Secret Societies Exposed: Inside the Hidden World of  Secret Societies
By Evangelical Truth


Secret Societies Exposed

Inside the Hidden World of  Secret Societies

By Evangelical Truth


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The following quotes and content on this webpage come directly from Evangelical Truth, a ministry committed to exposing the lies and deception of secret societies, regardless of the consequences:

This site provides an unprecedented insight into the mystical domain of secret societies throughout the world. It looks at their hidden secret society degrees, rituals, secrets and esoteric teaching. It examines, in detail, Freemasonry, which is widely accepted as the mother of most of our modern-day secret society organizations. The site looks at the many so-called Protestant secret societies, which have been birthed by Freemasonry, like the Orange Order, the Independent Loyal Orange Institution and the Royal Black Institution and compares, contrasts and examines the similarities between these neo-Masonic structures and their ritualistic degrees. For anyone interested in the various Secret societies of the world this site will be a valuable resource. It essentially exposes the secret societies inside secrets.

This site creates a unique facility for those both on the inside and outside of the many secret societies of the world who desire to examine otherwise hard-to-obtain internal material relating to the many esoteric secret societies throughout the world. This informative in-depth resource centre discloses startling evidence about the origins, structures, secrets, degrees and rituals of bodies which have hitherto been concealed from the public gaze. This website will endeavour to examine in an open objective manner the internal workings of these secret societies, and establish their status in relation to the Christian faith and the teaching of the Bible (a book these secret societies so frequently employ).

Who exactly are the Loyal Orders?


Freemasonry is without doubt the largest and most powerful secret society existing throughout the globe today, having millions of members world wide. It is probably as strong and influential in Ireland and Scotland as anywhere else throughout the world. However, like never before, Freemasonry, its degrees and secrets are being exposed in great detail thus revealing more and more elements of its true nature, workings and its purpose for existing. This is causing damage within and damage without. The Masonic membership is becoming increasingly concerned with its image, whilst potential members are shunning the order in significant numbers. With these public revelations (which are being channelled mainly through television, books and the onset of the internet), Freemasonry has been exposed to greater outside examination. Secrets, teaching and practices that were once concealed behind a thick wall of secrecy are now freely out in the public domain for all to view.

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The Orange Order is a large exclusively Protestant secret society. The Orange Order is one of the biggest secret societies existing throughout the world today, having tens of thousands of members in Ireland, Britain, America, and throughout the British Commonwealth (especially Australia, Canada and New Zealand). Notwithstanding, whilst most people today are aware of the existence of the Order, few know anything about its inner teaching and practices. The Orange Order has succeeded, where other secret bodies have failed, in concealing its secrets and mysteries from outside scrutiny. The Independent Orange Institution on the other hand is a breakaway from the senior order.

To read more visit this expose' page The Orange Order and also view About Masonic Origins.

A biblical response from Evangelical Truth to the Royal Arch Purple Chapter's response (by Rev. Ron Johnstone) to Behind Closed Doors - Behind Closed Minds


There were three main degrees worked within the Orange Order in its early days between 1795 and 1798. These were - the Orange degree, the Orange Marksman degree and the Purple Marksman degree. Whilst little is known of the exact content of these three degrees it seems certain that they were highly ritualistic in character, being modelled on the first three degrees of Freemasonry, namely, Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason.

  • Orange degree - Entered Apprentice degree
  • Orange Marksman degree - Fellowcraft degree
  • Purple Marksman degree  - Master Mason degree

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The Royal Arch Purple degree (The Orange Order's 'Royal Arch Purple degree' exposed)

A Biblical Analysis of the Royal Arch Purple degree

between the Royal Arch Purple degree and Freemasonry

Testimonies from former members


Royal Black Institution in crisis

Ghoulish Black Practices Exposed for the first time in over 212 years

The "Royal" Black Institution, which is also commonly known as the Royal Black Preceptory, is looked upon by its members as the senior order within Orangeism. The Black Preceptory is looked upon by outsiders as "more religious" and "more dignified" than the Orange Order.

The Royal Black Preceptory consists of eleven degrees.

Royal Black Degrees Exposed


Whilst most people are familiar with the existence of the Royal Black Institution, few know anything about its two sister Black-orders (1) the “Protestant” ‘Knights of Malta’, and (2) the ‘Royal Britannic Association’ (which is now extinct). The “Protestant” Knights of Malta seems to have arisen in Scotland in the mid-1830s where its influence was mainly contained, although it did make some slight in-roads into Ulster and the North of England in the 1840s. It then took upon itself the ostentatious title of ‘Ancient and Illustrious Order of Knights of Malta’ or ‘Knight Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem’. Even though its influence has always been small in Ireland it was given a breath of life in the early 20th century with the formation of the Independent Orange. It was taken under the wing of the Independents and became the senior order of the institution in much the same way the Black relates to the Orange Order.

To read more visit "Protestant" Knights of Malta


Buy 'Inside the Royal Black Institution' direct from the Publisher

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Ghoulish Black Practices Exposed for the first time in over 212 years
Starling detail on the Royal Black's macabre usage of human skulls in their rituals, including drinking from an exhumed skull-cap.

Royal Black Institution in crisis
The recent release of the explosive Black book Inside the Royal Black Institution has rocked the Royal Black Institution to the core and driven its usually enthusiastic PR representatives into the trenches.

Loyal Orange Order membership in stark decline

Exposing the Oranger Order cover up in regard to membership numbers.

Who exactly are the Loyal Orders?
The Loyal Orders defined and examined.

A book for ‘black men’ to seriously consider
Book critique of the new explosive publication Inside the Royal Black Institution by Cecil Andrew of Take Heed Ministries.

The Masonic White Apron
The spiritual significance of the The Masonic white apron

Evangelical Truth Expose Freemasonry on RTE
Flagging Freemasons secret society admits RTE cameras in desperate bid to recruit

English Grand Lodge response to Behind Closed Doors
Grand Chaplain to the Grand Orange Lodge of England JRG Harvey has recently released a book in response to Behind Closed Doors called “The Royal Arch Purple Degree – A Response to W.P. Malcomson.” It is essentially a defence of the Order and its teaching and practices from an internal Orange perspective.

Christ broke every generational curse at the Cross
Removing many of the myths surrounding generational curses from Scripture

The "Royal Black Institution Oath
Exposed publicly for the first time publicly.

We are submitting this evangelical response to the Independent Loyal Orange Institution’s response to Behind Closed Doors. The Independent Orange’s reply to the book was made by the Grand Master George Dawson in the form of a sermon in Tandragee, County Armagh to fellow Independent Orangemen. In our response, we have deliberately chose to concentrate upon the issues relating to the Independent’s ritualistic Royal Arch Purple degree rather than to directly reply to Mr Dawson’s many unfair personal insults and libellous comments against the author of Behind Closed Doors. Continue reading here.

Testionines From Former Members
Testimonies from some of the many evangelicals currently resigning from the Orange Order, the Royal Arch Purple Order and the Royal Black Institution.

Travel inside the Independent "Loyal" Orange Institution
View its degrading neo-Masonic ritualistic initiation ceremonies and discover how the institution is struggling with the internal growth of drunkenness and paramilitary behaviour.

Biblical Doctrine on its Deathbed!
A important consideration of the noticeable decline of the biblical doctrine of separation.

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