North Coast Calvary Chapel Breached Indeed!: What Will The North Coast Calvary Chapel Leaders Do?
By Chris Lawson (May 10, 2013)


North Coast Calvary Chapel Breached Indeed!

What Will The North Coast Calvary Chapel Leaders Do?

By Chris Lawson (May 10, 2013)

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The current issue at North Coast Calvary Chapel (NCCC) in Carlsbad, California is rather bleak to say the least. The fact that yet another article had to be written exposing Calvary Chapel compromise goes to show that there is no slowing down of ecumenical compromise within the Calvary Chapel movement. 

There is plenty of documentation available on the Internet exposing years of Calvary Chapel compromise. Christian apologetics ministries have sought to address these things for a long time now, but shouldn't it be Calvary Chapel pastors keeping each other accountable? Of course it should be!

Sadly, as the record shows, Calvary Chapel leadership is doing far less to expose error in its own ranks than Christian research and apologetics ministries. This is obvious for all to see and it is extremely embarrassing for Calvary Chapel pastors who are sincerely trying to shepherd the flock of God without compromise. But why won't the "faithful" shepherds publicly denounce the ecumenical compromises within their own ranks? Are they afraid of displeasing Chuck Smith, or being ostracized by fellow pastors?

The following webpage contains some of the issues I have tried to address personally, but this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what is documented on the Internet: Calvary Chapel Alert For Pastors and Church Leaders: Documenting the Progression of Compromise and Ecumenical Relations. [1]

Those that refuse to acknowledge the increase in compromise that has been going on for years now are either totally ignorant of what is occurring, or they are willfully choosing to reject the reality of it all. Personally, I do care about Calvary Chapel and I am writing this because I spent nearly a quarter of a century serving within the movement - that's over half of my adult life! Again, I do care, but far too many leaders have proven time and again that they don't care what researchers and apologetics ministries, missionaries and concerned pastors have to say. This is tragic!

So how do I know about these compromises? Because I personally have tried to deal with numerous issues like this current one that is out of control at North Coast Calvary Chapel. How long have I been trying to deal with issues that are ruining fellowships? For over ten years!

Altogether, it appears that the lopsided "picking and choosing" of which (church/leader) to favor, and which (church/leader) not to favor, from higher up authority, has become too much for many people to bare. I left the Calvary Chapel movement because it was obvious that my voice - as a deeply concerned Calvary Chapel pastor who faithfully served Jesus Christ within the Calvary Chapel movement - was not "favored."

In fact, one could say I was literally run off!  My letters, phone calls, e-mails, personal meetings, extensive documentation and more, have all fallen on deaf ears. Perhaps Jim Fletcher's timely and sobering article will do more to sound the alarm than I ever could.

Speaking of Jim Fletcher's article, which came out earlier this week (Calvary Chapel Breached), it is concise and well written. His words express what many people are deeply concerned about - another mind boggling Calvary Chapel compromise. This time though, the compromise entails the allowance of Sami Awad speaking at North Coast Calvary Chapel. This compromise shouldn't be a surprise though, as this Calvary Chapel fellowship has also hosted study groups using the hardcore contemplative study series called The Apprentice Series (see Richard Foster and his protégé, James Bryan Smith of Renovare). 
Furthermore, the adult ministries pastor, Pastor Jim Doyle, does yogaYes, that's right - a Calvary Chapel pastor doing yoga! (Letter on file). See video here.

Perhaps The Apprentice Series and the yoga issue would be none-issues, but they are not. Had Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowships, Inc. (now Calvary Chapel Association of Ministries) kept their 2006 'Parson-to-Parson' document online, perhaps this church would realize that it should expose and separate from Emerging Church doctrines and Contemplative spirituality/New Spirituality/New Gospel practices. Perhaps, but doubtful.

What was the response when Mr. Fletcher's article immediately circulated at high speed on the Internet after it came out? Many others posted it. This is good. I however personally hesitated simply because I am at the exhaustion point of trying to deal with Calvary Chapel issues.

As of early this morning, Friday May 10, 2013, Sami Awad was still scheduled to speak at NCCC. 

Just out of curiosity, I thought I would call the church (this morning) to see what kind of response I would get when asking if this event was still scheduled for this evening. I certainly was not surprised in the least at the response I received. It was to be expected - the same old excuse, the same old procedure, the same old deflection tactics. I have seen this type of thing for years now when Calvary Chapel church leaders resist accountability. The representative I spoke with - church office staff who are simply caught in the crossfire - stated directly to me on the telephone that the church "is encouraging people with concerns [about this event] to simply come and check it and see for themselves."

Simply put, if I can use a bit of healthy sarcasm here to illustrate my point, this seems to be the mentality behind what we are seeing, "Forget the warnings, forget Sami Awad's unbiblical actions, forget all the Christian apologetics ministries and concerned pastors, teachers, researchers, authors, bloggers, ministry leaders and all the Christians who seek to uphold the biblical principle of separating from those who bring contrary teachings, just forget it all and come along with us and enjoy. Are there concerns? Maybe, but we'll figure it all out later, it's all good!"

So what more can be done? People call, people write articles, people get frustrated and confront their Calvary Chapel leaders who either pursue unbiblical error - or join with others that do so - and then the leaders back-peddle and deflect issues in order to "save face." These things ought not be!

At the end of the day, more people will just exit this church, for good! Others who have contacted me directly with their concerns have already left Calvary Chapel - and will never go back! Like many others who have left compromised Calvary Chapel fellowships after confronting leaders who fail to implement what Scripture teaches about biblical separation, the tears will flow and the sheep will be scattered. The biblical injunction is clear regarding what North Coast Calvary Chapel should do about the Sami Awad issue.

"Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them." (Romans 16:17).

It is quite simple isn't it? But why is it so hard for so many Calvary Chapel leaders to figure it out? The reason is simple. It seems that for the ost part, the movement as a whole has failed to train pastors and leaders the clear and thoroughly systematic principle of biblical separation from false teachers and compromised leaders - within the church. The Bible teaches that we are to warn of deception and to teach the Word of God and with this we are to separate from all who bring teachings contrary to the doctrine of Christ, this includes non-Christian religions and imposters masquarading as ministrers of righteousness (2 Cor. 11:13-15).

This is the root of Calvary Chapel compromise and the blighting plague that is more and more destroying the movement from within. May God help the pastors to see what is going on, before the entire movement is destroyed.


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