Don Stewart & Brian Broderson Give Pastoral Counsel That Roman Catholic "Confirmation" is Not Harmful
Commentary and Transcription By Chris Lawson (February 13, 2014)


Don Stewart & Brian Broderson Give Pastoral Counsel

That Roman Catholic "Confirmation" is Not Harmful

(Commentary & Transcript)
By Chris Lawson (February 13, 2014)
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Catechism of the Catholic Church

  • “Confirmation, like Baptism, imprints a spiritual mark or indelible character on the Christian's soul...” - Catechism of the Catholic Church #1317
  • “The imposition of hands is rightly recognized by the Catholic tradition as the origin of the sacrament of Confirmation...”  - Catechism of the Catholic Church #1288
  • “For by the sacrament of Confirmation, [the baptized] are more perfectly bound to the Church...” - Catechism of the Catholic Church #1285

The Holy Bible, KJV

  • “For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men...Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.”  Mark 7:8-9
  • “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”  – Galatians 5:1
  • “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.”  Galatians 5:9


Roman Catholic Confirmation is purely Roman Catholic, is part of the works-based counterfeit salvation of Roman Catholicism, and it has the capacity to delude all who partake in it. Confirmation leads one further into Catholicism's false teachings, not closer to the biblical Jesus of Nazareth.

The following statements by Brian Broderson and Don Stewart speak for themselves. As such, it seems only right that all Calvary Chapel pastors should be doubly concerned about the type of "counsel" that is coming from Calvary Chapel's flagship radio program, Pastor's Perspective.

Here is the transcript of Brian Broderson and Don Stewart from the Pastor’s Perspective counsel they gave on Tuesday, February 11, 2014.

Brian Broderson states, “I wouldn't say that there's anything harmful about somebody going through something like this [Roman Catholic Confirmation].” Don Stewart agrees with Broderson and emphasizes that it would be okay!

The entirety of the transcript is included so that the reader can see the context in which the statements were made.

Italicized text in the transcript represents the original verbal emphasis in the radio program, and the underlined text is for emphasis here in this article.

Pastor's Perspective with Don Stewart and Brian Broderson

KWVE Radio (February 11, 2014)

Source: , Accessed February 13, 2014.

First phone-in caller from minute 3:54 to 9:28.


 [Conversation begins at minute 3:54]

STEWART: Okay let's go to Chris from Chino Hills California up first on Terrific Tuesday. Hi Chris welcome to the program!

CHRIS (CALLER): Hi guys thank you for taking my call.

BRODERSON/STEWART: You’re welcome! -- You're welcome!

CHRIS (CALLER): Um, I had a question um, I’ve been going back and forth a lot with my wife regarding this Confirmation thing, um and I told the screener that um I, I've been Catholic up until like two years ago and then I started going to Calvary Chapel, I go to Chino Hills with Jack Hibbs.


CHRIS (CALLER): The whole Confirmation thing I didn't fully believe it while I was a Catholic, and I still have a hard time trying to understand exactly what is going on, and we have to have a meeting tonight with somebody at the church we go to because my 16 (15?  SOMEWHAT INAUDIBLE) year old daughter don't want to finish, and my wife wants her to finish, and I'm not fully behind my wife on this situation, but I want to do what's biblically correct as far as standing behind my wife but I also want to do what's right by God.

STEWART: Yeah, okay, well Brian you’re in a position certainly to explain it to Chris what, what's going on.

BRODERSON: Yeah, well, well Chris first of all I would say, ya know, the most important thing in regard to your daughter would be for her to want to do something, ya know if, if somebody is being sort of forced to do something you know that's spiritual, that's not the proper basis for ever doing anything that's spiritual. We need to do it of our own volition, so, uh, you know that, that's one point that I would maybe you know bring up to your wife if your, if your daughter doesn't really want to do it than what's the point of doing it in the first place.

Confirmation, um what happens in Confirmation is at the age you know twelve, thirteen, which is where your daughter's at, um, you know, in the Catholic Church of course people are baptized as infants, and so they're trusting that you know you were baptized as an infant, your parents and of course there you have godparents as well they were responsible to kind of give you an upbringing in the faith, and then when you reach the age of twelve or thirteen you get confirmed, this is where you sort of, you know, uh you didn't have any power over your baptism when you were a baby but this is now a, a time where you can sort of, um, on your own say, "Yes I want to be a Catholic" and the idea too is that this is the, the Holy Spirit um according to their theology, the Holy Spirit is you know Confirming you in your faith, at this time.

So, um, you know all of these things are obviously complicated in the fact that your wife, um, you know apparently is remaining a Catholic and, and wants her, her daughter to be that, and then of course just the Catholic view of the whole thing. Um, I wouldn't say that there's anything harmful about somebody going through something like this, I don't think it would be something that you just absolutely no way could not do this and remain in good standing with Jesus, I don't think that that would be an issue there, um, it, it sounds more like it is just a, a bit of a conflict, you know, a family conflict, a conflict between you and your wife and different, different opinions about, um, how to go forward with your child, so, uh, I don't know.

STEWART: Hmmm, when you, you were Confirmed right Brian? Did you go through the Confirmation…

BRODERSON: -- I, I didn't, do it.

STEWART: -- Oh you did, you got, you got the baptism but didn't get the second half?


BRODERSON: No, because by the time Confirmation came around I was ready to, jet the church –

STEWART: -- Ditch it!

BRODERSON: -- go out and you know do my own thing. But then later I came back to the [ROMAN CATHOLIC] Church in my late teens, and got re-involved but I never did get re-Confirmed.

STEWART: Hmmm, mm, mm, yeh, I, I had a bunch of Roman Catholic friends growing up and I remember they talked about Confirmation and all of that then they went out and got drunk afterwards, it was like, what did it mean to em? We were all unbelievers at that time.

BRODERSON: Well that's it Don, you know, the, the problem is of course this is just a religionyou know, and it’s a ritual for most people --


BRODERSON: -- I mean there are a few people [A FEW PEOPLE?] that take it more seriously and so forth, but it is a ritual and um most people are doing it because they are being forced to do it by their parents, quite frankly.

STEWART: Yeah, and it sounds like Chris is gonna have some issues down the line with his wife, you know, Protestant/Catholic and, a lot of different things.

BRODERSON: Yeah, but I, but I, like I said, I think um, you know if your daughter wanted to do it then I would say "let her do it, it's not going to hurt her," um you know God can use these things, uh, but on the other hand, um, if she doesn't want to do it like I said this might be a good talking point…


BRODERSON: -- between you and your wife, and, the person that you're going to meet with tonight, if you are going to meet with a deacon or a priest in the church you might let em' know that she doesn't want to do it, I would think, you know if I was in that position and I heard somebody, you know, if I, somebody said "I don't want to be baptized" I wouldn't baptize em'.

STEWART: Yeah, I, uh, that was going to be my next question, "What about, do people, if they don't want to be Confirmed but their parents are pushing forcing em' do they still do it anyway, is that how it works?"

BRODERSON: Well, uh, you do what your parents tell you to do.

STEWART: I gotcha, okay, I gotcha!...


STEWART: -- So uh, and so the people there don't have any say so, right, at the Church, they, ya know, if someone says, they want…?

BRODERSON: Well I, I would think the priest could say, "Well you know it's probably not a good time…


BRODERSON: -- maybe we should wait till", that's what, that's what I would do –

STEWART: Exactly!

BRODERSON: -- but who knows?

STEWART: Yeah, I don't know, okay.

STEWART: Well, Chris, you know, you'll need wisdom there, we'll ask the Lord to give you some wisdom on that, but uh, again like, like Brian said, if she does go through with it there's nothing wrong with doing something like that, as long as you are, ya know telling her that that's, her baptism didn't save her she needs that personal relationship with Christ, that is the important thing.

BRODERSON: Right, right.

STEWART: Okay David from Riverside has got an interesting question here on Terrific Tuesday, Hi David welcome to the program…

[Conversation ends at minute 9:28.]

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