Hazards of the Occult: Dangers of the occult, spiritism, astrology, channeling, energy work, etc.
Compiled by Chris Lawson


Hazards of the Occult

Dangers of the occult, spiritism, astrology, channeling, energy work, etc.

Compiled by Chris Lawson




Did you know that Occultism can and does at times kill people, including Christians who reject the Biblical warnings against it?

Caution: Readers should be aware that the New Age Movement, Wicca/Witchcraft, Magick, etc., is steeped in occult influences. Many of the articles within the New Age and Occult categories contain information about or descriptions of occult practices and a biblical perspective on it.

Our purpose in giving this information is not to endorse occult practices, but to alert you to the physical and spiritual dangers that one faces when practising what God clearly forbids.

Our desire is to help you recognize and avoid these practices so that you do not incur the hazards that many have succumbed to. Please be aware that for those of you who are especially sensitive readers, particularly those who have had previous occult contact, you may find this material disturbing. 

Occult Revival and Its Warnings

  • Reasons for Modern Occult Revival(1)-ATRI
  • Reasons for Modern Occult Revival(2)-ATRI
  • Warnings from Occult Practitioners(1)
  • Warnings from Occult Practitioners(2)

Hazards of the Occult

Please note, these articles do not endorse occult practices, but rather (1) evaluate them, (2) warn of the dangers associated with them, and (3) give a balanced biblical response.

Struggling in your Christian faith? Read these first.

  • Are You Born Again? - Rev. Sam Harris
  • Assurance of Salvation - Dr. James Van Dyke
  • Jesus Christ is Sufficient to Save Sinners Completely - Mike Gendron

A Question of Morals

  • A Question of Morals - Dave Hunt
  • An Occult Primer: The Serpent’s Four Lies - Dave Hunt
  • Altered States of Consciousness: Description, Dangers, Occultism
  • Angel Contact, Angel Consciousness, Angel Work

A Course in Miracles (Attitudinal Therapy)

  • A Course in Miracles/Attitudinal Therapy: Description, Dangers
  • A Course in Miracles - Theological Beliefs
  • Attitudinal Healing - A Course in Miracles - Part 1
  • Attitudinal Healing: A Course in Miracles - The Background
  • Attitudinal Therapy: Evaluation & Theology - Course in Miracles
  • Attitudinal Therapy: The Teachings of A Course in Miracles


  • Astrology Pt.1: Intro, Influence, Terms, Concepts, Dangers
  • Astrology Pt.2: Difficulties In Chart Interpretation
  • Astrology Pt.3: Alleged Biblical Evidence for Astrology
  • Astrology Pt.4: Astrology, Psychological Factors, the Occult
  • Astrology - An Inside Look Pt.1: Objectives and Dangers
  • Astrology - An Inside Look Pt.2: Dangers of Spiritism
  • Astrology & Spiritism: Paganism & Astrologers’ Confessions


  • Biblical Christianity vs. New Age, Spiritistic Theology
  • Biblical Warnings Against Occult Involvement


  • Channeling: Description, Spirits, Angels, Demons, etc
  • Crystal Work: Description, Dangers, Psychic Development


  • Devil: Evidence for the Devil Pt.1 - 8 Arguments for Existence
  • Devil: Evidence for the Devil Pt.2 - Former Spiritists
  • Devil: Evidence For the Devil - Secular Sources
  • Devil: Evidence for the Devil - Testimony from the Bible
  • Devil: The Reality of Satan (the Devil)

Divination Practices

  • Divination Practices Pt.1: Introduction and Influence
  • Divination Practices Pt.2: Contact Material
  • Divination Practices Pt.3: Biblical Divination?


  • Dowsing (Water) & Divination: Infromation Source? - D. Hunt
  • Dowsing and Water Dowsing: Divination and Dangers

Dream Work

  • Dream Work: Description, Evaluation, Occult Potential, Problems
  • Drugs, Imagination, and the Occult - Dave Hunt

Eastern Mysticism (Occult Invasion, 1998)

  • Eastern Mysticism Pt.1: Influence of Eastern Mysticism
  • Eastern Mysticism Pt.2: Danger, Beachheads of Occult Invasion
  • Eastern Mysticism Pt.3: Reincarnation - Amoral, Senseless, and Hopeless
  • Eastern Mysticism Pt.4: Delusion of Cosmic/Unity Consciousness
  • Eastern Mysticism Pt.5: Shaktipat and the Charismatics

Eastern Gurus: Social Withdrawal, Immorality, Psychological, Damage, Demonization, Insanity, Suicide, Perversion, Demon Possession, etc.

  • Dangers of Occultism: What Eastern Gurus Say Pt.1
  • Dangers of Occultism: What Eastern Gurus Say Pt.2
  • Dangers of Occultism: What Eastern Gurus Say Pt.3

Enlightenment: occultism, Psychics, Spiritism, Possession

  • Enlightenment: occultism, Psychics, Spiritism, Possession
  • Esoteric Christianity - Carl Teichrib
  • EST, The Forum, and Related New Age Seminars
  • Evolution’s Role in Roman Catholic Theology - D. Hunt
  • Examples of Occultism in Our World and the Church


  • Faith and Interfaith in the New Global Age - C. Teichrib
  • Flattery and the Big Lie: You are God, a God - C. Teichrib
  • Freemasonry: Occult Influence in Freemasonry - Dave Hunt


  • Homeopathy Pt.1: Errors of Homeopathy, Misinterpretation
  • Homeopathy Pt.2: Basic Errors of Homeopathy (Continued)
  • Homeopathy Pt.3: Contradictory Theory and Practice
  • Homeopathy Pt.4: The Nature of the Disagreement
  • Homeopathy Pt.5: Evaluation of Evidence
  • Homeopathy Pt.6: Science and Homeopathy
  • Homeopathy Pt.7: Antagonist Attitude Toward Science
  • Hypnosis and Hypnotic Regression: Occult Potential

I ching / Imagination / Iridology

  • I Ching Divination Practices Pt.1: Philosophy and Dangers
  • I Ching Divination Practices Pt.2: Spiritism and Dangers
  • Imagination and Visualization
  • Iridology Pt.1: Definition, Potential Dangers, Occultic Potential
  • Iridology Pt.2: Claims, Scientific Evaluation, Problem of Diagnosis

Labyrinth Journey

  • Labyrinth Journey: The Path to Fulfillment? - C. Teichrib

Magic / Martial Arts

Meditation: The Occult Nature of Meditation

  • Meditation Pt. 1: Info at a Glance, Potential Dangers
  • Meditation Pt. 2: Schoolchildren and Meditation
  • Meditation Pt. 3: Meditation in the Church
  • Meditation Pt. 4: Meditation Among Professionals
  • Meditation Pt. 5: Claims and Goals
  • Meditation Pt. 6: Spiritistic Energy Manifestations
  • Meditation Pt. 7: Occult Phenomena,Psychic Powers
  • Meditation Pt. 8: Possibility of Spirit Possession

Muscle Testing: Kinesiology Series

  • Muscle Testing: Names, Claims, Occult Potential and Dangers
  • Muscle Testing Pt. 1: Overview, Psychic Connection
  • Muscle Testing Pt. 2: Behavioral Kinesiology
  • Muscle Testing Pt. 3: Occult Potential

Native, Indigenous, and Nature Religion

  • Native, Indigenous, and Nature Religion - Dave Hunt
  • Nature Religion vs. Christianity: A Stark Contrast - Dave Hunt
  • Native Religions: The Changing of the Gods - Dave Hunt
  • New Age in Church: Religious Science, New Thought - Dave Hunt
  • New Age Education
  • New Age Medicine: The Nature of the Cures
  • New Age Medicine: Caveat Emptor - 12 Discernment Principles
  • The New Age Movement, the Devil, and Modern Culture
  • New Age Inner Work: Description, Claims, Occult Potential
  • New Age Intuition: Description, Claims, Occult Potential
  • New Age Physics: Quantum, New Age, Eastern mysticism
  • New Age Warnings Article Archive - Ankerberg Institute
  • New Age Medicine


  • Occult Dangers: The Broad Road to Destruction - Dave Hunt
  • Occult Dangers: New Age, Old Lie - Dave Hunt
  • Occultism: Dangers of Occult Involvement
  • Occultism: A Dark and a Light Side?- Dave Hunt
  • Occultism: The Allure of the Goddess - C. Teichrib
  • Occultism: Serious Consequences of Theistic Evolution - D.Hunt
  • Occultism: Link Between Evolution and the Occult - D.Hunt
  • Occultism: Intrigued by the Occult
  • Occultism: The Power Behind the Force - Dave Hunt
  • Occultism: What is the Occult? - Dave Hunt
  • Occultism: What Psychic Counselors Say About Occult Practices
  • Occultism: Psychiatric Illness and Related Problems
  • Occultism: What Theologians Say About Occult Practices
  • Occultism: Spiritual Science and Occultism - Dave Hunt
  • Occultism: Playing a Dangerous Game - Dave Hunt

Ouija Board

  • Ouija Board Pt.1: Dangers, Spirit Possession & Consequences
  • Ouija Board Pt.2: Ouija Board as a Harmless Pastime?

Palmistry-Divination / Positive Confession

  • Palmistry-Divination Pt.1: Introduction and Nature of
  • Palmistry-Divination Pt.2: Conflicting Theories, Subjectivism
  • Palmistry-Divination Pt.3: Palmistry and The Occult
  • Parliament of World Religions: Re-Creating Eden - C. Teichrib
  • “Positive Confession” and Kenneth Hagin: Word Faith Cult

Mordern Occult Revival

  • Reasons for the Modern Occult Revival - Part 1
  • Reasons for the Modern Occult Revival - Part 2


  • Runes - Divination Practices Pt.1: Introduction, Recent History
  • Runes - Divination Practices Pt.2: Spiritism and Dangers

Satanism and Witchcraft


  • Satanism and Witchcraft: The Occult and the West (Pt.1): Influence of Witchcraft and Satanic Cults on Western Culture
  • Satanism and Witchcraft: The Occult and the West (Pt.2): Occultism, Drugs, Abduction, Rape, Pornography, Sacrifice...
  • Satanism and Witchcraft: The Occult and the West (Pt.3): News Stories Revealing The Dark Side of Satan Worship
  • Satanism and Witchcraft: The Occult and the West (Pt.4): Serial Killers and Satanism
  • Satanism and Witchcraft: The Occult and the West (Pt.5): Satanism Alive and Well in America
  • Satanism and Witchcraft: The Occult and the West (Pt.6) Varieties of Satanism

Sexual Immorality: Personal/Social Consequences Occultism

  • Sexual Immorality Pt.1: Monism and Moral Perverseness
  • Sexual Immorality Pt.2: Spiritism and Immorality
  • Sexual Immorality Pt.3: Cosmic Rationalizations

Dangers of Shamanism: Eight Part Series - Ankerberg Institute

  • Shamanism Pt.1 - Terms, Resurgence in West, Spiritism
  • Shamanism Pt.2 - Correlation to Witchcraft, Voodoo, etc.
  • Shamanism Pt.3 - Influence in Contemporary Medicine
  • Shamanism Pt.4 - Role of Shaman/Eight Characteristics
  • Shamanism Pt.5 - Dangers and Degredations
  • Shamanism Pt.6 - Drugs, Death Magic and Murder
  • Shamanism Pt.7 - Spiritistic Blackmail, Psychopathology
  • Shamanism Pt.8 - Shaman's, Demonism, Spirit Possession

Silva Mind Control

  • Silva Mind Control: Psychic, Spiritism, Occult Dangers

Spirit Communication & Possession Series - Dave Hunt

  • Spirit Communication & Possession Pt.1: Seances, Mediums, Etc.
  • Spirit Communication & Possession Pt.2: Ouija Board, Spirit Voices
  • Spirit Communication & Possession Pt.3: Works and Dangers
  • Spirit Communication & Possession Pt.4: Demonic Possession
  • Spirit Communication: Gospel of Self-Godhood - C.Teichrib

Suicide, Murder, and Death in the Occult

  • Suicide, Murder, and Death in the Occult - Pt.1
  • Suicide, Murder, and Death in the Occult - Pt.2

Tarot / Spirit

  • Tarot - Divination Pt.1: Introduction, Occult Influence
  • Tarot - Divination Pt.2: Tarot Psychotherapy, Progeny
  • The Ancient Muse - A Spirit? - Dave Hunt
  • The Supernatural Working of God (or False Miracles) - Dave Hunt
  • Teachings of the Spirits: Not Who They Claim to Be

Visualization / Voices

  • Visualization: Description, Claims,Occult Potential, Dangers
  • Voices of the New Age: Thoughts on God - Carl Teichrib
  • Voices of the New Age: Thoughts on Government - Carl Teichrib
  • Voices: Leading Voices of the New Age Movement?

Worldview and practices

  • Warnings from Occult Practitioners - Part 1
  • Warnings from Occult Practitioners - Part 2
  • Worldview and Practices of the Occult - Part 1
  • Worldview and Practices of the Occult - Part 2
  • Worldview and Practices of the Occult - Part 3
  • Worldview and Practices of the Occult - Part 4

Yoga (and "Christian Yoga")

  • Yoga Pt.1: Description, Claims,Occult Potential, Dangers
  • Yoga Pt.2: Yoga and Children - Purpose of Yoga
  • Yoga Theory and Practice: Separable?(Pt1)
  • Yoga Theory and Practice: Separable?(Pt2)
  • Yoga: Kundalini Yoga
  • Yoga: The Occult
  • Innocent Yoga? Altering Consciousness Towards Occultism

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