History of SRN
Founded in Edinburgh, Scotland, 2004


Spiritual Research Network (SRN) was founded in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2004 as part of Chris Lawson's Scotland Missions outreach (2003-2007).

While living and serving in Edinburgh, a culture thoroughly steeped in secular humanism, evolutionary theory and Neopagan occult spirituality, we established SRN for the purpose of helping equip Christian churches and individual believers with biblical discernment.

In conjunction with biblical preaching and teaching, we have been fully committed to confronting spiritual deception found in cults, the occult, the New Age movement and in abusive churches. The reason we do this is so that people can be set free from spiritual enslavement and its devastating consequences.

Although very unpopular in an age of political correctness, we have always taken an unwavering stand against mystical, occult, New Age (The New Gospel) and Contemplative Spirituality (Spiritual Formation) practices. The reason for this is that the unbiblical doctrines and practices of contemplative spirituality (Eastern mysticism/occultism) have infiltrated countless churches and Christian universities and colleges around the world. The contemplative movement continues to spread through the Emerging Church and Ecumenical and Interfaith movements.

Due to the fact that many practices being promoted in churches today are rooted in mysticism and occult philosophy (pantheism, panentheism, monism), we have sought to educate people about these spiritual deceptions and the many practical problems associated with believing in them. We have also provided the biblical alternative to such and the Scriptural basis for doing so.

We have also sought to explain how the teachings and methods of mystics and Eastern gurus (centering prayer, visualization, yoga, mantras, etc.) are being passed on to undiscerning Christians - pastors, church leaders and churchgoers alike. Along with other like-minded ministries, we continue to sound the alarm to the church and anyone who will listen.

As part of our teaching activities we have sought to educate people in the basics of biblical discernment. We have wanted to communiucate to people how to avoid spiritual abuse and deception (coercion, mind control, manipulation) and popular heresies such as the Christianized occult “anointing,” the lying signs and wonders movements, the dangers of Replacement Theology, and much more.

Throughout the years we have remained solidly committed to proclaiming the biblical Gospel and encouraging spiritual discernment among those who regard themselves as Biblical Christians. Believing that our primary task is to proclaim Jesus Christ as God's only provision whereby sinners can be forgiven and declared righteous before God, we have always placed our greatest emphasis upon the person, work and nature of Jesus Christ.

In the Spring of 2007 our ministry was relocated to the Central Coast of California.

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