Will You Entrust Your Youth To Youth With A Missions (YWAM)
By Chris Lawson


Will You Entrust Your Youth To

Youth With A Missions (YWAM)

By Chris Lawson


In 1993, I traveled across the globe and was involved with a missions outreach project with Youth With A Mission.  From California, to a YWAM Discipleship Training base on the Hawaiian island of Maui [for one month], and then to Bali, Indonesia for one month of outreach YWAM style.  Little did I know at the time, I was in for a real ride. 

Unaware of the problematic teachings with YWAM and its nose dive into unbelievable compromises and affiliation with known false teachers and false prophets, I embarked on my journey.  Within one week, I was very sad that I had gotten involved with Youth With A Mission.  Being involved with YWAM was a very serious wake up call to what was and is really going on in this very compromised movement.

The next time I had to deal directly with major unbiblical YWAM theology issues was when I had to confront (at the personal request of a concerned overseas YWAM missionary serving in Scotland) the YWAM Director of the Scotland base, in Western Scotland. 

The issues at hand were, 1) Could the Director of YWAM Scotland produce a clear statement of faith on the Biblical Gospel, as opposed to the Roman Catholic gospel, and 2) What are YWAM missionaries to say to people who need to be saved.   After two months, the YWAM Director of Scotland could not even produce a basic statement of faith for the YWAM Scotland ministry that clarified how a person is saved, according to the Bible.  In fact, he resigned his position and we never heard from him again.

At that time, in 2005-2006, YWAM Scotland was bringing contemplative spirituality to the YWAM Scotland leaders.  A year earlier, new young missionaries at the Seamill Scotland YWAM Base were being led into occult based guided imagery exercises to get into touch with "Jesus".

Although these are only two unrelated incidences, there are many stories like these that are on the internet.

In a nutshell, we cannot with good conscience refer anyone to YWAM or its related ministries.  Our reason lies simply in the sad fact that deeply problematic theological compromises have been made by YWAM over and over and over.   Things are simply out of control with YWAM as a movement.   The affiliation with and endorsement of false teachers and false prophets is just the beginning of the myriad of issues that YWAM leadership has involved itself with.

We recommend that you spend time researching and reading informative articles about the problems with YWAM before you send your children, relatives or potential missionaries overseas.

It is very sad to have to put this in print, but YWAM's own leaders leave biblicaly based and uncompromising pastors, church leaders, and ministries no other choice - but to expose their unfaithfulness to God's Word.

There is much more that could be stated here, however, the following dozens of articles by different biblical ministries exposing YWAM's problems should suffice.

 - Chris Lawson


An Open Letter to Calvary Chapel Pastors of America Concerning YWAM

by Steve Mitchell of Power To Stand Ministries   Feb/2002

YWAM: The Facts About Their Headlong Dive Into Apostasy

by Sandy Simpson of Apologetics Coordination Team  12/07/02

A "New Evangelism" for the 21st Century by Mike Oppenheimer of Let Us Reason Ministries

YWAM and Benny Hinn Agree To Work Together by Mike Oppenheimer of Let Us Reason Ministries

Articles on YWAM at Apologetics Coordination Team (Deception In The Church website)

NOTE: Please understand that we are not faulting the many youth involved in YWAM for the unbiblical policies and teachings of the YWAM leadership. We are hopeful that youth involved in YWAM will find other avenues of ministry and that churches associated with and supporting YWAM will reexamine their relationship with this New Apostolic Reformation, ecumenical organization.


 (1) Youth With A Mission Experiments With New, Unscriptural Missions Strategy by Watchman's Trumpet - 2000, Foundation Magazine, Dennis W.Costella, May - Jun 2000
"Several international missions organizations, including Youth With a Mission (YWAM), are testing a new approach to missionary work in areas where Christianity is unwelcome.  A March 24, 2000, Charisma News Service report said some missionaries are now making converts but are allowing them to "hold on to many of their traditional religious beliefs and practices" so as to refrain from offending others within their culture."

(2) Radical Missionary Approach Produces 'Messianic Muslims' Retaining Islamic Identity by Andy Butcher, Charisma News Service, March 24, 2000
YWAM has not only been involved in many unscriptural activities. "Spiritual mapping", promotion of Third Wave materials like Rick Joyner's book THE FINAL QUEST (since taken off their Canada site as of 8/02) George Otis' exaggeration and fabrications in his TRANSFORMATIONS video (also taken off their Canada site as of 8/02) as well as his book STRONGHOLDS OF THE 10/40 WINDOW (which YWAM publishes), as well as  PRAYING THROUGH THE 100 GATEWAY CITIES OF THE 10/40 WINDOW by C. Peter Wagner on the subject of "spiritual warfare" prayer (also published by YWAM). But some in YWAM have also adopted a new mission's strategy that should cause churches everywhere to seriously consider disassociating themselves with this once evangelical group. This new strategy goes directly against the Great Commission which states not that we are to make "converts" but to make "disciples" of all nations (peoples). "Messianic Muslims" who continue to read the Koran, visit the mosque and say their daily prayers but accept Christ as their Savior are the products of the strategy, which is being tried in several countries, according to Youth With a Mission (YWAM), one of the organizations involved. You can find the original article written by the YWAM Muslim missionary here.

(3) The "Spiritual Mapping" Of Youth With A Mission by GLR, 4/00
A page with various articles examining some of the false doctrines that YWAM has incorporated into their program  over the years including Charles Finney's pragmatic views of revival, Moral Government Theology, Abelard's Atonement, the spiritual mapping & warfare techniques of George Otis & C. Peter Wagner, and other problems which have led to the YWAM being blown about by every wind of doctrine.  "There are certain corner stones which have made the "casting about by every wind of doctrine" and "spiritual abuse" possible in YWAM. It is important to understand some of the things on this web page if you really want to understand present, confusing trends and movements in YWAM and other organizations."

(4) Messianic Muslims? by Orell Steinkamp, The Plumbline, Vol. 6, No. 2, March/April 2001
"Last year it was reported that several international mission organizations, including Youth With A Mission (YWAM) are testing a new approach to missionary work in areas where Christianity is unwelcome."

(5) Is That Really You, God? Hearing the Voice of God - A Review by Loren Cunningham with his sister, Janice Rogers, Chosen Books, 1984 -  Evaluation, quotes and comments by Rev. Greg Robertson, Jakarta, Indonesia.  
"Although Robertson had decided that his YWAM experience was something from the past which must be left at the foot of the cross, he soon found that the same false doctrines and spiritual misgivings which had so
negatively affected his life through his YWAM Daze, had progressed to new levels, moved further away from
Scripture and had become a poisonous leaven for other groups and movements."

(6) Loren Cunningham, YWAM and False Prophecy by B.B. in a letter dated June 4, 2001
"... Because the "prophecies" that had been given in England, the U.S.A. etc. were so definite that the "Maori" was God's ship for YWAM, when the ship was finally sent to the wrecking yard in Asia for scrap, not only were the Christians involved severely hurt, but the non-believers in N.Z. laughed those who had been deceived to scorn.  The credibility of the Christian church in general was hurt severely among the unbelievers as well as many in the church."

(7) Joy Dawson Of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Joins Forces With Benny Hinn by Sandy Simpson, 1/28/02

"In Benny Hinn's Honolulu, HI crusade at the Blaisdel Arena on 1/11/02 Joy Dawson of YWAM appeared on stage with Benny.  Prior and subsequent to this appearance she was also featured on his TV programs.  Onstage Joy Dawson was highly complimentary of Benny Hinn and his ministries. They made plans to reach out to the youth of HI together officially that night."

(8) Open Letter To The Leadership Of YWAM by Sandy Simpson, 2/8/02  
This is an open letter that was sent out to all the leadership of YWAM asking them why they are now endorsing and working with false prophet Benny Hinn.  We are waiting for a response from ANY of YWAM's leadership.

(9) YWAM And Benny Hinn Agree To Work Together by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries, 3/17/02
"New developments in evangelism and discipleship."


Click here to read all these and many more articles at the Deception in The Church website.

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