YOGA and Christian YOGA: All the things they failed to warn you about!
Resources on the Philosophy, Teachings and Dangers of Yoga



All the things they failed to warn you about!

Resources on the Philosophy, Teachings and Dangers of Yoga

Compiled by Chris Lawson

(Updated July 20, 2015)


YOGA and "Christian YOGA" - by Chris Lawson

The Dangers of YOGA - Recommended Research Material

  • DVD Is Yoga a neutral Exercise? - Let Us Reason Ministries

    An in depth look at what Yoga really is and how it is affecting society and especially the church. The accompanying power point presentation will make it clear ...

  • Articles exposing Yoga by Let Us Reason Ministries

Part 1 - Yoga: A GREAT Compromise

Part 2 - Yoga is for Christians too!

Part 3 - Christian Yoga, a long Stretch toward God

Research Articles on the dangers of YOGA (See, The Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs by John Ankerberg and John Weldon)

  • Yoga Part 1: Description, Claims,Occult Potential, Dangers

  • Yoga Part 2: Yoga and Children - Purpose of Yoga

  • Yoga Theory and Practice: Separable? (Part 1)

  • Yoga Theory and Practice: Separable? (Part 2)

  • Yoga: Kundalini Yoga (Part 1)

  • Yoga: Kundalini Yoga (Part 2)

  • Yoga: The Occult

  • Innocent Yoga? Altering Consciousness Towards Occultism

  • Hatha Yoga - Eyewitness Account of the Devastating Power of Yoga

  • What Eastern Gurus Say About Occult Practices - Yoga

  • Swami Muktananda

  • Swami Rama

Recommended Books & DVD's

  • For Many Shall Come In My Name: How the "Ancient Wisdom" is drawing millions of people into mystical experiences and preparing the world for the end of the age - Ray Yungen

  • Faith Undone - The emerging church: a new reformation or an end-time deception church - Roger Oakland

  • A Time of Departing: How ancient mystical practices are uniting Christians with the world's religions - Ray Yungen

  • Yoga and The Body of Christ: What Position Should the Christian Hold? - Dave Hunt

  • Yoga Uncoiled: from East to West (DVD) - Caryl Matrisciana

  • Yoga Uncoiled: from East to WestWatch DVD clip -

  • Out of India: A True Story About The New Age Movement - Caryl Matrisciana

  • Death of a Guru: A Remarkable True Story of One Man's Search For Truth - Rabi R. Maharaj

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