Major Bible Themes
By Lewis Sperry Chafer

Major Bible Themes

By Lewis Sperry Chafer

(In the Public Domain)

Note to Readers:
SRN seeks to equip believers with sound doctrinal principles, not promote individuals. The Major Bible Themes chapters that have been posted here are for the purpose of helping Christians clearly understand major themes of the Bible. As a literary document, Major Bible Themes is premillennial, pretribulational and dispensationalist.
It should be noted also that we see many patterns throughout Scripture and often times a Jewish Midrashic perspective is very helpful in order to help clarify biblical truths by way of illustrations, not creating new doctrines. Therefore, balance is encouraged, not theological extremes. SRN rejects Hyper-dispensationalism as well as Replacement theology and Amillennialism, which can be categorically refuted from Scripture and a thorough study of how things arose in church history.
Dr. Chafer was known internationally as a Bible teacher, lecturer and Professor of Systematic Theology and his works have been well recognized for many years amongst truly evangelical Bible preaching ministers and ministries.

The PDF files below have been reformatted by SRN. We have purposely not added any formatting credit to ourselves so that these PDF files may be of use to others and may be useful in small group settings for study - without our SRN logo or name on any documents.

Lewis Sperry Chafer alone should receive the due credit for his own authorship, regardless of whether Public Domain documents are available and can be adjusted for the internet via transcription and formatting.  We have tried to keep any formatting changes to a bare minimum from the original text.

 - Chris Lawson

To purchase the newer revised edition of Major Bible Themes click here:

Major Bible Themes: 52 Vital Doctrines of the Scriptures Simplified and Explained
by Lewis Sperry Chafer and John F. Walvoord (Copyright 1974) ISBN: 0-310-22390-3. 
Note: The 1974 Revised Edition by Chafer/Walvoord [Pictured at right] has reworded many of the chapter titles and is actually 52 chapters, not 49 as in the original text below.

MAJOR BIBLE THEMES by Lewis Sperry Chafer

[First Edition, Copyright 1926 - In The Public Domain]

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Major Bible Themes (Full Text PDF) by Lewis Sperry Chafer

Open/Download Chapter-by-Chapter

Author's Introduction (PDF)

I. The Bible: The Word of God (PDF)
II. The Bible: Inspired of God (PDF)
III. The Bible: Its Subject and Purpose  (PDF)
IV. God the Trinity: His Person and Deity  (PDF)
V. God the FatherVI. God the Son: His Pre-existence  (PDF)
VI. God the Son: His Pre-existence  (PDF)
VII. God the Son: His Incarnation  (PDF)
VIII. God the Son: His Substitutionary Death  (PDF)
IX. God the Son: His Resurrection and Ascension  (PDF)
X. God the Son: His Priestly Ministry  (PDF)
XI. God the Son: His Coming for His Saints  (PDF)
XII. God the Son: His Coming with His Saints  (PDF)
XIII. God the Holy Spirit: His Personality  (PDF)
XIV. God the Holy Spirit: His Advent  (PDF)
XV. God the Holy Spirit: His Anointing  (PDF)
XVI. God the Holy Spirit: His Ministry  (PDF)
XVII. God the Holy Spirit: His Baptism  (PDF)
XVIII. The Dispensations  (PDF)
XIX. The Covenants  (PDF)
XX. The Angels  (PDF)
XXI. Satan: His Personality and Power  (PDF)
XXII. Satan: His Work and Destiny  (PDF)
XXIII. Man: His Creation  (PDF)
XXIV. Man: His Fall  (PDF)
XXV. Sin: Its Character and Universality  (PDF)
XXVI. Sin: God's Remedy for It  (PDF)
XXVII. Law and Grace  (PDF)
XXVIII. Salvation from the Guilt and Penalty of Sin  (PDF)
XXIX. Salvation from the Power of Sin  (PDF)
XXX. Four Aspects of Righteousness  (PDF)
XXXI. Sanctification I  (PDF)
XXXII. Sanctification II  (PDF)
XXXIII. Security  (PDF)
XXXIV. Assurance  (PDF)
XXXV. The Church: Her Membership  (PDF)
XXXVI. The Church: Her Mission  (PDF)
XXXVII. The Sabbath  (PDF)
XXXVIII. The Lord's Day and the New Creation  (PDF)
XXXIX. Love  (PDF)
XL. Prayer  (PDF)
XLI. Service  (PDF)
XLII. Thanksgiving  (PDF)
XLIII. Stewardship  (PDF)
XLIV. Prophecy in the Old Testament  (PDF)
XLV. Prophecy in the New Testament  (PDF)
XLVI. Judgment of the Believer's Works  (PDF)
XLVII. Judgment of the Nations  (PDF)
XLVIII. Judgment of the Wicked  (PDF)
XLIX. The Eternal Estate of the Redeemed  (PDF)

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