declaration and all evangelicals who sign it or promote it in any way. Such betrayers of Christ and His church must be separated from and called to account by all faithful Christian ministers and people. 

Listen to audio and read, "A Short Statement in Response to the Manhattan Declaration"


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