Exposing Pseudo-Christian Cults: Articles and Links Exposing Cults and Cultic Movements and Groups
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Exposing Pseudo-Christian Cults:

Articles and Links Exposing Cults and Cultic Movements and Groups

The article links below show what these groups CLAIM and what these groups BELIEVE; then, EXPOSE the false beliefs. The articles are from various ministries who have done in-depth research and exposed the perversions of Scripture that these groups promote.
For a much broader listing of cults and cultic movements/groups, visit The Centers For Apologetic Research (CFAR) International and use their massive Cult Expose' Search Engine.
From the Worldview Dictionary we find the following definition:
"Pseudo-Christian Religion:  a group of people gathered around an individual (a group of individuals or an organization), who, while claiming to be the true Christian Church and teach true Christianity, actually distorts and denies the foundational and distinctive doctrines of the Christian faith."  (Source)
These are examples of Pseudo-Christian Religion, also known as "cults."
Pseudo-Christian Cults
  • Another Jesus
  • Armstongism - Herbert W. Armstrong
  • Children of God/The Family
  • Christadelphians
  • Christian Family Fellowship (CFF)
  • Christian Science
  • Church of Religious Science
  • Church of Christ (Cambellites)
  • Harold Camping - FamilyRadio.Com, Family Ministries, Inc. [Books: 1994? and Time Has An End]
  • International Churches of Christ (ICOC) - See alternate names below
  • Jehovah's Witnesses & WBTS
  • Mind Sciences
  • Mormonism - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Oneness Pentecostals - Oneness, Jesus Only
  • Seventh-day Adventists
  • Snake Handlers
  • Spiritualist Churches
  • The Way International
  • The Unitarian Universalist Community
  • Unification Church (Moonies)
  • Unitarian Universalist Assoc.
  • Unity School of Christianity
  • Word Faith / Prosperity
These following links are to recommended articles exposing the teachings and dangers of Pseudo-Christian Religion.
Another Jesus
Armstrongism (Herbert W. Armstrong)
Children of God / The Family (aka: Family of Love, The Family International Fellowship; Fellowship of Independent Missionary Communities)
Christian Family Fellowship (CFF)
  • Christian Family Fellowship - See, CARM (Christian Apologetics Resource Ministry)
Christian Science
Church of Religious Science
Harold Camping (Family Ministries, Inc., FamilyRadio.Com, Family Radio (FR) Worldwide)
International Church of Christ (ICOC)
     Alternate Name(s):
  • International Churches of Christ
  • "Christian Advance"
  • Campus Advance
  • Alpha Omega
  • Upside Down Club
  • Campus Christian Movement
  • Students Advocating Christianity Today
  • "Hope On Campus"
  • Aces Online
  • ICC
  • Boston Church of Christ
  • Formerly: Boston Movement
International Church of Christ (ICOC)
"The following clips are taken from VHS tapes and converted to a digital format.  Sometimes the picture quality suffers because of the age of the tapes.  We present these clips as overview of some of the news stories done on the ICOC over the years.  Copyrights remain with the original news organizations."
Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society)
Mormonism (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
Oneness Pentecostals
Seventh-day Adventists
Snake Handling Pentecostal Sects
Spiritualism (Spiritualist Churches)
The Way International
Unification Church (Moonies)
Unitarian Universalist Association (UU) - Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations in North America
Unity School of Christianity
Word Faith / Prosperity (Cultic Heresies and Influences)
  • Benny Hinn - Everything You Need To Know [Benny_Hinn]
  • Letter to the President of Fiji concerning Benny Hinn - Mike Luo, The New York Times [Letter_to_the_President_of_Fiji.htm]
A Note About: Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and GOD TV

The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and GOD TV both endorse and broadcast many Word Faith and Third Wave Signs and Wonders Movement teachings.
We do understand that not everyone on TBN and GOD TV is teaching from this theological perspective, yet the vast majority of them are. Sadly, some people who teach sound doctrine have seen fit to associate themselves with these TV Networks.
These TV networks clearly endorse false teaching and have been called to account countless times by sound discernment ministries. TBN and God TV still endorse false teaching. They claim to be Christian networks but they will not repent from the endorsement and global promotion unbiblical, blatantly antiChrist heresies! This is treason, in the name of Christ, against Almighty God. This confuses countless Christians around the world who wonder why the sound Bible teachers that are aired on these networks won't rebuke and call the networks to account. Why won't these Bible teachers disassociate themselves (and their ministries) from TV networks that promote unbiblical teachings? Becuase they are either totally deceived, or because they want to deceive others.

The main problem is that the Word Faith Prosperity message and the teachers associated with it have fallen prey to the very subtle and at times very blatant heresies. These false teachings on TBN and GOD TV can clearly be found paralleled in the world of the Mind Science cults (See Mind Sciences; New Thought; E.W. Kenyon; Witchcraft).
The "Name It and Claim It" teachings and techniques are essentially the same as 'the Force' found in the in the occult. Many of the "Charismania" manifestations in these movements can be categorically refuted as showman chicanery and counterfeits. Many of them are even demonic in origin. Simply put, much that can be found on TBN and GOD TV can be seen in non-Christian cults and the occult. To deny this after seeing the evidence and examining the teachings would be delusion at best, insanity at worst.

If you are reading this and you believe that our assessment of the Word Faith and Third Wave teachings is untrue, we ask that you would read a number of discernment articles, WATCH the ONLINE VIDEO CLIPS and LISTEN to the ONLINE AUDIO FILES. The Bible is very clear about testing all things. Regardless of what teacher, evangelist, pastor or movement it is, if they deceive you don't say Jesus didn't warn you. He said many would come in His name claiming to be the Christ (Christos), or Anointed.
Many of these entire movements are centered around "anointing's" and some of the leaders have even claimed to be "a god", "God manifest in human flesh," "a little messiah on the earth," etc. Take a look at our links and read the information.
Also of note is the fact that the Metaphysical Pseudo-Christian cults such as Mind Science and New Thought influenced the early televangelist faith healers and teachers.
Furthermore, countless aberrant and off-base Christian leaders have jumped on board with TBN and GOD TV and have created what is known today as the Word Faith, Third Wave, Signs and Wonders and New Apostolic Reformation movements (and many more).
Sadly, those who do not care enough to research the backgrounds of the Word Faith teachers they are listening to will be deceived. By not testing their teachings against sound Biblical theology, they will succumb the Prince of Darkness and the satanic forces that do his will.
What the Bible warned of nearly 2000 years ago can be seen on TV and in churches virtually everywhere.
"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away [their] ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry."  (2 Timothy 4:3-4)

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