Todd Bentley: Punching Preacher
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Todd Bentley: Punching Preacher

Articles by Bud Press

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Update March 26, 2014: Bud Press's article are being added to the SRN website as time allows.


  • Todd Bentley: Bring the Power, Not the Gospel

  • Todd Bentley: Denied, Banned, and Cancelled

  • Is Todd Bentley Living in Divine Health?

  • Todd Bentley and the Spirit of Thor

  • Todd Bentley Banned From the United Kingdom

  • Todd Bentley: Truly Misleading

  • In Whom Will You Trust? Todd Bentley or Jesus Christ?

  • - - - Points to Ponder – Patricia King, Kris Vallotton, Todd Bentley, Benny Hinn

  • Todd Bentley – CRS Letter to the People of Haiti

  • - - - Points to Ponder – Todd Bentley, Benny Hinn, Rick Joyner, and False Teachers

  • Todd Bentley or Jesus Christ?

  • Todd Bentley Kicks ‘Older Lady’ With His ‘Biker-Boot’ – And the Audience Laughed

  • Todd Bentley’s Miraculous Healings? – Allow The Bible to Decide

  • Todd Bentley and the ‘13th Resurrection’ – What Was the Name of That Funeral Home?

  • - - - Points to Ponder – Patricia King, Melissa Fisher, Todd Bentley, IHOP, Caleb Brundidge

  • Todd Bentley – Hotel Fire in Seattle Judgment from the ‘Lord’ or ‘Accidental’?

  • Bonnie Jones and Her B-Movie ‘DREAM’ – And You Thought Todd Bentley’s ‘Operation’ Was Sickening?

  • Todd Bentley – An Angel Named ‘Mary’

  • Todd Bentley – His Muscle-Bound Jesus

  • Todd Bentley – Sultan of Slap

  • Todd Bentley – Time Traveler?

  • Todd Bentley – Claimed But Not Ordained

  • Todd Bentley’s Preaching the Gospel ‘Won’t Win Souls’ – Kingdom Rising or Self-Rising Kingdom?

  • Todd Bentley’s ‘Special Commissioning Service’ – CRS Statement

  • Todd Bentley – Six Simple Questions

  • Todd Bentley – Tweets on Twitter not Twitterrific

  • Todd Bentley – Crowing for Dollars

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