Healing Rooms: John G. Lake and the Healing Rooms - False Teachings and Unbiblical Practices
Written and compiled by Chris Lawson



John G. Lake and the Healing Rooms:
False Teachings and Unbiblical Practices

Written and compiled by Chris Lawson


John G. Lakes False Doctrine of Little gods...and much more!

John G. Lake had this to say to his followers, back in the day.  These statements by John G. Lake are found in John G. Lake, His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith, 1995, Kenneth Copeland Publications:

Healing Rooms


 ”The power of God, the Holy Ghost, is the Spirit of Dominion.  It makes one a god.(Page 13)

“I want you to hear what Jesus said about himself.  God was in Christ, wasn’t He?  An incarnation.  God is in you, an incarnation, if you were born again.  You are incarnate"  (Ibid. page 196)

“"For God's purpose through Jesus Christ is to deify the nature of men and thus forever make them like unto, ... Thus he becomes the Son of god, a Savior and redeemer forever" (Ibid. page 304)


Dear Reader,

The articles below expose the false teachings and practices found in the Healing Room Ministries International. The articles are written by Mike Oppenheimer of Let Us Reason Ministries.

Let Us Reason is a well recognized, biblically balanced Christian apologetics resource ministry. Mike Oppenheimer's articles provide extensive documentation as to the history and nature of the very problematic doctrines and practices associated with the Healing Rooms Ministries International

John G. Lake, founder of the Healing Rooms movement and one who claimed to be God, clearly deviated from sound Biblical theology and practice. Mr. Oppenheimer's articles clearly document this fact as well as many more problematic issues with the Healing Room Ministries International movement.

We understand that many individuals who are involved with the Healing Rooms Ministries International are very sincere and well-meaning people. Our sounding the alarm about the problems associated with the Healing Rooms is not to pass judgment on the kindness and sincerity of others who are trying to help people through Christian prayer.  We encourage all Christians to pray as Scripture instructs us too.  We, like others are concerned with the unbiblical practices that take place.  Scripture commands Christians to expose false doctrine and unbiblical practices, and it is false doctrine and its fruit - spiritual deception, that we are seeking to warn people about.  

According to Scripture, false teachers who masquerade as "apostles of Christ" ought to be rebuked.  We believe that scriptural exhortations to rebuke and expose false teachers and false teaching also apply in our day - even if they come wrapped in the guise of healing rooms, centering prayer, Christian yoga, etc. Just because people claim to be Christian "apostles," or "anointed" one's, or such things as God's Generals, healers, Christian yogi's, etc. does not mean that they are of God.  What one teaches and practices reveals outright whom they serve, whether it be God, or the devil.

Spiritual Research Network and other Bible based ministries are sounding a warning about the Healing Rooms because of the unbiblical and even occult teachings and practices that appear to take place in Healing Rooms and Healing Room type settings.   There are many variations and styles within the Healing Room movement and each healing room is different in how it practices its theology and methodology. 

To note, many ministries are also warning about the cult doctrine of Prosperity Healing, Word Faith Teachings, Latter Rain Teachings, Dominion Theology, etc., that are being sold through the Healing Room International Ministries Online Bookstores, i.e., https://healingrooms.com/ - Patricia King, John and Carol Arnott, Todd Bentley, James Goll, Georgian Banov, Stacey Campbell, Joshua Mills, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Kim Clement, Mike Bickle, and many, many more.

Touted as being Christian, one wonders how so many in the Healing Room Ministries International can reject sound Biblical theology and run headlong after subjective, experience based methodology and cultic teachings.  Unfortunately, many do not discern what is actually taking place, nor the extent of spiritual deception that John G. Lake and his followers were steeped in.  As the articles listed on this page reveal, Scripture clearly refutes the teachings and practices that fuel the Healing Room Ministries International, and other like-minded ministries.

Scripture is clear that cultic and occult based teachings have the potential to lead individuals and churches into severe disillusionment and very far away from the Biblical Jesus. Furthermore, it is clear that when individuals subject themselves to unbiblical teachings and the world of the occult, that they oftentimes become thoroughly insulated against Biblical truth and loving, yet firm correction. Many even become outright proponents of false doctrine and unbiblical practices.  We have seen this to be the case in numerous instances.

May God give you grace and discernment in these matters as you "Test all things, hold fast to what is good" (1 Thes. 5:21).  The following articles can be read in their entirety on the Let Us Reason website.  Simply click on the links below.

This link may also be of help in understanding how cults and aberrant Christian groups misinterpret Scripture and lead people into the Kingdom of the Cults, the Occult and spiritual abuse and ruin.   Properly Interpreting The Bible


Recommended articles exposing the Healing Rooms:



Articles by Mike Oppenheimer of Let Us Reason Ministries



ARTICLE ONE:  Swimming in Lake Exaggeration - John Lake and the Healing rooms   

It is a good thing to pray for people to be healed. We are told to ask and it’s a wonderful thing to see your prayer answered by God. It matters not if one is a ministry, or an individual or a church that would see this take place.

Some of the names that stand out as healers are Smith Wigglesworth, William Branham and John Lake. To prove much of what they did is sometimes like looking for a quarter in a fog. The stories of these men are can be blurred between truth and fiction. These men are considered to be in their own category of “doing greater works”. We find men such as Kenneth Copeland, Roberts Lairdon, Mike Bickle and many others refer to john Lake as a prime example of exhibiting miraculous healing power, and the stories seem to be never ending. Lake is held in high esteem, as if he is not tainted by any false teaching or practice. But his past reveals otherwise. He is used as an example of modern Pentecostal power and referred to- much like William Branham and other (Pentecostal healers) are, despite the apparent controversies on certain points of false teaching.

Many have a romantic view of these healers, especially John Lake. Lake is called by some the most powerful healing evangelist of all time- which seems to be a title that should not be given to any man. The Healing Room ministry is based on the teachings of John G. Lake. When tested you will find much of it is NOT based on the Word of God but a man’s wrong interpretation of the word of God. 

   ARTICLE TWO:   Reviving the Revival of John Lake                       

Discrepancies are not few but abundant when it comes to what Lake did, when he did it and the amount of people he healed. While in Spokane one-hundred thousand healings were reported during a period of five years.

We also read “Dr. Lake indicated that at least one hundred thousand people were ministered to each year either by car, telephone, telegraph, letter, or cable” (The Healer: Dr. John Graham Lake).

That is 100,000 people a year he saw individually. That is incredible- this is approx. 333 a day (with 1 day a week off). This would be 15 people each hour for twenty hours each day. And the number would be far greater if he had a regular day of 10 hours; if you want to believe this you can- it certainly stretches ones credulity.

ARTICLE THREE:  John Lake's "Healing Rooms" Today - Origins, practices, transferrable anointings  

“After fasting for 40 days, God directed Cal Pierce to re-dig this healing well that John G. Lake had dug. On May 29, 1999 he gathered over 100 intercessors from all parts of Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Utah to re-dig this healing well.”

”Once the healing well had been dug, it was time to fill it with "fresh pure water so that all could come and drink from it". They began to train a ministry team to pray for the sick and re-opened the healing rooms at the same location, under John G. Lake's ministry, more than 70 years ago” (Singapore website)Cal Pierce, and his wife Michelle, moved to Spokane in 1997 from California, we are told Cal is led of the lord to bring to the world the teachings of John G. Lake. According to the Healing Rooms Ministries website: “Cal visited Lake's grave site once each month for over one year to pray … On July 22, 1999 the Spokane Healing Rooms of John G. Lake were re-opened in the same location they were 80 years ago.”

On another of their websites “Having studied the revivals, Cal had read about John G. Lake's ministry in Spokane. He visited Lake's grave site once each month for over one year to pray.” (http://www.healingroomshalifax.com/iahr.htm

Shades of Benny Hinn visiting kathryn Kuhlmanns’ gavesite. One would think this is a strange thing to even make public except for the fact of Lakes own openness to having the dead contact him (found in pt.1).

ARTICLE FOUR:  Faith Healing - Good intentions, false theology               

The Healing Rooms believe they are fulfilling Lakes vision. Lake had two important prophecies- one is called the PORTLAND VISION May 20 1920)

Lake: “He could not sleep so he walked in the shadows of the tall trees in Mount Tabor Park.

“Through the park is a foot-path coming down through the trees that leads out to the street where we live, and in my vision I was seemingly out in the street, at the foot of this foot-path, and as I looked up in the park I was attracted by a quite brilliant light far up in the park. It was very slowly coming down the pathway to the street. I stood somewhat surprised, supposing it was some night man on some duty in the park, probably searching for something or somebody. As it approached I discovered that, instead, it was an angel presence, and the brilliance was an illumination surrounding him. He stood a few feet from me, and said to me, `I have come to answer your prayers. Come with me.”'

ARTICLE FIVE:  Was Spokane Ever the Healthiest City in the WORLD?               

There are supposedly 622 locations of healing rooms throughout the world. They want to be in every major city of the US. One is coming near you! As of Dec. 2006 over 20,000 DHT's (DIVINE HEALING TECHNICIANS) have been trained.

Lake had his theology taught to others, he considered anyone who went to doctor a heathen. Lake was preaching Divine health not just divine healing.

On everyone of their websites we find the same quotes that insinuate something phenomenal happened because of all these healings of Lake in the city of Spokane. Some say it was the healthiest city in the United states, others say “in the world.” This is quite a claim all pointing to one man. I have gathered just a few of the many examples.

“Between 1915 and 1920, in the Healing Rooms in the Rookery Building in Spokane, Washington, there were over 100,000 documented healings which led to the city being named the 'healthiest city in the U.S.' He then established a similar work in Portland, Oregon with similar results which also attracted widespread attention.” (http://www.ihiministries.com/jglm.html

John G. Lake ministered in Spokane from 1914 until 1935. Under his ministry there were documented, 100,000 healings. United States government declared Spokane, the healthiest city in the world. (http://homepage.mac.com/richardsonlau/Piggrunts/C1196424281/E20050905173452/index.html)

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