Spiritual Abuse, Authority Abuse and Recovering from Abuse
Written and compiled by Chris Lawson (June 19, 2008)


Spiritual Abuse, Authority Abuse and Recovering from Abuse

Written and compiled by Chris Lawson (June 19, 2008)

(Updated Sep 8, 2016)


Do you know a loved one, or a neighbor, or a co-worker who is in a cult or an abusive church?

Perhaps you could give them our generic Spiritual Abuse Questionnaire

This questionnaire leads individuals to answer basic Yes or No questions so that one can think critically on their own - something that is generally not allowed in abusive systems.

Spiritual Abuse, It's Effects, And How To Help Those Damaged By It

Spiritual Abuse occurs when a leader, church or a belief system, whether well intentioned or not, dominates, manipulates or castigates individuals through fear tactics, mind control, or some other psychological or emotional abuse. Below is a list of articles that help clarify different forms of spiritual abuse, abusive systems, abusive churches, unbiblical authority structures, and of course, cults that are rife with spiritual abuse. Sadly, the mask of spiritual abuse deception can be worn by anyone. If you have been spiritually abused, take heart, the Real Jesus desires to help and heal you as he has helped countless others.

Whether you have experienced spiritual abuse, co-pastor abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, clergy abuse, spouse abuse, anger abuse, control abuse, workplace abuse, etc., we hope and pray that our website and the listed articles may somehow help you find hope and strength and healing in your time of need. Simply reading articles can help to identify problems and clarify issues. Jesus CAN help you as He has helped so many others in your situation. The God of all grace wants to heal your pain.

Institute For Authority Research - Diaprax Exposed

For material on what happened to you and how it happened, please see Dean Gotcher's excellent research website: AuthorityResearch.com

This website is not for those who are content in the way things are, it is for those who have already been abused by the process and want to know what happened and how to respond. Learn what Diaprax is (the dialectic process) of Hegel and Marx ('fame' and praxis) and how it is affecting you and the world around you.

Abusive Churches Exposed

Articles on Spiritual Abuse

Authority Abuse

All forms of spiritual abuse inevitably lead back to the one who is the abuser; and most often it is the leader of the spiritual group. Authoritarian abuse can simply be defined as a misuse and over emphasis on authority. Many abusive systems claim they are 'led by God' and therefore justify their 'abusive behavior' by saying they are 'God's leaders', etc. Abusive leaders damage people in countless ways. Read more at the following articles:

Beating the sheep is a process whereby a religious leader or system uses and abuses people to their own ends. This end result of beating the sheep (people) is usually so bad that people never return to any church, no matter how good and Biblical it might be.

Biblical Counseling Resources

  • Memorize the Book of Ephesians.
  • Spend time in prayer daily before the LORD.

Fear of Man

Articles that deal with the fear of man and the fear of church leadership.

Legalism and Formalism (Dangers of)

Pastoral Abuse (Abusing Pastors and the Flock)

Recovering From Spiritual Abuse

Recovering from spiritual abuse is a very painful process. Most people who have never been abused spiritually [or physically, etc.] do not understand what recovering from spiritual abuse is like; and sadly, most people assume that once a person leaves an abusive system/group/leader/workplace the problem is over. In many cases the suffering increases. Although a person may be free from the ‘outside influence’, the person now has to come to grips with their own crushed personality. Furthermore, in recovering from spiritual abuse, the emotional trauma, mental scaring and painful memories that people struggle can take many years to go away. We empathize with those who are suffering and trying to become free from spiritual abusers. We hope that the Recovering from Spiritual Abuse articles below can be of help to any and all who are reading this.

Scripture Abuse and Patterns in the Cults

The Bible, once misinterpreted, quickly becomes the most abused book in the world. Scripture abuse includes inaccurate quotations, twisted translations, ignoring the immediate context of Scripture, reading into a text what is not there and about 16 more major abuses. These abuses (perversions) of Scripture form the vast and subtle Scripture twisting justifications of spiritual abusers. It is true that the abuse of Scripture is the foundation of an abusers deceit. Don't be fooled by those who would supplant [to supersede (another) especially by force or treachery] your eternity through Scripture abuse.


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