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From The New Age To Amazing Grace


Warren B. Smith (B.A. University of Pennsylvania; M.S.W. Tulane University) is a free lance writer and community social worker who was formerly involved in the New Age movement. He has served as a program coordinator for people with special needs, directed several homeless programs, and has worked as a Hospice social worker in New Orleans and on the California coast.

Warren has written extensively on the subject of spiritual deception and has spoken on radio, television, and at seminars and conferences. He is the author of six books, The Light That Was Dark, Deceived on Purpose, False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care?, A "Wonderful" Deception, Watering the Greyhound Garden, and "Another Jesus" Calling.

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  • Note to the Reader
  • Chapter 1 Update - A Course in Miracles
  • Chapter 2 Update - Barbara Marx Hubbard
  • Chapter 3 Update - Neale Donald Walsch
  • Chapter 4 Update - Maitreya
  • Chapter 5 Update - Meditation and Contemplative Prayer: Test the Spirits
  • Chapter 6 Update - Global Renaissance Alliance
  • Chapter 7 Update - The New Gospel Campaign for Peace
  • Chapter 8 Update - The Armageddon Alternative
  • Chapter 9 Update - The New Gospel & “Doctrine of Separation”
  • Chapter 10 Update - The Silent Church
  • Chapter 11 Update - The Final Word
  • Epilogue - Update



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Pressing On Through It All: Scriptural Encouragement For These Last Days

A Devotional Book

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Books by Warren B. Smith

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The Light That Was Dark: From the New Age to Amazing Grace


The autobiography of Warren B. Smith, who as a spiritual seeker, was lead into the metaphysical New Age where the Christ proclaimed wasn’t the real Christ at all. Concerned that today’s church is being seduced by the same false teachings and the same false Christ that drew him into the New Age, Smith shares his story in a most compelling way.






False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care?: What New Age Leaders Really Have in Store for America, the Church and the World


False Christ Coming – Does Anybody Care? is the original Reinventing Jesus Christ by Warren B. Smith, published in 2002.

Many church leaders believe that Antichrist is alive and well in the world today. But what is being left out of the discussion is how this coming false “Christ” has already mainstreamed his New Age Gospel and New Spirituality into the world and into the church. Just as Hitler telegraphed his plans in Mein Kampf, so Antichrist has telegraphed his plans through his designated false teachers. Author Warren B. Smith is a former follower of this New Age “Christ.” False Christ Coming - Does Anybody Care? describes the deceptive teachings that undergird Antichrist’s deceptive Peace Plan. This book is a wake-up call to a church that remains strangely silent and in deep denial about the very deception that Jesus warned would come in His name (Matthew 24:3-5). Become aware of what’s happening, and then warn your friends and family (2 Corinthians 2:11).

Deceived on Purpose: The New Age Implications of the Purpose Driven Church


Christian author Warren Smith's book Deceived on Purpose warns about the serious New Age implications of Pastor Rick Warren s book The Purpose Driven Life.

Smith takes the reader into the inner workings of today s evangelical world as he explores the questionable interconnections of several of its top leaders. As Rick Warren goes worldwide with his purpose-driven Global Peace Plan, Smith presents an in-depth examination of this mega-church pastor s spiritual agenda. He explains how Rick Warren's Peace Plan could eventually merge with the New Age Peace Plan that is being similarly presented by key New Age leaders.

Smith contends that Crystal Cathedral Pastor and New Age sympathizer Robert Schuller has had a great influence on Rick Warren s teachings and that Schuller s influence can be found throughout Rick Warren s book The Purpose-Driven LifeSmith writes, "The more I read Robert Schuller, the more I was shocked at how so many of Rick Warren s thoughts, ideas, references, words, terms, phrases, and quotes in The Purpose-Driven Life seemed to be inspired by Schuller's writings and teachings."

Smith's distinctive background as a former New Age follower who has converted to biblical Christianity gives him a uniquely objective perspective as both an outsider and an insider. He draws deeply from his extensive knowledge of the New Age subculture that is now being subtly woven into the Christian church by Rick Warren and other Christian leaders. Smith believes that wittingly or unwittingly, Rick Warren is walking the church into a spiritual trap. This exceptional book is sure to appeal to a wide-ranging audience. Anyone who desires to know how the evangelical and New Age plans are moving toward oneness will find this book to be especially insightful. Smith s easy-going style makes this a fast-paced read.

A Wonderful Deception: The Further New Age Implications  of the Emerging Purpose Driven Church


 – A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof? –Jeremiah 5:30-31

Five years after writing Deceived on Purpose: the New Age Implications of the Purpose Driven Church, former New Age follower Warren Smith continues to reveal how Christian leaders wittingly or unwittingly are leading the church into a spiritual trap. A Wonderful Deception examines church metaphors, concepts, and beliefs that are essentially the same as those being used in today s New Age teachings. And while biblical prophecy is being minimized and explained away, the new science is being used to prepare the world and the church to accept a New Spirituality and a false New Age Christ. This book explains how all the puzzle pieces are in place for the strong delusion described in 2 Thessalonians. A Wonderful Deception pierces right into the heart of this deception while preparing believers in Jesus Christ to effectively stand against it.

Some key areas addressed in this book:

  1. How a broad way Christianity is deceiving many in the church
  2. How the new science will try to prove that God is in everything
  3. How Rick Warren continues to align himself with New Age sympathizers
  4. How attempts have been made to discredit critics of the Purpose Driven movement
  5. How the best-selling novel, The Shack, fits into the wonderful deception
  6. Ten scriptural reasons not to be connected with the Purpose Driven movement.


Watering The Greyhound Garden: Stories from the Streets of San Francisco


In Watering the Greyhound Garden, Warren B. Smith recounts his job as a Travelers Aid social worker at the San Francisco Greyhound Bus Terminal. In fifty-one heartfelt stories, Smith describes some of the many people he encountered at the depot and on the streets of San Francisco. Meet Banjo Bobby Brown, Waldo Weinstein, the Pacific Heights Teenager, the "Drunken" policeman, the Strong Man, the Minnesota Gambler, the Oklahoma Kid, the Tennessee Thompsons, and many more. The Greyhound Bus Terminal was like a modern-day Jericho Road where broken-down travelers were in urgent need of help.

From California dreamers and state hospital runaways to an abused housewife, a stranded grandmother, a suicidal transvestite, and a seventy-three-year-old man still riding the rails—all in San Francisco and seeking help from Travelers Aid. Their stories tell the universal story of the wayfaring stranger—the traveler in trouble. With compassion and careful attention to detail, the author describes the challenges and joys of working for Travelers Aid and in "watering" what he calls " the Greyhound garden."

Read Sarah Leslie's book review of Watering the Greyhound Garden

FIRST EDITION - "Another Jesus" Calling: How False Christs Are Entering the Church Through Contemplative Prayer


Inspired by the New Age book God Calling, Sarah Young claims to be receiving messages from Jesus Christ which she compiled into what is now her best-selling book, Jesus Calling. Author Warren Smith carefully documents his concerns about her book, her "Jesus," and the New Age implications contained in many of Young's devotional messages. He also warns about the danger of contemplative prayer and in elevating spiritual experiences over the Word of God. "Another Jesus" Calling is his call for much needed discernment in these very deceptive times.





SECOND EDITION - "Another Jesus" Calling: How False Christs Are Entering the Church Through Contemplative Prayer



Note to the Reader


1. Channeled Book From Jesus?
2. Permeated With New Age Terminology
3. God's Universal Spirit?
4. God "in" Everyone?
5. Name it & Claim it
6. Experience Replaces God's Word
7. Jesus Needs Us More Than We Need Him?
8. New Truth & New Revelation
9. The New Age & Psalm 46:10
10. New Age Christianity

1. Inspired by a Channeled New Age Book
2. Channeling Jesus?
3. Test the Spirits
4. Jesus Contradicts Himself?
5. Jesus Tells Us to Laugh at the Future?
6. The Flattery of Jesus?
7. Who Wants Us to Rest by the Wayside?
8. Visualizing Jesus?
9. The Dark Night of Jesus' Birth?
10. Abraham Guilty of "Idolatry" & "Son-Worship"?
11. Contemplative Prayer, the New Age, & Psalm 46:10
12. Practicing What Presence?
13. "Co-creating" with God
14. Quantum Leap, Quantum "Christ"
15. "Cocoon of Light"
16. The "Great Work" of "Divine Alchemy"
17. Jesus is Above All & "in" All?
18. Moving Toward a New Age/New Worldview
19. Would Jesus Magnify His Presence Above the
Word of God?
20. "Another Jesus" Calling

Appendix A - Ten Basic Warnings About Deception
Appendix B - The Gospel of the True Jesus Christ
Appendix C - Ten Ways to Be More Discerning


Pressing On Through It All: Scriptural Encouragement For These Last Days - A Devotional Book



"Mountain Stream Press, the publishing ministry of Warren B. Smith, is happy to announce the release of its latest book, Pressing On Through It All. The book is a compilation of numerous devotional articles Warren has written in the past year. The book is a topically laid out arrangement of Scripture verses, hymns, and meaningful commentary. This is book is a special treasure that can be used by those going through difficult times or by those who just want to be reminded how incredible God’s Word is."  - Lighthouse Trails Publishing






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Sampling of subjects covered in Warren B. Smith's books and articles:

"New" Gospel, "New" Spirituality, A Course in Miracles, Adolf Hitler,, Alice Bailey, Aquarian Conspiracy, As Above So Below, Barbara, Marx Hubbard, Benjamin Creme, Bernie Siegel, Bhagwan Shree, Rajneesh, Brian McLaren, Brian McLaren, Brian Swimme, Bruce Lipton, Bruce Wilkinson, C. Peter Wagner, Church Growth Movement, Conversations with God, Cosmic Christ, Crystal Cathedral, David Spangler, Deceived on Purpose, discernment, Eckhart Tolle, Eric Butterworth, Eugene Peterson, False Christ Coming, Florence Scovel Shinn, Fractals, Fritjof Capra, Gary Zukav, George Mair, Gerald Jampolsky, Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan, Global Renaissance Alliance, God's Dream, Henri Nouwen, Hermes Trismegistus, Holy Laughter, Jim Ballard, John Marks Templeton, JZ Knight, Ken Blanchard, Kundalini Energy, Lead Like Jesus, Leonard Sweet, M. Scott Peck, Maitreya, Margaret Wheatley, Marianne Williamson, Marilyn Ferguson, Matthew Fox, Neale Donald Walsch, Norman Vincent Peale, Oprah Winfrey, panentheism, Paul Young, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, preterism, prophecy, Quantum Physics, Quantum Spirituality, Richard Abanes, Rick Warren, Robert Muller, Robert Schuller, Rodney Howard-Browne, Swami Baba Muktananda, The Alternative to Armageddon, The Aquarian Conspiracy, The Daniel Plan, The Different Drum, The Message, The Peace Alliance, The Purpose Driven Life, The Road Less Traveled, The Selection Process, The Shack, Thomas Merton, Toronto Blessing, W.A. Criswell, Watchman Fellowship, What the Bleep Do We Know!?, Willis Harman, Jesus Calling, Sarah Young, Thomas Nelson Publishers, William Paul Young, The Shack, Jesus Calling, Sarah Young, universalism, occultism, and more.

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